September 30, 2013 - In This Issue:

How Technology-based Learning Will Bring Our School System Back to the Future

Dave Guymon

Change can be crippling. It can also be empowering. Perhaps it all depends on how we decide to understand it. We can ignore it. We can accept it. Or, we can harness it and use change to propel us to new heights and previously unattainable frontiers.


In the case of American public education, I believe that we have chosen to ignore change at our own peril. As a result, our national system of educating our citizens has fallen from what was once considered to be the gold standard for innovative education to the detritus of failing to continually innovate. Fortunately, we can climb back to the top. But it is going to require an honest evaluation of what caused us to slide so low in the first place.


To clarify, I am in no way saying that American public schools are failing. On the contrary, they are succeeding quite nicely. Unfortunately, they are succeeding quite nicely for 1930 and haven't succeeded past that level since. In other words, there has been no transformational achievement-oriented change.


There has been a change in how much we spend on education. There has also been a change in how many students we educate in a classroom. There has even been a change in the way that we monitor and determine the relative success of the students that are processed by our education system. However, none of these changes are scalable, and each of them fails to truly innovate on the way that our students learn.
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ICE Leader You Should Know: Anne Truger

Anne Truger is a Director of Educational Technology Innovation at Waukegan Public Schools District 60. She is a Google Certified Teacher, DEN STAR, Tech4Learning Innovative Educator, host of EdReach's EdCeptional Podcast, Promethean enthusiast and a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University in partnership with ISTE: Supervision and Leadership program. She loves all things technology and isn't afraid of trying new things. Anne has presented at ISTE 2001-2013, ICE 1998-2013, andwas a featured speaker at MACUL 2009-2012. Anne is a Past President of ICE and a former Co-Chair for the ICE Conference. She enjoys presenting and sharing her lifelong love of learning and technology passion with others.  



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Margaret Johnson, ICE Executive Director


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