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 Board Notes  

2014-2015 Board of Education
Laura Slack, President ▪ Katy Keohane Glassberg, VP 
Karen Belanger ▪ Blake Jines-Storey ▪ Nancy Pasquale ▪ Chris Repetto ▪  Nicole Weber

A Summary of the 7/1/14 Rye City School District Board of Education Meeting


Board Reorganization 

During the Board of Education reorganization meeting, Laura Slack was elected President and Katy Keohane Glassberg was elected Vice President. Both recited and signed their Oaths of Office. Karen Belanger recited and signed an Oath of Office as a re-elected Board of Education member, and Blake Jines-Storey recited and signed an Oath of Office as a new Board of Education member. 

The Board approved the following appointments for the 2014-15 school year: Elaine Cuglietto as District Clerk, Kathy Viggiano as District Treasurer, Gabriella O'Connor and Dr. Frank Alvarez as Deputy Treasurers, Nancy Lustyik as Purchasing Agent, Gabriella O'Connor as Deputy Purchasing Agent, Gabriella O'Connor as Collector of School Taxes, Dr. Bruno DiCosmo as Medical Coordinator, Frank Mangiamele as Asbestos Designee, Gabriella O'Connor as Records Access Officer, Gabriella O'Connor as Records Management Officer, Gabriella O'Connor as Welfare Fund Trustee, Nancy Dunn as Claims Auditor, and Elaine Cuglietto as DASA Coordinator. Cullen & Danowski, LLC was appointed to perform the District's internal audit function. The Board also appointed the following School District attorneys: Ingerman Smith, LLP, Alexander Ferrini, III, Daniel Vincelette, and Keane & Beane. Dr. Barbara Coven, Dr. Bruno DiCosmo, and Dr. Young Don Oh were appointed School Physicians.
Consent Agenda
The Board adopted the Board Bylaws for 2014-15 and the Code of Conduct for 2014-15. The Board also adopted policies, regulations and forms including the Employee Acceptable Use of Technology Regulation, Elementary Schools Acceptable Use of Technology Regulation Grades K-5, Middle School/High School Acceptable Use of Technology Regulation Grades 6-12, and Vehicle Use Policy. 

Next Regular Meeting
September 9, 2014
8:00 pm 
Rye Middle School    Multipurpose Room

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