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RAGBRAI Charters

Shuttleguy is now offering six charters for RAGBRAI 2014!


- Chicago Charter Roundtrip:
Leaves Chicago on July 19th to Rock Valley, returns from Guttenburg to Chicago on July 26th


- Dodgeville Charter Roundtrip:
Leaves Dodgeville on July 19th to Rock Valley, returns from Guttenburg to Dodgeville on July 26th 
- Minneapolis Charter Roundtrip:
Leaves Minneapolis on July 19th to Rock Valley, returns from Guttenburg to Minneapolis on July 26th


- End Town Charter:
Leaves Guttenburg on July 19th to Rock Valley


- Chicago to Rock Valley One Way:
Leaves Chicago to Rock Valley on July 19th


- Guttenburg to Chicago One Way:
Leaves Guttenburg on July 26th to Chicago

(BREW 2013)

Shuttleguy is offering two tours this year that focus on southwestern Wisconsin scenery, breweries, wineries, and cheese.

BREW (Bicycle Ride Exploring Wisconsin) is a 5 day tour that features a local microbrewery each evening.

Wine & Cheese is a 5 day tour that features a local winery each evening.

Both tour registration prices include:
- brewery/winery tours
- brewery/winery tastings
- dinners
- additional tastings back at camp
- economy tent service
- fresh towel set each morning
- luggage transportation
- SAG support
- chair service
*Economy tent service is included in the tour price!*

To read more about the Wine & Cheese Tour, click here.

To read more about the BREW Tour, click here.


Featured Tour:


Each year, Shuttleguy supports several tours throughout the season, and Oklahoma Freewheel is one of the wonderful tours that Shuttleguy serves.


OKFW 2014 Route:


-Comanche -> TX Border (6/7)

-Comanche -> Marietta (6/8)

-Marietta -> Tishomingo (6/9)

-Tishomingo -> Pauls Valley (6/10)

-Pauls Valley -> McLoud (6/11)

-McLoud -> Stillwater (6/12)

-Stillwater -> Tonkawa (6/13)

-Tonkawa -> Caldwell, KS (6/14)


We had the exciting chance to speak with Oklahoma Freewheel's Director Joy Hancock, and here's what she let us know...


(Click on the image to view the website and learn more)


Q: What makes Oklahoma Freewheel unique?

A: It is the only cross-state bicycle tour in the state of Oklahoma, and one of the longest running tours out there - 2014 will be the 36th year! The host communities also contribute to the unique quality of OKFW by showcasing all the off-the-beaten path highlights that Oklahoma has to offer.


Q: What about the 2014 route is special?

A: This year OKFW is going through the Chickasaw nation, so be prepared to see a lot of cool historical sites.  Tishomingo (June 9 overnight) is the capital of the Chickasaw nation. OKFW will also be in catfish and noodling (hand fishing) country and we hope to showcase this as well.


Q: What makes Freewheel enjoyable?

A: Freewheel has a really interesting route, excellent SAG support and route marking, and most importantly the intimate atmosphere and friendships that form during the course of the ride.  Participants get personal care, attention, and support-more than 75% of those who are Freewheel first-timers come back for repeat rides.


Q: What is great about the towns OKFW will feature this year?

A: Pauls Valley is home to the "Okie Noodling Festival" and there will be catfish and (hopefully) noodling (aka hand fishing) demonstrations. McLoud has never hosted us before.  They put on a huge blackberry festival every year and will treat us to that experience. Stillwater is the location of Speedwheel, the criterium races that take place during the week of Freewheel.  It is also the location of Oklahoma State University and the OSU cycling club has been instrumental in hosting us.


Q: What's new to Freewheel this year?

A: This year there will be portajohns at all of our official fruit stops.  We have a new shower truck from Pork Belly Ventures that will be air conditioned and cleaned on the hour.  Additionally, one of our corporate sponsors, Superior Linen, is donating towels for use each day during showers.  Finally, we will have a cell phone and electronic device charging station (provided by Pork Belly Ventures) that will hold up to 800 devices.  Charging will be free to all participants, and if you want to securely stow your device while it charges you need to bring your own small padlock. 


Q: What sets Freewheel apart? What do people love about it?

A: The service and personal care you get for the price you pay is the best out there.  Our fun, intimate atmosphere makes anyone and everyone welcome. Riders love the adventure, the friendships, the host communities, everything!


Thanks Joy! Interested in Oklahoma Freewheel? Learn more at the website here.


Shuttleguy News
We are busy getting ready for a great 2014 touring season. If you have purchased an order from us, sent in a waiver, or are waiting to hear if we've received your materials, we are quickly working to process your information and materials.


Within the next few weeks you will be receiving more information as the touring season approaches, and updates from us about your materials!


Bicycling Information Updates
Platteville is a Wisconsin community located close to Shuttleguy headquarters and they need bicyclists like you to take action and help build more trails for bicyclists like you.
Shuttleguy has always advocated for bicycling changes in communities to support, encourage, and make bicycling safer. This is an opportunity for that to happen to a community near us.
"Momentum Bikes works closely with the non-profit organization Platteville Human Powered Trails (PHPT) to expand pedestrian and biking trails in our community.
For more information on PHPT (Platteville Human Powered Trails), visit the website at
Your signature is a powerful tool. We encourage you to use it! Sign the petition here."



Links of the Month
Each month we'll be passing on a few useful links that we think you might enjoy or find useful. compiled this awesome list of 40 useful bike gadgets, and we think you'll really enjoy them!


Firebox must have had our BREW Tour in mind!
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