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Are you using technology to transform instruction or is it simply replacing the old ways of doing things?

Eric Patnoudes

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John Dewey, the American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform once said, "If we teach today's students, like we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow."  When considering the blistering pace at which technology is evolving, the exponential growth of knowledge as a free commodity, and the Common Core State Standard's focus on the application of skills, concepts, and understandings, this statement is more relevant now than ever.

In previous a previous article, 
Why It's Time to Focus on Skills (Not Just Cool Tools), I wrote about a valuable resource for teachers called the Technology Integration¬ Matrix (TIM).  The TIM is a matrix that encompasses the characteristics of the learning environment and the levels of technology integration...Continue Reading
Continue to Connect and Learn
Connect to Learn

The ICE 2014 - Connect to Learn Conference is over, but that doesn't mean that your learning and connections have to stop. If you missed any of the sessions at the conference there are resources listed on the ICE Wiki and videos of recorded sessions on the ICE YouTube channel.


The ICE community offers several ways for you to connect, learn, and get involved. You can follow ICE on Twitter or like ICE on FacebookICE also has several chapters throughout the state that offer mini-conference, workshops, and networking opportunities. Find out what chapter serves your region. The professional development team offers monthly Wednesday WebinarsWatch for more information on Summer Tech Boot Camps - 1-2 day PD events we are planning for summer 2014. 


And don't forget about ICE Scholarships - fund your PD dreams by applying in three categories, including a category to support ICE members' children who are undergraduate students pursuing teaching careers.  The application deadline is April 1, so hop to it!


Our organization co-hosts workshops and events with Flipped Learning Network and Tech Con, a one-day conference each October, co-sponsored with IASBO & ILCTO.  ICE is also supports or partners with other conferences like Tech Forum Chicago, ISTE, IETC, and the Mt. Vernon Fall Conference.


Not to worry though, ICE 2015 is just around the corner, call for proposals to present opens in June 2014! 

ICE Leader You Should Know: Carol Broos

Carol Broos is the Technology Coordinator for the Golden Apple Foundation. She is a 2008 Fellow and Chair of the Academy of Fellows. Her passion is integrating the arts with technology and sharing with others online. She is the moderator for the bi-month podcast aRTs Roundtable on Carol Broos is the 2008 Illinois Music Teacher of the Year, 2008 Google Teacher Academy Educator, and a 2009 Apple Distinguished Educator. Carol worked for thirty-three years as a K-8 general music teacher at Sunset Ridge School in Northfield and Aptakisic-Tripp School in Buffalo Grove. Her blog,, discusses music and technology. Her 21st century presentation materials, music curriculum, and videos are found at


Follow Carol on twitter at @musictechie.

Looking forward with the President
First, I want to congratulate and thank everyone who worked so hard to create such a fantastic 2014 ICE Conference. Our volunteers, our Red Shirts, the Conference Committee, the Executive Board and our Executive Director, Margaret Johnson. It was a fantastic week! Second, I want to thank the record number of attendees filling the presentation rooms, sharing new ideas, and embodying this year's theme of Connect to Learn. Finally, I think this month's article, Are you using technology to transform instruction or is it simply replacing the old ways of doing things?, is a great follow up to the conference. As technology using educators, we need to constantly be asking ourselves that essential question. Continue to redefine and transform your teaching by reaching out to your new connections, building your PLN, and continuing to curate new ideas and approaches to helping your students use technology to build their skills and understandings.

Enjoy the March newsletter and be sure to stay connected by attending one of the upcoming Chapter mini-conferences.


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