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Recently I read a quote from a well known hearing aid researcher. "We can't change a person's hearing. Patients come to us with a certain amount of hearing capacity and that is what we have to work with." Technology can be overwhelming at times. When I graduated with a degree in Audiology what was newsworthy then is completely different from what is newsworthy now. Over the last few years there have been enormous gains in hearing aid technology.

One significant feature in new hearing aid technology is wireless data exchange for those patients who need binaural (two) hearing aids. These hearing aids have the potential to make coordinated and more intelligent choices about how and when to adapt such as when an individual is in noisy situations. Because of this improvement in technology we also have wonderful ways for patients to hear and use their TV, iPad, computers and telephones directly into their hearing aids. 

Please come in and see this for yourself. 
On behalf of myself and the Family Hearing Center staff we wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season!  

Susan Yaffe-Oziel, 
M.M.S., CCC-A,
Director of The Family Hearing Center


Telephone - It's too good to be true! 

Recently the Family Hearing Center acquired a new telephone system called CaptionCall®. We're very excited to share this information because many individuals with mild to profound hearing loss will benefit from this technology. Currently it is available at no charge by a limited time offer!


This state of the art phone is simple to use with an easy to read screen that displays written captions of what your callers say. Presently, there is no cost for the telephone or the installation.  All you need is a landline phone connection and high speed internet.  According to the company, CaptionCall® will come to your home and install the free phone at no charge to you. The captioning is funded by the FCC so you have no monthly charges or bills. We will be holding free demonstrations by appointment on December 11 and 13.  Call for an appointment and feel free to bring a friend or family member with you.  Please call Laurel Delgado to schedule an appointment at 301.738.1415 or email LDelgado@ttlc.org


Hearing Loops

Since 2010, The American Academy of Audiology in partnership with the Hearing Loss Association of America have been moving forward on an innovative campaign called, Get in the Hearing Loop. "Hearing loop" technology is being installed across the country in houses of worship, theaters, and other public places to enable people with hearing loss the opportunity to hear as though they have a front row seat. 


To use this technology you need a hearing aid with a telephone coil which connects wirelessly to the loop system. The loop system magnetically transmits sound to the telephone coils, giving hearing aid users a front row experience. It is simple to use and most hearing aids already have this capability.  However most digital hearing aids need to be activated by the audiologist through computer software.  The next time you visit The Family Hearing Center or even if you want to call and find out more about hearing loops, we will be happy to give you the information you need to use this effective technology. 


CLICK HERE to view the press release from The American Academy of Audiology and the Hearing Loss Association of America. 



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Diabetes and Hearing Loss 

Diabetes and hearing loss are two of the most common health problems in adults in the US, and diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death.  Hearing loss in those with diabetes seems related to blood flow impairment in late stage diabetes.  Researchers found data that revealed women with diabetes were likely to experience serious hearing loss over time, and men had worse hearing across the age spectrum.  To read more facts about diabetes and hearing loss CLICK HERE. 

Thank you for reading our first issue of Family Hearing Center News.  Your feedback is welcome. 


Susan Yaffe-Oziel, M.M.S., CCC-A

Director of The Family Hearing Center

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