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January 2014
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Greetings from the Director

The Art of Audiology.  Most people think of audiology as a science.  But audiology is more than education and knowledge of the field.  It requires experience and commitment.  The audiologists at our center are committed to helping our patients and providing you with the benefits you deserve.  The value of having a staff of audiologists at the Family Hearing Center is that we tap into each other's knowledge and experience.   We are continuously updating our knowledge of testing and hearing aid fitting, so we can offer you the highest level of services.   

We are proud of our outstanding consumer satisfaction survey results ( 4.9 out of 5).  We appreciate those of you who take the time to complete the survey.  Your referrals mean the world to us. When you send friends and family to us, we know we have your trust and we are grateful.  On behalf of the entire Family Hearing Center staff we hope you all have a very happy and healthy 2014.     

Susan Yaffe-Oziel, 
M.M.S., CCC-A,
Director of The Family Hearing Center
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Widex Dream Date Luncheon
February 5th, 2014
11:30 p.m. - 1:30
Enjoy lunch on us with a guest at TLC and test a hearing aid!  If we have your audiogram on file from a previous visit, we can program a hearing aid just for you to try out for the luncheon. Hear for yourself the benefit of a personalized quality hearing aid.  At TLC's Family Hearing Center, 2092 Gaither Road, Suite 100. RSVP to Laurel Delgado at 301.738.1415.

Why Open Fit Hearing Aids?

Audiologists are often asked, "Why can't I have a tiny hearing aid inside my ear if my hearing loss is mild?"   The answer is because the tiny hearing aid that sits in the ear canal can actually block the normal low pitch hearing. The user may hear less naturally and sometimes low pitch sounds are over amplified, resulting in over amplification of their own voice sounds.  The goal in fitting hearing aids successfully is to only amplify sounds that an individual has trouble hearing and to amplify sounds as naturally as possible.  

Several years ago hearing aid manufacturers designed "open fit" or "receiver in the ear" style hearing aids. You may notice these very small devices fit on the back of an ear with a thin wire or tube attached that reaches down into the ear canal.  These allow the natural sound flow into the ear while the hearing aid is programmed to amplify only the higher pitches also known as frequencies.  When this is accomplished the result can be beneficial to the patient.  

If you would like a complementary demonstration of this new technology please call our office at 301.738.1415


Congratulations to The Family Hearing Center staff. 


Washington Consumers' CHECKBOOK recently published an article on hearing aids and included ratings for local providers. FHC received outstanding ratings and was one of the businesses who received a quality recognition!  If you would like to see the ratings, contact us and we can share them with you.

Living with Hearing Loss:
Seahawks' Derrick Coleman Breaks Barriers in the NFL

Living with hearing loss can certainly create unique challenges in a person's life. But Derrick Coleman, a fullback for the Seattle Seahawks, knows that hearing aids and the support of others can help make dreams come true. He is the only athlete in NFL history to play offense who is also legally deaf.  Link here to learn more about his inspiring story.

Seahawk Derrick Coleman
Seahawk Derrick Coleman

Learn more about how TLC's Help Others Hear program provides free hearing aids to individuals in our community who could not otherwise afford them. 
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