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May 2013


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 Congratulations to 

Karen Morgret, Assistant Director of Outcomes for receiving TLC's Richard J. Pavlin Leadership Award. Karen's excellence at managing the operational aspects of Outcomes is a great asset to the organization. 


 TLC also recognized Digital Receiver Technology as Employer of the Year. Sue Hegg and Craig Heidemann were on hand to receive the award. DRT employs Outcomes' consumer Luke, who has autism. "DRT truly goes above and beyond to ensure Luke is a valued member of their team, encouraging him to be a happy, successful employee." stated Patricia Ritter, Executive Director.   

Consumer Social Groups at Outcomes


Each month, all consumers in the Outcomes service are invited to join a social event, or consumer social group (CSG). Whatever the activity -- our annual picnic, salsa dancing classes -- we always have a good time. Consumers see old friends and have the opportunity to meet new friends.   

If you are not receiving Outcomes services and would like to attend CSGs, please contact Nick Heynen for a fee scale. 

Upcoming Events

Dates to come.


Bethesda Big Train Baseball

Miniature Golf
Annual picnic 
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Transition Advocacy
at Outcomes


Approaching the end of the school year, you may be considering future transitions. TLC's Transition Advocacy (TA) program is designed to support adults with disabilities seeking a more independent lifestyle through greater success in employment, education and community integration.TA is intended for individuals who are not eligible for other public funding sources, but still need support. 


Learn more about the TA Program.

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We hope you are enjoying these lovely days of spring, before we move into the summer heat.  In Outcomes, we are completing our spring Consumer Satisfaction Survey. So far, we have received 121 surveys from individuals receiving a range of services from Outcomes. We are delighted by the comments our consumers shared when asked, "What do you like most about Outcomes?"  Words that kept leaping off the page ranged from "helpful," "respectful," "nice," "inspirational," "friendly," "care," "fun" to "everything."  Comments included:
  • "They are really focused on helping me find the right job that I want."
  • "I am happy to have Outcomes."
  • "They're quite resourceful."
  • "Everything is great. I like the people at Outcomes and I like my job coach."
  • "All the staff here are helpful with getting the job I need and the assistance along the way is great in many ways which I need."
  • "Everything with Outcomes is awesome."
As a group, we are honored to serve individuals who are so enthusiastic and motivated to reach their goals. Please contact Outcomes if we can help as you navigate the options available for summer activities and fall placements. We look forward to the opportunity to help more individuals find meaningful employment and increased community involvement
The Outcomes Team

Certified Nursing Assistant Eddie's Story

Hello, my name is Eddie.  I am 30 years old and I work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Shady Grove Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland. In 2006 I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and I know that I can give hope to others who are recuperating from Brain Injuries.  Just last week one of my patients called me a "ray of hope."  I believe that the greatest thing you can do is to make someone smile, and by making my patients smile I know I make a difference and that makes me happy. 


I used to work at Safeway at King Farm as a deli clerk and a seafood clerk.  I told my employment coach, Michele, that I really wanted to make a difference in the lives of others and made the decision to go to school to train to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She saw that I was determined. I passed the course and began to study for the State of Maryland Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) exam. I passed and now I am a licensed GNA as well as a CNA.


I am so happy that through outstanding job coaching with the Outcomes staff, I got my job at Shady Grove. If it weren't for their support I would never have gotten this job. I am a success story of TLC's Outcomes. I would just like everyone to know that if there is a will, there is a way, and I am proof of that. I wanted this job, worked hard, and kept my focus and did everything that I could do to get this job.


Note: Eddie has been an Outcomes consumer since 2009 and is currently participating in The Governor's Employment Program for Persons of Acquired Brain Injuries.

Students from The Katherine Thomas School

In April, Outcomes staff worked with the transition and internship team at TLC's Katherine Thomas School to provide assistance with mock interviews for 20 students. Students completed an application for a job of their choosing and then created a resume. They came to the Outcome's office dressed and ready for their interview. Outcomes staff interviewed each student basing questions on the jobs in which they were interested. Staff spent about 30 minutes with each student doing an interview with an array of questions, including:
  • What are your strengths?
  • What do you know about this company?
  • How would you handle conflict with others?
  • What interested you about this position?
Interviewing can be a harrowing experience for anyone, but for individuals with learning disabilities and high functioning autism, interviews can be even more challenging.  After interviews, Outcomes staff provided feedback to each student about their attire, handshake and eye contact, knowledge of and readiness for the job, and success with answering the questions.

The students did extremely well, and the staff from Outcomes made sure that the interview was as close to real as possible. Expectations were high, and the students stepped up. Not only did students interview well, but they also sent thank you notes to the interviewers.  

Kathryn Clem Recognized with a MACS Award

On April 18th at the BWI Marriott, The Maryland Association of Community Service honored Outcomes consumer Kathryn Clem for her hard work and perseverance to set and meet her goals despite adversity with a "Personal Accomplishments" award. 


Kathryn was born with a condition that required her to have multiple major heart surgeries in her first years of life. Despite having many challenges, Kathryn never gave up on her dreams.

Kathryn works with Michelle Sprecher, Outcomes Lead Employment Specialist, with supported employment and CSLA services. Kathryn has also been employed as a sales associate at Petco for 10 years and as a courtesy clerk at Safeway for more than 5 years. Last year, she experienced another medical setback, but continued to fight tirelessly. She displayed incredible strength and determination. She never gave up on her ultimate goal of moving back to her apartment, getting back to work, and adopting her own cat. 

After spending the better part of last summer in the hospital, Kathryn worked extremely hard, and returned to her apartment in January of this year and went back to work soon thereafter. She now has a new family member, a beautiful cat named Rosie.    

Thank you for your support of TLC's Outcomes Service.  We welcome your questions and feedback. 

Executive Director of The Treatment and Learning Centers