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Worksheets for the digital age: AR interactive print

By Larysa Nadolny

Reprinted from ISTE.org with permission from ISTE.

Ever since schools started using copy machines in the 1960s, worksheets have been a perennial classroom favorite, beloved - by teachers anyway - for their convenience and their ability to foster independent work.

For students, however, worksheets have their downsides. Static text on a page is seldom engaging for digital natives, who are used to having so many more dynamic options.

But what if there were a way to combine the easy prep and independent work of a traditional worksheet with the engagement of digital tools and multimedia, such as websites, videos, 3D imagery and podcasts?

As it turns out, there is a way. Ever hear of augmented reality? AR is a technology that allows the blending of real and virtual objects - like the holodeck in science fiction movies or what you see when you wear Google Glass.

Although true AR may still be out of reach for most classrooms, there's a new, more accessible experience called interactive print that you can use in your classroom right now. Interactive print blends print materials, such as worksheets or posters, with virtual elements. A student just has to point her mobile device loaded with an AR app at a printed sheet of paper, and the app launches a corresponding digital element, such as a video, quiz, map, podcast or virtual representation of a 3D object. When the student holds the mobile device over the printed page, it looks like these digital enhancements just "pop up" over the page.


Kudos to Deb & Randy!
By Charlene Chausis, ICE President
As the school year winds down, and we head towards 2015-16, I will be handing over the president's gavel to Jerry Swedburg. I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize and especially thank our two outgoing members of the ICE Executive Board: Deb Thomson, our treasurer, and Randy Hansen, our past-president. Each of them have volunteered their time and effort to serve the members of ICE for the past four years! We greatly appreciate the talent and leadership they have provided for our organization!  We are excited to welcome incoming Board members, Briana Allen who will be the ICE Secretary, and John Closen, our new Treasurer.

ICE Leader You Should Know: Anne Truger
Anne Truger has held many roles with ICE throughout her many years of membership. She has been an active member of NICE, NICE Mini Conference Co- Chair, ICE Conference Co-Chair, and a past President of ICE. Currently she is the Social Events Co-Chair for the ICE Conference.

Anne is also a Director of Ed Tech Innovation at Waukegan Public Schools District 60, a Google Innovative Educator, a DEN STAR, and a Tech4Learning Innovative Educator.

Anne's mantra is "If you are flexible you can never get bent out of shape". You can find and follow Anne on Twitter.
Augmented Reality Twitter Chat
By Charlene Chausis, ICE President
CC by 2.0
Last week, our June ICE Twitter Chat (#iceilchat) discussed the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in education. AR is software for mobile devices that projects digital content "over" a physical item in the device's viewfinder. If you have never experienced using AR, the first time you see it, you are certain to be amazed... It definitely has a "wow" factor!

You can learn more about AR by reviewing the ICE Twitter Chat archive where you will find links to the resources shared (such as this Edutopia article), as well as educators to follow (like Katie Ann Wilson), who are sharing a myriad of ways to use AR tools to
bring learning to life!