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Did you receive your dues notice, sent in February?  We hope you are able to continue to support ALF by paying your dues and making a contribution to support our programs. Contact the ALF office if you did not receive your notice.

Also, please visit the ALF web site ( to make sure your contact information and photo are up-to-date -- the new ALF directory, a benefit of your paid Sr. Fellows' Dues, will be printed in May after Class XVII begins their year.  

2013 ALF-MV
Star Club Members
Star Club Members support ALF-MV with a gift of $1200 or $100/month

Doni Blumenstock, Class I
Roy Brewer, Class IX
Martha Lofgren, Class IX
Parnell Lovelace, Class XV
Dennis Mangers, Class I
Patricia Marquez, Class XV
Kris Martin, Class II

Cyril Shah, Class XII
Tom Stallard, Class VII
Pam Stewart, Class VIII
Stephen Tse, Class VII

2013 ALF-MV  Boosters
ALF Boosters support ALF-MV with a gift of $600 or $50/month

Dawn Angelo, Class XV
Nancy Brodovsky, Class XIV
Linda Clifford, Class VI 
Lina Fat, Class III 
Ed Glavis, Class VI
Larry Greene, Class XV
Jose Hermocillo, Class III

William Ishmael, Class XII
Bill Kennedy, Class IX

Laura Mason-Smith, Class III
Ed Phillips, Class V
Randy Reynoso, Class V

Babs Sandeen, Class XII
Terry Street, Class XV
Fred Teichert, Class III
Carlos Urrutia, Class IX
Larry Vanderhoef, Class XIV

Upcoming Events

April 11, 4:30 pm
ALF Eagles Nine & Dine @ Granite Bay Golf Club

April 23, 6-9 pm
Table of Eight Instant Book Club: "Quiet"
Mulvaney's B&L Restaurant
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May 22, 5-7 pm
Class XVII Welcome Reception

July 28-30
Sr. Fellows' Taking Stock Retreat, Westerbeke Ranch


Dear ,

BonnieA little warning upfront -- we've got a lot to say this month, so this is an information-packed issue!  Feel free to click to specific articles using the links in the box to the left, and return to the top by using the links at the bottom of each article.  We hope that makes it easier to find the information you want.

We're excited about this year's Exemplary Leader Awards Dinner honoring two giants in the education field and in support of regional arts -- Larry Vanderhoef and Brice Harris.  The dinner planning committee is forming and we hope to have an announcement soon about the event date, planned for the fall.

In addition, we have a few new concepts beginning to take shape for 2013 that we hope you'll also find exciting: The ALF-MVC Cohort program and New Leader Welcome Receptions. 

ALF-MVC Cohorts are conceived to be groups of 10-12 Senior Fellows spanning several classes who will participate in a year-long program together.  Cohorts will meet for a few hours a day, once a month or bi-monthly, for one year at a time.  The purpose of the Senior Fellows Cohort Program is to:
  • Provide an opportunity to be connected with others who care deeply about pursuing a purpose-driven life and who share the ALF values and the experience of uniting, strengthening, and serving.
  • Set aside time and a supportive space for each participant's own reflection and authenticity.
  • Experience a safe and comfortable environment to be able to share challenges and opportunities and both give and receive supportive coaching and feedback.
  • Explore what each Fellow has learned through his/her life experiences and continue to grow and learn from one another.
  • Create a forum for ALF Senior Fellows to meaningfully connect with other Fellows beyond their individual classes.
Additionally, we conceive New Leader Welcome Receptions as an opportunity to introduce you to new leaders to the area, while also connecting new leadership to the ALF network and introducing them to the ALF program. We are still working on the overall plan for these events, potentially held four times a year, but hope you will find them valuable. Keep a lookout for more information to follow soon.


As always, we welcome you to get in touch if our staff or I can be of service to you.  I hope to see you at one of our upcoming activities!
Bonnie's signature
Bonnie Ferreira

A New ALF-MVC Year

Gary Strong Gary Strong, Class XI

March is only half over and it has already been chock full of action.  At the beginning of the month we had our Sr. Fellows Retreat in Napa.  About a dozen presenters thoroughly engaged the assembled group on topics ranging from youth development to "The Next Ecomony."  On the second day we had a chance to hear from Jeff Golden who has just completed a book on the ALF experience.  Several of our local chapter's Senior Fellows are profiled in the book that will be released this summer.  I hate to say it, but I had never attended a "table of eight" before, but that was the format that we used for dinner during the retreat, and I am now definitely a fan of the concept.  I ended up at a table of people none of whom I really knew well.  The conversation was riveting (maybe the wine helped)!  

The following week our chapter celebrated the graduation of Class XVI.  I always love the energy and excitement of a new class transitioning to the next phase in their ALF journey.  It is likewise rewarding to see so many Senior Fellows that always come out to welcome the latest group.  All in all a great month in March, and I can't wait to see what April has to bring.

Thanks to all for their efforts on these two great events.  Before you know it we'll be welcoming Class XVII!

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ELDLarry Vanderhoef & Brice Harris Named Exemplary Leaders

Celebrate their enormous contributions to education and the region's arts at ALF's annual dinner this fall

EL Award The ALF-MVC Board of Directors is proud to announce the winners of the 2014 Exemplary Leader Awards: Larry Vanderhoef, UC Davis Chancellor Emeritus, and Brice Harris, Chancellor of California Community Colleges.

Brice Harris has spent much of his career working to improve student success and access at community colleges. While chancellor at Los Rios  Community College District, he was instrumental in leading initiatives that improved student success. He also led the charge to expand access for thousands of students by overseeing the establishment of the district's fourth college, Folsom Lake, and developing educational centers in Davis, Elk Grove, Natomas, Rancho Cordova and West Sacramento.

Michael Ziegler nominated Harris for this award, saying, "Brice is a visionary and deeply cares about the educational mission of the California Community Colleges. He is passionate about these colleges and the students in particular. Despite challenging times, he was able to give remarkable leadership to the Los Rios district for many years."

As an active member of the greater Sacramento business community, Harris chaired the Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization (SACTO) and was the first educator to serve as president of the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. He also served as chairman of the board of the Northern California World Trade Center.  He continues to be active in the arts, having served on the board of the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, as board president of the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra, and a board member of the Kansas City Museum.

Larry N. Vanderhoef, a Class XIV Sr. Fellow, was one of the nation's longest-serving university leaders as he served as UC Davis' chancellor for 15 years. In his inauguration speech in 1994 he announced that we would build a center for the performing arts. The Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts opened in 2002. It was the beginning of the transformation of UC Davis into the highly ranked university that it is today. The south entrance to the campus was developed, including Gallagher Hall (the Graduate School of Management), the Conference Center, the Hyatt Hotel, the Robert Mondavi Institute (Food Science and Technology, Viticulture & Enology), and the vineyard that graces the view upon first entrance to the campus. And so much more: A re-creation of the School of Veterinary Medicine, several academic buildings, and perhaps most dramatic of all, the transformation of the relatively small former county hospital in Sacramento into the prestigious UC Davis Academic Medical Center we know today.

"Larry is a quiet, introspective person, but he was always willing to do what must be done to lift UC Davis," says Tom Stallard (VII), a nominator for the award. "It was his leadership that got the Mondavi Center built, now a cultural icon of our region. And despite the fact that the main campus is in Davis, Larry literally built the medical center from the ground up in another county."

We invite the regional community to celebrate the accomplishments of these two men at the annual ALF dinner this fall.  Stay tuned for more information!



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Committees Set Priorities for the New Year
Fellowship Committee 

Susan Frazier The Fellowship Committee, chaired by Class VI's Susan Frazier, continues to develop ideas around what more can be done to foster and maintain connections between the members of ALF-MVC.

New activities for the year include:
  • We will start the instant book club right away with Larry Green (XV) kicking off the first one with the book "Quiet."  A more formal announcement will be made about this and a Table of Eight to discuss the book;
  • We find that many ALFers are not as up-to-date as they'd like to be with social media.  We will schedule a social media training training to help you get started;
  • The cohort program, whose framework has been developed by Laura Mason Smith (III), and has been introduced to you in Bonnie article above, hopes to kick into gear this summer; 
  • In an effort to cross class boundaries, the Class-to-Class Reconnect program will begin with a pilot with getting two classes together and leveraging the Class Stewards to help us plan. 
In the meantime, we invite you to join the committee to help us plan (we meet every second Monday at 3 pm).

AND, be sure to get the summer Taking Stock Retreat on your calendar for July 28-30 at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma.  Where the traditional fall retreat has been recast as an early spring regional issues retreat, the Taking Stock Retreat focuses more on the inner self and how we individuals find change within to affect the change around us.  More info will follow very soon.

Community Leadership Committee
Scott Syphax As the lead planners of the Sr. Fellows' Regional Retreat on March 3-4 in Napa, the committee, chaired by Scott Syphax (VIII), produced a very engaging Regional Retreat that looked at several issues and identified tipping points, challenges, and successes and how they might apply to other initiatives in which our Fellows are involved.

A big thanks to Susan Frazier (VI) & Dennis Mangers (I), Bill Mueller (XII) & Martha Lofgren (IX), and Jay Schenirer (VI) for sharing information about current change initiatives Give Local Now, Next Economy, and Way-Up Sacramento, respectively.

The committee continues to develop content for the once-a-month collaboration with KVIE and Scott Syphax for Studio Sacramento.  Do you have a topic suggestion?  Email the ALF office to let us know.

Other new ideas are bubbling to the surface to further engage the ALF Fellows in the activities of the region, with potential forums and the aforementioned new leader welcome receptions on the horizon. 



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ALF Affinity Groups Plan Active 2013

Join (or start!) an affinity group to connect with ALF members around a common interest

ALF Affinity Groups are self-started, self-administered groups of ALF Fellows who come together around a particular common interest or topic.  Interested in beginning another group?  Contact the ALF office
for assistance in getting started.

Susan Frazier (VI) leads this group in mostly-monthly meetings, sometimes gathering for an activity, a workshop, or a meal, but mostly just conversation and a lot of laughs.  Contact Susan to get on her email list for future meeting notices. 

Michele McCormick (XI) chairs this group of ALF golfers.  Events rotate around gold clubs in the region and can be 18 holes or "Nine & Dine" with spouses/partners invited.  First event of 2013 will be a Nine & Dine at Granite Bay Golf Club on April 11th, starting at 4:30 pm, with casual dining together afterward. Interested?  Contact Michele to sign up or Scot in the ALF office to be added to the email contact list for the group.

QuietTable of Eight Instant Book Club: "Quiet"

Tables of Eight go topical

Quiet Here's a new twist on the Table of Eight format -- the instant book club!  The first installment is being led by Larry Greene, Class XV. "Let's read a book and talk about it...quietly!"

The first book in this new Table of Eight concept is the best seller by Susan Cain, "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking."

Dinner will be at at Mulvaney's B&L 6-8pm on April 23rd in the "snug" room.  If you want to read the book, or have already read the book and want to talk about it, reserve your spot at the dinner. Remember, everyone pays for their own meal.

Our world prizes extroverts -- but Susan Cain makes a case for the quiet and contemplative in a great Ted Talk: In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.


Class XVI Celebrated at Commencement Dinner

Class XVI lays most current claim to "best class ever"

xvi grad dinner Class XVI discovered that several of their members would miss their schedule Commencement Dinner in April.  Their response?  "Let's just move the dinner up to March when we can all make it!"  How unlike an ALF class to reorganize the program....

Ninety people gathered at the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento to celebrate the new class of Sr. Fellows, with only a few arguments breaking out about who really IS the best class ever. 

Tim Murphy produced a slide show of their Wilderness Experience, he, Christopher Johnson, and Susie Davies presented quotes from their classmates about their experience together, and Kevin Ferreira played guitar and sang a song about his and his class' time on the mountain.

Did we mention that Stephen Tse (VII) snapped a picture or two (or 251)?  Well, he did.  Check 'em out.



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ALF Regional Retreat Informs, Inspires, ROCKS!

ALF Board creates council to help connect ALFers to the activities of the organization

SchenirerALF members gathered at the Napa River Inn on March 3 & 4 for a 24-hour program designed to inform them about creating change in the region, using case studies of three active initiatives -- Next Economy, Give Local Now, and Way Up Sacramento -- to illustrate the challenges and successes each have found.

The retreat kicked-off with Bill Mueller (XII) presenting the "Eight Mechanisms of Change" as the frame to view the case studies.  Many thanks go to Martha Lofgren (IX), Susan Frazier (VI), Dennis Mangers (I), and Jay Schenirer (VI) for providing a look into the different initiatives and spurring spirited conversation about what it takes to create change in the region.

SilosSunday evening ROCKED!  After separating into six "Tables of Eight" at different restaurants in the area, everyone returned to Silo's, the nightclub next to the Napa River Inn, and danced their socks off to Frankie and the Fabletones, featuring our own Sergei Shkurkin (III) (ask Sergei about socks in the Wilderness sometime).

After a Tom Stallard-led (VII) walk Sunday morning, participants heard from Jeff Golden, and ALF-Oregon Sr. Fellow who is just putting the finishing touches on a book about leadership inspired and informed by Walkersthe ALF experience and featuring several stories from our own Sr. Fellows (to be published this summer).

"Reinforcing relationships and creating new ones, sharing stories, and learning new things are three ingredients to a good retreat and we had those," said Class III's Joe Coomes.  "And Sergei's high-energy music is always something to look forward to. For me, the time was well spent." 
We hope you'll join us next year! 



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Two More Encore Fellow Matches

The Encore Program leverages the experience of executives to improve local nonprofits

The Encore Fellows Program continues to help build capacity in our nonprofits. This month, two more Encore Fellows have been matched! One Fellow started her fellowship with Bob Herne's (Class XVII) Sierra Forever Families (SFF) and will assist with attaining national accreditation. The other Fellow has been matched with the Coalition for Compassionate Care of California (CCCC) and will develop a strategy to enhance health information exchange efforts.

It is not too late to apply to be an Encore Fellow or to be a Work Host. Please visit our website ( to apply, or for questions about the program, please contact Karen at the ALF office,


Class XVII Membership is Close to Completion
Participants begin their class year in May, 2013 

class XVII logoWith the new class about to begin their year together in May, the final pieces of the class puzzle are coming together.  Thanks to everyone who nominated and participated in the selection process chaired this year by Babs Sandeen, Class XII.

Sixteen more leaders have recently decided to joined Class XVII:
  • Meg Arnold, Executive Director, SARTA
  • Joe Barr, Director of News and Information, Capital Public Radio
  • Lynne Cannady, Senior Consultant, LPC Consulting
  • Terri Daly, CAO, County of El Dorado
  • Gordon Fowler, President & CEO, 3Fold Communications
  • Pamela Haynes, Trustee, Los Rios Community College District
  • Bob Herne, Executive Director, Sierra Forever Families
  • Rev. Kevin Kitrell Ross, Minister, Unity of Sacramento
  • Scott Myers, SVP, Region Manager, Wells Fargo
  • Debra Oto-Kent, Executive Director, Health Education
  • Tina Roberts, Co-Director, Roberts Family Development Center
  • Richard Robinson, Public Affairs Director - North Valley, Kaiser Permanente
  • Mahmud Sharif, Owner, Sharif Jewelers
  • Renee Taylor, President & CEO, Northern California Trade Center
  • Kara Ueda, Attorney, Best Best Kreiger, LLP
  • Robert Van Tuyle, CFO, BloodSource
They join the following Class XVII members previously announced:
  • Naaz Alikhan, Principal, Williams + Paddon Architects
  • Lorcan Barnes, President, Christian Brothers High School
  • Terry Harvego, Owner, Firehouse Restaurant
  • Julie Hirota, CEO, Blue Line Gallery
  • Vikram Janardhan, CEO, Insera Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Tony Lopez, Vice President of Operations, PRIDE Industries
  • Jeremy Meyers, Deputy Superintendent, El Dorado County Office of Education
  • Aldo Pineschi, Consultant, Aldo Pineschi Consulting 
  • Scott Shapiro, Partner, Downey Brand
Keep an eye out in future newsletters for more confirmations as they come in, and, if you run across any of our new class members, make sure to give them a big ALF welcome.  And be sure to set aside Wednesday, May 22, 5:30 - 7:30 pm for a welcome reception in their honor!

If you have ideas for potential ALF Fellows, nominations are accepted year-round through the nomination form on the ALF web site.  Nominations are kept in the database for up to three years.

ALFers on the Move/Checking In

Keeping up with the activities of ALF members.  Have news to share? Email  

Class II
Mike Ziegler's PRIDE Industries has been making headlines for its continued growth and the employment opportunities it creates for people with disabilities. Capital Public Radio visited - twice. First, highlighting the growth of med and bio tech industry in the region and PRIDE's phenomenal +77% growth from 2010-2012 in the Electronics Services Division supporting local tech companies. A second visit featured our own Jackie Armstrong and her journey to independence, captured in a multi-part documentary entitled "Autism Grows Up". You can listen to it here.

Class IV  
Jim Crouch, Executive Director of the California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc. (CRIHB) since 1987, has officially announced his retirement.  Under his management, the CRIHB organizational budget has grown from $8.3 million to $39.4 million and from a central office staff of 12 to almost 100 staff.  Jim will remain at CRIHB until January 4, 2014, serving the last six-months of this year as the technical advisor for the new Executive Director with the title of CRIHB Senior Advisor.

Class V 
Ken Larson will be teaching a class at UCDavis Graduate School of Management in the Spring quarter: Topics in Social Entrepreneurship.  The class looks at how social entrepreneurs in and out of companies take a great idea for social good and develop the support and structure to implement it.  We'll look at successes and failures, focusing on the keys to success.  Several Senior Fellows will make guest appearances as speakers: Gail Johnson Vaughn, Bill Mueller, and Julia Burrows.  Email Ken if you'd like to see the syllabus for more about the topic.       



Class VI  
hikeSteve Weiss has been re-appointed to the Capital Public Radio Board of Directors.  Weiss previously served as the Board's Vice-Chair. Capital Public Radio, licensed to Sacramento State, is the region's national public radio station, operating KXJZ and KXPR.

Class VII 
Class buddies David Hosley and Tom Stallard (right) got together for a hike of the Berryessa Gap in February.    

Stephen Tse
organized a class dim sum lunch to celebrate the Chinese New Year (below), attended by ten class members and four guests. Standing: Stephen Tse, Tom Stallard, Bill Camp, Bob Waste, Teri Munger, Dina Hidalgo, Trish Stanionis. Seated:  Marty Tuttle, Matt Kelly (XI), Genevieve Shiroma, Gary Strong (XI), Bonnie Ferreira (XII), Scot Siden (IX), Allen Warren.

Class VII new year 

Class VIII

Pam Stewart has been selected as Chair of the University Foundation at Sacramento State.  She reports being very excited about serving the University in this capacity alongside Fred Teichert (III), Sonney Chong (II), and Alice Perez (VI) on the  Board.

Scott Syphax is the Valley Vision board chair for 2013, serving alongside other ALF members Martha Lofgren (IX), James Beckwith (XIII), Jose Hermocillo (III), and Joanna Wessman (XII) on the executive board.

Class X
Linda Cutler has joined the Sacramento Region Community Foundation as CEO, following the departure of Ruth Blank (XI), who has served in that role for 8+ years is retiring to pursue her passion of writing a novel.

Class XI
Camp Pollock-Now Open Every Day! This new 11-acre acquisition of the Sacramento Valley Conservancy (Aimee Rutledge) and the State Lands Commission is located North of Downtown Sacramento, west of Hwy 160 and is open dawn to dusk for day access and for youth group camping every day. Click here for more information and to make reservations for lodge and camping use.  Want to pitch in to help transform the space into something amazing and unique?  Aimee invites you to join other like-minded people to help upgrade and expand camping areas, assemble a court yard with an interpretive native plant garden, build benches, construct picnic tables, paint to help spruce up benches, parking area and entrance, and create a trail in front of Lodge for public access. Saturday Service days will continue every week, 9 am to 1 pm, until further notice.

Class XII
Paul Curtis has been hired as the Executive Director of the California Coalition for Youth, a statewide organization that represents numerous non-profits focusing on services for youth and young adults ages 12-24, does a lot of advocacy and policy work at the Capital, and also runs the Calif. Youth Crisis Line that fields about 20,000 calls a year.  He started March 11th.

Merle Serlin was recently awarded a Public Art Commission from the County of Los Angeles.  Right now she's in the very preliminary stage of design; installation will be in the summer of 2014. 

Class XIII
Wendy Hill is thrilled to be a member of the cast of Sacramento's community production of "The Vagina Monologues," a benefit performance to increase awareness and raise money to end violence against women and girls, Friday, April 26th (tickets), and Saturday, April 27th (tickets). Since 2011, V-Day Sacramento has raised over $31,000, of which 90% of the proceeds went directly to local organizations that work to end violence, and the remaining 10% went to the annual V-Day Spotlight Campaigns.  This year's beneficiaries are Tubman House and C.A.S.H. The remaining 10% will go to the 2013 Spotlight Campaign, One Billion Rising (OBR), a global protest against violence.

Class XIV
Nancy Bui-Thompson was elected to the United Way California Capital Region's board of directors. Nancy is a former technology consultant with Accenture and Deloitte and served as the 2012 board president for the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District.

Class XV
Dawn Angelo (formerly Lindblom), will leave our area to become the CEO of the Northwest Washington region of the American Red Cross in Seattle.  Her last day with the Sacramento Capitol Region office was March 22nd.



Class XVI

Alisa Okelo-Odongo has joined the board of directors of the Center for Fathers and Families, Rick Jennings' (II) organization. 



Founding Board

Wes Doak has been voted on to the CSUS Library Advisory Board. He'll be working on automation and membership promotion. Anyone care to join? Call Wes at 612-3242  




ALF Network Use Policy

Balancing member services and ALF communications

network As our chapter has grown, so has the need to communicate between members.  In the early days of email and the internet, that communication was primarily a function supported by the small cadre of Sr. Fellows at that time.  Now, with sixteen classes and approaching 400 Sr. Fellows, the ALF Board has rewritten the policy for the use of the ALF electronic network.  The policy attempts to strike a balance between keeping our members informed of conversations and events in the community and official ALF business.  In essence, the ALF listserv is reserved for ALF business, while members can submit their activities for listing in this newsletter and can post on our Facebook page.  Please review this policy, which can be found on the ALF web site.


calendarALF Eagles Nine & Dine
Thursday, April 11, 4:30 pm
Granite Bay Golf Club
Hit the links, then enjoy dinner with spouses/partners.  Contact Michele McCormick to reserve your spot.

Table of Eight Instant Book Club: "Quiet"
Tuesday, April 23
Mulvaney's B&L
Read the book and come enjoy dinner and conversation about it.  RSVP

Class XVII Welcome Reception
Wednesday, May 22
Welcome the new class at a reception in their honor.

Sr. Fellows Taking Stock Retreat 
July 28-30 
Join together at Westerbeke Lodge in Sonoma for a few days of ALF contemplation and reflection in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Community Events
Submit your community events to for listing here in future newsletter editions.

KVIE Online Auction
LAST DAY! (March 25th )
Open to anyone who wants to bid and support KVIE Channel 6 (David Lowe, XIII).

Kiva, Philanthropy and Microfinancing: Julie Hanna, Kiva Board Chair
Thursday, April 4, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Plumpjack Squaw Valley Inn
Julie Hanna, board chair of Kiva, a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty, will discuss micro-lending and crowd-funding.  Ken Larson (V), has been involved with the Sierra Business Council, who is promoting this event.  Tickets

Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Conference
Saturday, April 13, 9 am - 4 pm
UC Davis, Freeborn Hall 
The 13th annual conference, presented by the Hispanic Empowerment Association of Roseville, offers 40 career educational pathway workshops, live entertainment, and recruiters from Sac State, UC Davis, and private schools.  Contact Class X's Rene Aguilera 916-532-5998,

Yolo County Celebrity Fashion Show
April 26, 6 pm
West Sacramento City Hall
Benefiting Yolo County Children's Alliance & Child Abuse Prevention Council, please join us for the 4th Annual Fashion Show celebrating local "celebrities" (such as ALFers Pat Blacklock (XV), Babs Sandeen (XII), Mike McGowan (IV), Oscar Villegas (XII), Christopher Cabaldon (VII) & possibly a few others!), clothing stores, food, and wine. Tickets are $45 per person.

Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Fun Run
April 28, 2013
UC Davis Arboretum
The Yolo County Children's Alliance and Child Abuse Prevention Council (Katie Villegas, XV) is hosting its 4th Annual Child Abuse Prevention 5K Fun Run & Walk in and around the UC Davis Arboretum. Entry fees are $25 adults and $10 for youth under 18.

Go Red for Women Luncheon
Friday, May 3, Noon
Red Lion Woodlake Hotel (formerly the Radisson Hotel)
Join several ALFers in the 2013 American Heart Association's Go Red for Women campaign to increase awareness of heart disease, the leading cause of death for women. Those serving on the Go Red Executive Leadership Committee include Garry Maisel (IX), Kathy McKim (XII), Kate Stille (XIV), Nancy Brodovsky (XIV), Chris Delfino (XIV), and Becky Johnson (XV).  The Committee is seeking support for this event. Please contact one of them of go here for details.

Passport to World Arts
May 18, 6:30-9 pm
Sacramento State Alumni Center
An event to support the Sacramento World Music & Dance Festival, enjoy a feast of sights, sounds, and tastes from around the world with enteratinment, food, wine, live music, and silent and live auctions.  ALFers involved: Lina Fat (III), Liz McClatchy (III), Karen Nelson (XVI). Tickets:

Tree Hero Awards Celebration
Wednesday, May 22, 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
California Farm Bureau's Heritage Oak Grove
Refreshments, Dinner, Music, and Auction, all celebrating Sacramento's tree heroes and benefitting the Sacramento Tree Foundation. ALFers involved: William Ishmael (XII), Bob Waste (VII), Ami Bera (VII), John Webre (VII), and Della Gilleran (XIV). Check the foundation's web site for ticket information coming soon:

Sacramento Valley Conservancy's 1st Annual Summer Sunset "Glamp*-Out" (*Glamping=glamorous/luxury camping)
June 6 from 5:30 until long after the stars come out
Camp Pollock, Sacramento
Join us for a fun evening of star gazing, tasty glamping fare, and great company. Proceeds support the Conservancy's efforts to provide youth camping and outdoor classrooms, preserve beautiful oak woodlands, rare wetlands, local working farms and ranches, homes for wildlife, trails for hiking, and native plant restoration. $50; Make check payable to Sacramento Valley Conservancy and mail to P.O. Box 163351, Sacramento, CA  95816 or visit the website and indicate "glamp-out" in the tribute line for an easy, secure credit card donation. Bob Slobe (XI), Babs Sandeen (XII), and Aimee Rutledge (XI) are on event the planning committee.