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Take Aim at Innovation

Grant Lichtman 

Last September, I packed up my Prius, left my patient wife, and drove around the United States for 89 days and 10,000 miles visiting 64 schools of every flavor and size to find out what they are doing to prepare our students for the challenges of a rapidly changing world. I asked questions and recorded learning with more than 600 teachers, administrators, and students.

In setting up the complex matrix of this trip, many of my hosts asked, "What would you like to see when you are here?" The journeys of discovery in my life have started with open goals and few preconceptions, so I left the agendas as open ended as possible, with one caveat: I was not interested in seeing a 1:1 laptop program or talking with teachers about their tablet rollouts.

As others have said, technology in learning should be as ubiquitous as air...
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Grant Lichtman is a senior fellow at the Martin Institute for Teaching Excellence.  He was a senior administrator at a large independent school for 15 years.

Republished from Learning & Leading with Technology, September/ October 2013, with permission from ISTE
We Need Your Help!

Help us make ICE 2015 the best ICE Conference ever by telling us the topics you most want us to offer!   

ICE Leader You Should Know: Jen Smith

Jennifer Smith originates from Montreal, Canada, and moved to Illinois 14 years ago for love.  Jen has been teaching for 12 years in both elementary and middle school districts. She has been a French teacher, a first and second grade teacher and is now a middle school Creative Innovative Specialist in Arlington Heights School District 25. Working with students and teachers in her school to effectively use technology to engage students and transform learning is her passion. 


Jennifer has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from McGill University and a Master's Degree in Technology in Education from National Louis University. Jen has been an ICE member for over 10 years, and on the ICE Conference Committee for 4 years as Publicity and Signage, and serves as the ICE Communications and Social Media chair.  She is passionate about transforming learning spaces and co-host of Learning RedesignED on the Edreach Network. 
You can reach Jen at  about.me/jmaclaurin, read her blog edtechsmith.blogspot.com and on Twitter:  @jmaclaurin
From the Desk of the Director: Advocate for E-Rate
Margaret Johnson, Executive Director of ICE

The FCC is proposing changes to the e-rate funding that most of our schools use to provide broadband access to students and staff. In response to this proposal, ISTE launched the #RaiseTheErateCap Twitter and social media campaign. Please take a moment to tweet to the FCC with the message that modernizing and updating our school networks requires additional funding. Some suggested tweets include:

@FCC I'm an educator #RaiseTheErateCap

@FCC #Erate keeps our students connected #RaiseTheErateCap

@FCC Our students can't wait #RaiseTheErateCap before school year 2014-15

@FCC #Erate has been essentially level funded since 1998, costs for schools have increased. #RaiseTheErateCap

@FCC Broadband keeps students competitive #RaiseTheErateCap before school year 2014-15


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