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Chat It Up

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Twitter Chats but Were Afraid to Ask

Jeffrey P. Carpenter and Daniel G. Krutka

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past five years, you have undoubtedly heard of Twitter. Beyond it's entertainment uses, the free service has been a major boom to educators, who use it to connect with colleagues, share resource, communicate with experts, and personalize their professional learning.

In fact, we authors met because we were both using Twitter with our teacher candidates. Even though we live 1,000 miles apart, we have collaborated on several projects while continuing to learn from each other via tweets. Using a service that limits communication to 140 characters may seem like a strange way to get professional development (PD), but educators have found it to be a powerful digital learning space where they can connect around shared interests. Scheduled Twitter chats, in particular, have become a popular professional activity for many tweeting educators. Why, you ask? And how? Read on to find the answer to your questions about Twitter chats.
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Republished from Learning & Leading with Technology, February 2014, with permission from ISTE
Connected Educator Month Resources
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ICE Leader You Should Know: Chris Wherley

Chris is currently the Director of Technology at Williamsville CUSD #15 and has been since 1997. He has been a member of Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) since about 2007. For the past couple of years, Chris has been on the leadership team for the Springfield area ICE Chapter (SpICE.) Last year he served as the President of Illinois Chief Technology Officers (IL-CTO) where he has been a member since 2010. Beyond his leadership roles, Chris is a presenter at conferences such ICE, IL-EdTech, Taste of Technology, and Tech Feast. He enjoys participating in EdCamps. His focus is always on learning and sharing.  


You can connect with Chris at on Twitter at @chriswherley

There's good news in education - make time to share yours!
Charlene Chausis, President of ICE

Welcome to the 2014-15 school year! I am honored to begin my term as your ICE president. Perhaps we've met at a NICE meeting or mini-conference. Or, maybe we've attended an ICE conference workshop or presentation together? I have been around the "ICE block" for quite some time, and feel fortunate to have met so many dedicated and hard-working Illinois educators who continue to learn, and share their learning at our ICE Conference and chapter events. I congratulate you for modeling the importance of lifelong learning, since it can only mean good news for our students!  


Last month's ICE newsletter included an article on "Who is Telling Your School's Story" which discussed practical ways to employ hashtags and social media to share the good news about education in schools. Fortunately, it doesn't take a great amount of money or equipment to share the good news that is happening in your classroom. If your school hasn't yet established a "sharing" hashtag, not to worry. You can use the new #ICEilchat or you could even use #EduWin! In 2011, the hashtag #EduWin was established by a group of educators discussing why education is often viewed so negatively in the news. "An #EduWin is a moment in education that should be celebrated: a project, a teachable moment, a breakthrough, a video, or simply a helping hand." (See: http://www.eduwin.org/about-eduwin.html).


Now, it's your turn to share! The recently popular #icebucketchallenge meme on social media has boosted donations to a very worthy cause. How about we start an #EduWin-ILchallenge to let our communities know that great things are happening in our schools!? Post your #EduWin-IL on your favorite social media site, the ICE facebook page or using @ICE_IL to post your comments to ICE Twitter. Be sure to also post your good news at http://www.whatisyoureduwin.com/submit, a website dedicated to sharing the good things happening in education.

I look forward to reading your #EduWin-IL! 


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