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Featured Article: Losing a mother and grandmother
Nelson Mandela is dying. Three lessons for you and your family
Preventing financial elder abuse
Kudos From Kelly
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Connie Mseleku

(Thanks Pinkie)
Hamidu Harunah
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Kelly and Grand Mother Jean
Photo above: Kelly with her
grandmother, Jean/Mimi
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"If everything seems under control, you're just not moving fast enough."

~ Mario Andretti


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Photo top: Regina with her mother, Jean. 
Photo bottom: Jean/Mimi/Mom last birthday March 2012

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"Life isn't about learning for the storm to pass. It's about learning to DANCE IN THE RAIN."

~ Vivian Greene 


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Featured Article:  

 Losing a mother and grandmother...
one year later

By Regina and Kelly McNamara


This space is usually reserved for a piece on Alzheimer's by our friend Bob DeMarco, who generously shares his wisdom about the disease, gathered over 8 years by caring for his mother Dotty who died last year.


This month though, we dedicate this space to another person loved and lost to us by Alzheimer's.


Whatever were we thinking? For some reason we assumed that being among the best in our business would also render us experts in the care of our mother/grandmother. After all, we had helped countless families and elderly folks navigate their final years. We understood the challenges of dementia, we found the best caregivers, supported them in their work, helped the families through the rough patches. Who better prepared to care for the most important person in our family? Who indeed???


We learned that no one is adequately prepared for Alzheimer's in his or her own family. At least our clients have US. We only had each other.


We had an amazing caregiver, the best in our company. And we also had 5 adult children, all with their own opinions about the care required for a late stage Alzheimer's person, our mom/grandmother, ...a sister and friend to many...Jean...Mimi.....Mom.

With the benefit of hindsight, and the gift of perspective a year later, as well as the comfort in knowing we did our very best to give our mother/grandmother what she wanted so very much, a peaceful home death, we share with you, our wonderful and supportive readers, the following lessons, hard earned, well intentioned, easily adapted to all of you and your loved ones.


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Allow us to brag a bit!

From Regina and Kelly,

Collage: Brag a Bit

WE HAVE A DOCTOR IN THE FAMILY! Congrats to our beautiful daughter in law/sister in law Marissa Keenan, MD graduated May 28, McGill University Medical School, Montreal. And extra special thanks to our son/brother Scott for his unflagging support, love and  cheer leading that helped Marissa achieve her life time goal!


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Mary Elizabeth Celebrates a Birthday


Happy Birthday
Mary Elizabeth!
with her caregiver Cecilia
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 Nelson Mandela is Dying: Three
 Lessons for You and Your Family

              Reprinted courtesy of Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy     


By typical end-of-life definitions, Nelson Mandela is dying. As this newsletter goes to print, he is in critical condition after a lengthy hospital stay, and has had multiple recent admissions. Those of us in the healthcare professions see this end-of-life equation all of the time: increasing severity of illness and frequency of hospitalizations plus advanced age almost always equals dying.  


President Mandela is a case in point. A case followed closely by the world, but also foreshadowing what may happen with each of us at the end of our own lives. We can all learn the following three lessons from his end-of-life experience.


Lesson One: Recognize the End-of-Life Equation 

On June 9, 2013, South Africa's best-selling weekly newspaper, The Sunday Times, reported that Mandela's long-time friend Andrew Mlangeni publicly stated: "You (Mandela) have been coming to the hospital too many times. You are not well and there is a possibility you might not be well again. He was being a good friend. Often, the only one willing to acknowledge what is really happening is the one who is approaching death himself. The rest of us: friends, family and even doctors, often choose to remain in a state of denial believing that more can be done to change the equation.


Benter's Grandons
Photo top: Benter Okuom's grandsons - Semeon and Mikael

"A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's  


               ~ Oliver Wendall Holmes


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 Preventing Financial Elder Abuse  
  Whether the abuser is an outsider or a family  

             member, here's what to look for  


Elder abuse doesn't always mean physical harm. In its financial form, it's the exploitation of people to gain access to their property, investments, cash, or real estate.


As the recession drags on, some law-enforcement officials and attorneys say they're seeing an up tick in reports of elder fraud committed by strangers, friends and most commonly, by family members.  


Abuse by relatives and "friends" By far the most disturbing abuse is by family members, or "friends". People closest to seniors who seem reliable can turn bad from greed or desperation. They can abuse power of attorney or a joint account to siphon funds.


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Kudos from Kelly


KUDOS from Kelly

By Kelly McNamara



Krystle Sweat 
Krystle has only been with us for a few months but already she has become so invaluable. Our live in caregivers appreciate her ability to be a relief caregiver, which allows them to take much deserved time off. Krystle has a unique ability to quickly learn care of a new client and in short order develop a lovely relationship with that client. This is a wonderful skill to have mastered. Krystle is now sharing a live in job with another caregiver, which allows the regular caregiver to spend more time with her child while her client is in great hands. Krystle is also one of MT's favorite relief caregivers. Since MT is one of our most favorite clients we appreciate the extra efforts she puts into helping her and making her feel special. Thanks Krystle, we are so glad you're aboard!

Thusi Cecilia Dube (Cecelia) 
Cecelia, who is the mother of Pinkie, another of our favorite employees, has been a wonderful caregiver, companion and friend to M E M for several months now. Cecelia has mastered the not always so easy talent of providing her special client with privacy while at the same time making sure she is safe in her beautiful home. M E has made wonderful progress in her ambulation thanks to Cecelia's gentle encouragement to always remember to do her exercises. The two women have developed a lovely bond and the mutual respect they share is obvious to all. Keep up the good work, Cecelia, and thanks for all you do every day!


All caregivers mentioned in this column will receive a gift card and our sincere appreciation! Many many thanks to all of you for once again extending yourselves to ensure that we are of course Always There...!!


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leaf Providers We Love    

We are privileged to have received referrals from and be able to coordinate care with many Assisted Living facilities, rehab facilities, and Medicare Home Care and Hospice agencies. Our growth is in large part due to the trust the staff in these organizations have put in our caregivers. We are likewise impressed with them and we are committed to referring to them on a regular basis


All About You Home Care Services

Naugatuck, East Haven and Torrington

All About You has dedicated professionals, specializing in providing quality home health care. RN's, LPN's, nurse's aides, homemakers, social workers and speech, physical and occupational therapies are all available to meet any needs. They also provide case management to help patients and families navigate the health care system. Medicare and all insurance plans cover their services. They will handle your particular requirements in a professional, confident manner. Every patient and family has unique needs their dedicated personnel can provide families with an individualized care plan reflecting all their health needs. For our clients and friends, high quality physical and occupational therapy and rapid response service on weekends especially are essential elements of a great Medicare home care agency. It is a privilege to be referral partners with All About You Home Care. 


 About Always There Home Care

Always There Home Care provides compassionate, dependable and professional one-on-one care for seniors who need assistance in the comfort of their homes or residential care communities.  Services from highly qualified and trained caregivers range from companionship, meal preparation and incidental transportation to personal care, medication management and RN-directed case management. Available 7 days a week, services range from a few hours a day to 24-hour care.

Always There Home Care understands that every situation is unique and creates individualized care plans to help improve a client's quality of life.

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Our caregivers 


Our caregivers are totally committed, highly qualified and carefully selected individuals who are personally and thoroughly screened, bonded and insured. Most are Certified Nurse Assistants or Home Health Aides. Most importantly our caregivers are dependable and extraordinarily caring of others. In addition to their previous experience, our caregivers receive continuous training that includes dementia, hospice care, home safety, nutrition and other topics related to seniors. These highly qualified and trained caregivers are ready to help you and your loved ones with a variety of daily activities such as:

Personal care   /  Meal planning and preparation

Transportation to doctor appointments and other errands

Caring companionship   /  Light housekeeping

Medication reminders  /   Information and referral services   

Our personalized, nurse- supervised services are available 7 days a week and can range from a few hours a day to 24 hour and live in care.

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For more information or service needs, call 24 hours a day at: 800.348.0485 or visit www.AlwaysThereHomeCare-CT.com.

We are Always There!    
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