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November 2013


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Rob Guttenberg


Photo courtesy of The Office of Disability Employment Policy, Department of Labor.

 Thank you to Rob Guttenberg for performing for Outcomes consumers and staff!  At age 29, Rob suffered a brain hemorrhage that resulted in severe physical and cognitive impairments. He shared his inspiring story and his music in this concert funded by a grant from the Montgomery County  Government and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.  


To learn more about Rob.




 How has Outcomes helped me?


"Outcomes has helped me in many ways that I can't even imagine.  When I didn't have anywhere to go they were right there for me when I needed them the most.  When I need someone to talk to they are always right there for me.  There wasn't a time in my life that Outcomes has let me down."



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We are so happy to share this issue of Out and About: News from
Outcomes.  This time of year, many of us are thinking about gratitude. In Outcomes.  We think about gratitude often, but at Thanksgiving, we need to celebrate it!  This issue is dedicated to celebrating our gratitude for each other, and our gratitude for our consumers' determination, successes, and trust they place in use every day. We are grateful every day for the employers who hire individuals with disabilities and are devoted to the success of their workers and their organizations that thrive with well placed well trained staff.  We hope you enjoy this special issue and enjoy this holiday season!
The Outcomes Team
Employers are Making the Difference for Everyone
TLC recently compiled a list of employers hiring individuals with disabilities through services at Outcomes.  The list represented an incredible variety of industries - retail, food services, professional, government, education, entertainment, healthcare, to name a few.  
Many employers in our area are enjoying the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities. Creating a diverse workplace and providing a meaningful work experience for all employees is good for everyone.  But the benefits go further. Tax incentives are available for employers of individuals with disabilities. When hiring through a service like Outcomes, employers benefit from pre-screened employees who have excellent retention records.  Many employers report increased company-wide morale when employers create a more inclusive environment. Link here for more information in "The Business Case - Hiring Individuals with Disabilities" 

Outcomes recently hosted their first Employer Appreciation Breakfast recognizing employers to their commitment to hiring people with disabilities. This great event allowed employers to see the breadth of the services provided by TLC.  Eight community businesses were represented.

If you know employers who are interested in learning more about hiring employees through The Outcomes Service, please contact Stephanie Tice, 301.424.5200 x6901. 
Success: Celebrating the Great and the Small

AT TLC there is one lesson we have learned and learned well.  Big successes are terrific and easily measured.  Small successes are just as important and there are a lot more of them!  Successes can be professional accomplishments, overcoming personal challenges, and increasing independence. Sometimes successes are about enriching community experiences. For Thanksgiving we would like to share a few...
Two consumers received job promotions!  Another consumer got a job and moved into a new home this month! A consumer was selected to participate in the Summer Youth Employment program through Montgomery Works.  He completed the 6-week internship, while maintaining his permanent job with Giant!  A consumer completed the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure 5k.  A consumer overcame her reluctance and went to the dentist. A consumer learned to save money by clipping coupons and waiting for a sale saving $10 on soda!  A consumer overcame a fear of large public places and went to Six Flags. He even went on a ride. A consumer learned to change a tail light in her van. A very shy consumer decided to try to meet new friends! One consumer carved her first jack o'lantern this Halloween.Seven consumer attended the last Outcomes cooking workshop and learned to make a delicious stir-fry dish! Outcomes Consumers enjoyed a lesson in Salsa Dancing from Outcomes own Marta Bohorquez. Link to the video.


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This photo is a courtesy of Matt Martin Media, mattmartin.tv, HD Crew-DC, Md, Va, 202.744.4676
Outcomes: Literally Out and About

Outcome staff have enjoyed many opportunities to engage with the community over the last few month.  One of the highlights for Marta Bohorquez and Amanda Chamoun was attending the Montgomery Hispanic Gala and meeting County Executive Isiah Leggett with Outcomes consumer David (shown at left).


TLC Employment Specialist Aysar (Ace) Barbari received the Community Staff Award at InterACC Community Builders event. He was honored by TLC/Outcomes along with a community leader, Sara Milner, CEO of Sunflower Bakery. Ace was honored for his long time commitment to our consumers and families as well as his engagement with the community on behalf of those he serves. Ace opens doors through his ability to develop relationships and tell our story. Sara was honored for her commitment to providing job training through coaching and mentoring to individuals with disabilities. 


Outcomes DDA Team Coordinator Nick Heynen presented training to over 100 GMMB staff. GMMB has employed an Outcomes consumer for over 7 years. Nick provided staff with information about communicating, resolving conflict, and demonstrating patience with an individual with disabilities. Among the post session feedback was a staff member that let Nick know, "This information applies to working better with everyone!"  


Since our last issue, three Outcomes staff have had babies.


Outcomes Assistant Director Karen Morgret visited Hawaii for a CARF Accreditation.  

Thank you for your support of TLC's Outcomes Service.  We welcome your questions and feedback. 

Executive Director of The Treatment and Learning Centers