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March 2013
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TLC's  After School Programs!


Link here to learn more about Young Yogis and Creative Arts  Spring Sampler, two great after school programs from TLC!


For questions -  contact Lisa Torvik at 301.424.5200 x6923 or LTorvik@ttlc.org 



Please join us for a presentation and tour of our K - 12 Programs at 9:30 a.m., or for a presentation and tour of our Prechool Program at 1:30 p.m.

April 2, May 7, June 4
Space is limited. Please RSVP.

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Marjorie Theard
Admissions Director

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Burgess  A Note from Cathy, 

Success, Success, Success!

Yes, success is all around us, especially in the heartfelt pride we feel here at the Katherine Thomas School.   Our theme this year has embraced that "no success is too small, we celebrate them all." Reflecting back on the celebrated stories of the first half of the year, it is not surprising that the successes that we have experienced are by no means small.


Great growth comes from a dedicated team of people who embrace the belief that potential is everywhere. This could not be more evident or more effectively communicated through the actions and words of our dedicated administration, our clinicians and teachers, our students and their families.  We can only hope that we will inspire each student with an understanding of their gifts, an ability to trust in their strengths and encourage them to celebrate each day as an opportunity to be successful.


Oh, the joy we are experiencing!  Blossoming before our eyes are the quietest of students embracing their voice, advocating for their needs and surprising us with effortless performances in front of large audiences.  Reading, writing and math are becoming more manageable and a skill they can successfully use in the real world around them.   Most importantly, we see our students learning and understanding that flexibility and patience are the keys to accepting change and cornerstones to their own success. 

With spring around the corner and only a few months left in the school year, I know that each day will continue to be filled with new growth and beautiful blossoms both inside and outside the walls of KTS!  I hope that you will take a minute to treasure these moments and celebrate along with me.


Happy Spring,


Lower and Middle School Programs Director  


Hakeem and Ms. Holl
Soaring to Success through Art at KTS
by Katherine Broullire

The KTS Artist in Residence program has been a long-time favorite of students and staff at KTS. The program brings an artist to KTS to work with students to create permanent pieces of art or installations. The artist designs the project and works with the students to create large scale projects based off of a particular theme or idea.

Tara Holl has been a teaching artist for the
Maryland State Arts Council for many years and was trained in Arts Integration through the Teaching Artists Institute. We were very lucky to have Ms. Holl here at KTS! Ms. Holl worked with high school and lower school students, K-12, to create permanent installations in the halls of KTS. The inspiration behind the project was "Soaring to Success," and the students created colorful flying creatures to brighten our hallways and our hearts!

Throughout this process, students developed a personal vision of what "Soaring to Success" means to them. From start to finish, students worked hands on with unique materials including wood, wire, Styrofoam, metal and recycled objects, fabric, costume jewelry and paint.

Be on the lookout for the sculptures flying above your head the next time you visit KTS!
Teen Culture Club
by Joyce Newell

KTS students are investigating global culture by eating at restaurants that serve food from around the world. At the beginning of the club series, members rated their interest in which countries' cuisines they were interested in trying. Five high school students meet each Thursday and choose a restaurant from two or three choices provided by the advisor. Students have eaten Greek food at Ambrosia, Thai food at the Thai Cuisine Restaurant, Korean soup at Pho 75 and Italian fare at Bucca di Beppo. Members are encouraged to use their tech devices to navigate to the restaurants and find coupons for them. They also check customer reviews and menus on the Internet.

One week students experienced what it's like to prepare their own dinners and learned to make dessert crepes and grilled chicken (pictured are Cameron, Madison, and Emily).

Bullis Gives Back 5K


The Katherine Thomas School has been the recipient of many wonderful partnerships over the years.  Currently we are thrilled to be included as a recipient of "The 5th Annual Bullis Gives Back 5K/2.5K Run/Walk" and the "Inaugural Bullis Buddy Run"! This terrific fundraiser supports local charitable organizations and is open to the community. This year's theme of "Kids Helping Kids," will include, for the first time, a wheelchair accessible buddy run for children of all abilities.

KTS students and staff are preparing for the race with a Running Club for both walkers and runners to get together twice a week and train. 

Race day is Sunday, April 28th at 10:00 AM. Register at www.Bullis.org/5K 

This fun family event will include music, food, entertainment, carnival games and a raffle including grand prizes of an iPad mini and a large screen TV! 
KTS Teen CLub
by Peleg Tal

Teen Club in the high school takes place every Friday afternoon after school. Fun social activities are planned every week to give the students an engaging way to socialize with each other while participating in an activity. It is a way for the school to provide a healthy and safe environment for students to socialize with each other.


There are a lot of fun activities that have and will be taking place including a trip to a bowling alley, a ceramic studio, a dance studio (including a dance demonstration), a karate and yoga demonstration, a trip to Cheeburger Cheeburger restaurant, and a picnic and stroll in a local park. The students loved cheering on their friends while they were bowling, coversing while having milkshakes and burgers at the restaurant, painting flower shaped tiles at a ceramic studio, and excercising with karate and yoga.     

Thank you for your support of our school. We welcome your feedback! 


Rhona Schwartz, Director, KTS High School Program

Cathy Burgess, Director, KTS Lower/Middle School Program