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2013-2014 Board of Edu
Laura Slack, President ▪ Katy Keohane Glassberg, VP  
Karen Belanger ▪ Edward M. Fox ▪ Nancy Pasquale ▪ Chris Repetto ▪ Nicole Weber

A Summary of the 11/26/13 Rye City School District Board of Education Meeting


Superintendent's Report

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Alvarez provided a report to the Board and to the community, describing the District's various advocacy efforts regarding a number of school-related matters. He specifically mentioned that the District has been actively involved with the New York Suburban Consortium for Public Education, and parent Mindy Grigg is participating on the steering committee. The committee is focusing on concerns around the implementation of the Common Core, privacy matters related to sharing of student information, state testing, and the tax cap. 


Dr. Alvarez also announced that some of the public's concerns related to state testing appear to have been heard, and several changes will be implemented in 2014. The Estimated Time on Task will decrease by 20 minutes in math in grades 3-8 and by 10 minutes in English Language Arts in grades 5-8. 

Inter-Municipal Agreement (IMA)
The Board approved an Inter-Municipal Agreement between the City of Rye and the Rye City School District regarding Rye Manor. 
MS/HS Math Curricula Revisions
Rye High School Assistant Principal Ellen McDonnell provided a presentation concentrating on Middle School and High School Math Curricula Revisions. She explained that summer curriculum projects were focused on four areas: Accelerated 8th Grade Algebra, High School Algebra 1, Geometry Honors, and Pre-Advanced Placement Calculus. While the changes that were made to these courses are aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), the District is exceeding what is required in order to help students succeed and reach their maximum potentials in mathematics. Accelerated 8th Grade Algebra is one way in which Rye is ahead of the curve, as this course is not typically offered as the standard eighth grade math course elsewhere. The High School Algebra 1 curriculum is another, as changes include retention of topics in addition to the CCLS that the District finds important. Mrs. McDonnell also discussed Geometry Honors as well as Pre-Advanced Placement Calculus, both of which were updated and continue to cover content beyond that required under State standards.
The Algebra Plus eighth grade course was discontinued this year in order to maintain balance among teams, and an optional portfolio project was introduced. The portfolio project offers greater opportunities for students to demonstrate math abilities that can help guide them toward honors classes in the future. For years, leading up to algebra for all, the Administration and Board also changed the District's math curriculum at the elementary, sixth grade, and seventh grade levels as a way to prepare students for universal algebra in eighth grade. Mrs. McDonnell thanked the current Board and previous ones for their forward thinking in this area.  View the full presentation here.

Next Regular Meeting
December 10, 2013
8:00 pm 
Rye Middle School    Multipurpose Room

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