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September 2014
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Greetings from the Director

As hearing healthcare providers we transform lives every day.  This doesn't come only from testing patients and fitting new hearing aids, it comes from the experiences we create in our practice. This past winter the Washington Consumers' Checkbook rated us as a "high quality" hearing center.  We scored 94% in overall quality, a score we are extremely proud of because it was one of the highest scores in the metro DC area!  But even more important, we received a score of 100% for reliability!

Everyone deserves the highest quality of care from their audiology center.  At The Family Hearing Center, we make sure that happens with everyone who walks through our doors. Yes, many of you have told us that we've transformed your lives through better hearing benefit. This makes us so proud! If you think we can do the same for a friend, colleague or family member please share your positive experience with them and let us help transform their lives too.


Thank you,

Susan Yaffe-Oziel, M.M.S., CCC-A,

Director of The Family Hearing Center


New Loop System in our Conference Room!


The Family Hearing Center is proud to announce our new conference "Loop System"!  Hearing loop technology is being installed across the country in houses of worship, theaters and other public places to enable people with hearing loss the opportunity to hear as though they have a front row seat. 

To use this technology you need a hearing aid with a telephone coil which connects wirelessly to the loop system. The loop system magnetically transmits sound to the telephone coils, giving hearing aid users a front row experience. It is simple to use and most hearing aids already have this capability. Most digital hearing aids need to be activated by the audiologist through computer software.

Come join us to experience this new technology...

FHC is Keeping You In The Loop!
Join us for a talk about the latest technology in hearing devices and and complimentary demonstration of this new technology

Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.
Please RSVP at 301.738.1415. 
jack-o-lantern.jpg  Join Us For A Special Event

October 30, 2014
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Bring a guest and enjoy lunch on us at TLC while testing a hearing aid! Background noise can be one of the most challenging hearing environments. If we have your audiogram on file from a previous visit, we can program a hearing aid just for you to try out for the luncheon and see how it sounds in a noisy environment. Hear for yourself the benefit of a personalized quality hearing aid.  At TLC's Family Hearing Center, 2092 Gaither Road, Suite 100. RSVP to Laurel Delgado at 301.738.1415.
Hearing Loss Affects Personalities of Elders
Excerpt from
The ASHA Leader

As people approach old age, they generally become less outgoing. New research published April 8 in the Journal of Personality shows that this change in personality is amplified among people with hearing loss. The findings emphasize the importance of acknowledging and treating hearing loss in older adults.

Researchers led by Anne Ingeborg Berg studied 400 people ages 80 to 98 over six years. Every two years, the researchers assessed participants' physical and mental status. They included emotional stability and personality aspects such as extraversion-the inclination to be outgoing. The results show that even if emotional stability remained constant over the period, the participants became less outgoing.

Link to full article.
Fire Safety Partnership

The Silver Spring fire department's Life Safety Unit is coming to TLC's Family Hearing Center to provide a short fire safety program for people with hearing loss.  As part of the program they will demonstrate a smoke detector system specifically for those with hearing loss. Each attendee with hearing loss will be provided a a new system for FREE! This system's value is approximately $300 and set-up is very simple. 


If you, a family member or friend is interested in attending the session on October 1st at 7 p.m.  please contact Laurel Delgado at 301.738.1415 and make a reservation.  

Help Others Hear Update

In 2008, TLC established the Help Others Hear program to provide free hearing aids to children and adults who could not otherwise afford them. We have raised $139,000 since 2008. More than 50 people have already received hearing aids from the generosity of our donors! 

Listen to Jessica's talk to learn more about how Help Others Hear is truly helping individuals with hearing impairments in our community. Learn more about how your donation can Help Other Hear.

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