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Kudos From Kelly
Students Build New App To Help Alzheimer's Patients Win Best In Nation Learning App Award
Summer Advice for Seniors
Alan Weiss on The Greatest.
Small Acts of Kindness
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How to Give The Greatest Hug Ever Invented
By Bob DeMarco | Alzheimer's Reading Room
I took care of my mother who lived with dementia for 8 and a half years. 3,112 days. I understand how Alzheimer's caregiver feel. I was one. As part of learning how to communicate more effectively with my mom, This hug is not limited to persons living with dementia; in fact, it works with everyone and will improve your life.
If you don't touch your loved one who will?

Are you hugging someone you care about at least 3 times a day? 3 times you ask? I stumbled on to this. There is scientific evidence that getting hugged 3 times a day reduces anxiety and stress. It also raises your self concept - how you feel about yourself. It makes you think and feel more positive about yourself, and more positive about the world around you.

Here is how it happened to me, and how I invented the greatest hug ever...

Kudos from Kelly
 KUDOS from Kelly
  By Kelly McNamara

Camillia Campbell: Camillia, in her short time with us, only a few months, has truly distinguished herself in many ways. She is a striking and commanding physical presence, while also maintaining a genuine caring compassionate approach to all her clients. Camillia has joined the team of caregivers for an especially beloved but very complex client EN, and has shared her skills with others. Her rapport with her client is beautiful to observe. Currently she is "on loan " from her regular client to care for another special client, GS with complex needs while his "regular " caregiver is on maternity leave. This can be a difficult  transition for many caregivers, but Camillia handled it with grace, maturity and a commitment to providing the very best care she could to this special man. We learned inadvertently, from one of her clients  that Camillia has a nickname "Mille" which some of her clients prefer. So Millie it is, or Camillia. Whichever name, she is an extraordinary addition to our team of caregivers and has touched the lives of many in her short tenure with us. We hope she stays with us for a very long time. Thanks Camillia !

All caregivers mentioned in this column will receive a gift card and our sincere appreciation!  Many many thanks to all of you for once again extending yourselves to ensure that we are of course Always There...!! 

Students Build New App To Help Alzheimer's Patients Win Best In Nation Learning App Award

Pharm Alarm is a mobile App that helps people with Alzheimer's, dementia, and memory loss. It reminds patients and caregivers when it is time to take  medication, complete tasks, go to appointments, and logs patient events for doctors.

A team of students from Meyzeek Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky were named Best in Nation winners in the fourth annual Verizon Innovative Learning App Challenge...

 Summer Advice for Seniors
  By Caren Parnes, for The Senior's Choice  

The heat of summer is here, so this is a good time to review some vital safety tips for seniors.  Elderly persons are more prone to the effects of heat and at greater risk for dehydration. Make sure you or someone you can trust is checking in on your elderly family members.
  • Try to plan activities that require going outside during non-peak hours when it might be a little cooler.
  • Move exercise indoors. Consider exercising at a gym, walking on a treadmill, or "mall walking" instead of outdoor walks or activities. Swimming and water aerobics are good options as well.
  • Drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic, caffeine-free as these ingredients have a diuretic effect). Talk with your doctor if you take medications that affect fluid intake, such as Lasix.

 Alan Weiss on The Greatest    
Mohammed Ali made the rare transition from a man who was reviled to a man who was loved. He was a great athlete and a great showman. His relationship with Howard Cossell was a unique sports/media tandem. Ali was a religious man and an icon, and I think he truly loved all people. That love transcends religions, color, race, ethnicity, and politics..

His athletic accomplishments were in a brutal sport with vicious opponents. He was brave and he was imperfect. The beatings he endured-a deliberate strategy later in his career when his speed was diminished and "rope-a-dope" was his technique for tiring out hard-swinging opponents-unquestionably took their toll mentally as well as physically as time wore on.

Yet the image of the indomitable fighter, the human rights champion, the media favorite, and the man of faith are forever young. His greatest bravery wasn't expressed in the ring against opponents trying to maul him, but rather with those critics constantly trying to undermine him, dethrone him, jail him. Against those consequences he held firm and set an example for us all. He never gave up, in the ring or outside of it.

Rest In Peace, Mohammad Ali, Champion Forever. ■

 Small Acts of Kindness  
One of the greatest acts of kindness is to simply offer ourselves and our space to others. When we hold space, we show up in a way that takes responsibility for tuning in to what others naturally have to offer, and creating avenues for those offerings to emerge. Our stories this week reflect on the kindness offered just by being present and holding space for others. - Ameeta

Providers We Love      
We are privileged to have received referrals from and be able to coordinate care with many Assisted Living facilities, rehab facilities, and Medicare Home Care and Hospice agencies. Our growth is in large part due to the trust the staff in these organizations have put in our caregivers. We are likewise impressed with them and we are committed to referring to them on a regular basis  

Kindred Care at Home/Gentiva Home Health Care Services, Stratford, Old Saybrook, Hamden, Farmington (Gentiva has now joined with Kimdred, a national sub acute care facility company to provide both high quality home health and facility care)

* Their services include. Skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational and speech language therapy Neurorehabilitation, wound care, disease and pain management, medication management and education, patient education to promote self-management, and treatment for balance problems that can lead to fall risks. They maintain a special expertise in dementia care.

 About Always There Home Care

Always There Home Care provides compassionate, dependable and professional one-on-one care for seniors who need assistance in the comfort of their homes or residential care communities.  Services from highly qualified and trained caregivers range from companionship, meal preparation and incidental transportation to personal care, medication management and RN-directed case management. Available 7 days a week, services range from a few hours a day to 24-hour care.

Always There Home Care understands that every situation is unique and creates individualized care plans to help improve a client's quality of life.

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Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are totally committed, highly qualified and carefully selected individuals who are personally and thoroughly screened, bonded and insured. Most are Certified Nurse Assistants or Home Health Aides. Most importantly our caregivers are dependable and extraordinarily caring of others. In addition to their previous experience, our caregivers receive continuous training that includes dementia, hospice care, home safety, nutrition and other topics related to seniors. These highly qualified and trained caregivers are ready to help you and your loved ones with a variety of daily activities such as:

Personal care   /  Meal planning and preparation
Transportation to doctor appointments and other errands
Caring companionship   /  Light housekeeping
Medication reminders  /   Information and referral services

Our personalized, nurse- supervised services are available 7 days a week and
can range from a few hours a day to 24 hours and live in care.

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