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Where in the World Are They?  Students Find Out with Mystery Skype. 

Pernille Ripp
It is time for my students to guess where the class they are meeting for the first time via Skype is located.

"Is it North Carolina?"

There is silence in the classroom as my fifth graders crane their necks toward the screen.

"No!" shouts the voice from the computer speakers, and my students scramble back together.

A buzz of "What could it be then?" envelops them.

This is what it sounds like when 23 students engage in what is known as Mystery Skype. The idea is incredibly simple, but the unfolding of the idea can be downright magical. When else can you see students using all of their background knowledge, tech savvy, and common sense just to figure out where someone is in the world? Continue Reading...

-Pernille Ripp, a presenter at ICE 2013, is a fifth grade teacher at West Middleton Elementary School in Middleton, Wisconsin, USA. She is passionate about helping students find their voices. Read her blog at www.mrspripp.blogspot.com.


Republished from Learning & Leading with Technology, February 2013, with permission from ISTE

Making Video Conferencing Connections
Want to connect to other classrooms and experts, but you aren't sure where to start. There are several communities and resources out to help. 

Skype in the Classroom is a network of over 67,000 teachers that connect with each other and with experts around the world. There are even sample lessons for every subject.

Google Hangouts in Education is a community for educators who are using Google Hangouts in their classrooms. It is the creator's hope that, "this becomes a hub for teachers to connect, collaborate, and discuss how they are using Google Hangouts to enrich the learning experiences of their students."
ICE Leader You Should Know: Hank Thiele

Dr. Henry (Hank) Thiele is the Assistant Superintendent for Technology and Learning for the Maine 207 Schools in Park Ridge, IL. He also serves on the Illinois Computing Education Conference Committee as Co-Chair and is the President of SET Connections. Hank is a Google Certified Teacher, Administrator and Trainer. He started out as a high school Science and Music teacher at Conant High School and also served as the Technology Coordinator. His doctoral work focused on how classrooms can become more engaging and personal through the use of web-based tools. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids.  

The ICE-ISTE Connection
Margaret Johnson, ICE Executive Director
ISTE new logo

Did you know that ICE is part of a much larger organization?  ICE is a Premium ISTE Affiliate, and this benefits ICE members in a number of important ways.  ICE members receive a discount on registration to the annual ISTE Conference and extended early bird pricing.  ICE has the rights to reprint content from ISTE publications; Pernille Ripp's article above is a reprint from the February 2013 Issue of the ISTE journal, Learning & Leading with Technology. If you are not also a member of ISTE, you should check out the benefits of membership at www.iste.org


The annual ISTE Conference, held every June in rotating cities across the United States, attracts over 15,000 educators interested in improving education through effective use of technology.  ISTE has affiliate organizations in all 50 U.S. states and in many foreign countries as well.     As we did last year, ICE is pleased to recognize the following ICE members and ICE 2013 speakers who represented Illinois very well at ISTE 2013 in San Antonio, Texas this past June.  Many additional ICE members attended the event, and participated actively.  Congratulations to:


Cindy Anderson

Lucy Gray

Paula Murphy

Katie Aquino

Randy Hansen

Lisa Perez

Andrea Baker

Kathleen Harness

George Reese

Jon Bergmann

Carl Heine

Anne Scatchell

Arlene Borthwick

Jeffrey Hunt

James Sweet

Carol Broos

Kemi Jona

Bonnie Thurber

Charlene Chausis

Phil Lacey

Anne Truger

Steve Dembo

Susan Lynch

Vinnie Vrotny

Pete Dulaney

Jennie Magiera

Brian Wojcik


Michael Manderino



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