Dear Friend,


On Sunday, I shared with the congregation that I have received guidance to retire as senior minister of Unity Church of Overland Park.  I am not leaving right away - I will be with our community through September.  If you weren't able to be with us on Sunday when I shared this news, I hope you will watch the on-line video or listen to the podcast.  The link to my lesson, Reverend Bob's meditation and a presentation from our Board President Blake Williamson can be  found here in one video and also may be accessed from our website, www.ucop.org


In the lesson I shared that I am not going to another church or another position.  I am simply following some very clear and unmistakable divine guidance.  After September, I will take at least a year sabbatical and listen as Spirit reveals my next step in service to the world. 


I am stepping out in faith and confident that Spirit will guide me as well as our community.  Clearly something wonderful is in store for our ministry as already Spirit is bringing in vibrant new leaders like Reverend Robin Ferguson, Jan Chapman, Kelly Sturgeon and others.  Just imagine what the next chapter will bring for us.


I love our community very much and will be here through September to support the transition process and the search for the next perfect senior minister.


Our board has a thorough plan which they will share in a meeting at 12:30 next Sunday, April 21 in the sanctuary.  Please come to learn more. 


I also hope you will attend a high energy potluck and meeting after church on Sunday, May 5 where we will vision for our new minister.


Our April affirmation is, "With strength and conviction, I stand in my truth."  The affirmation was selected long before I received my guidance and it sure feels appropriate -- not just for me, but for our entire community. 


I'll see you on Sunday!


Love and Blessings,


Rev. Patricia Bass  


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