Hope the weather is turning towards Spring for you. If you haven't been able to yet, hopefully a ride is in your near future!
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Wine & Cheese Tour

Be part of the first ever Wine & Cheese Tour!
Shuttleguy's own tour, the Wine & Cheese Tour, is a new wine bike tour of Wisconsin's regional award-winning wineries, and tasting of America's Dairyland specialty cheeses.
Averaging 50 miles a day through picturesque Wisconsin, you'll be able to explore the Wisconsin Dells area and beautiful state parks, eat delicious dinners, and enjoy 5 days of moderate to challenging terrain.


Shuttleguy's Wine & Cheese Tour will visit and tour excellent wineries like Botham Vineyards & Winery, Wollersheim Winery, and Fawn Creek Winery.

Spend each day touring the intimate charm of small towns and the beautiful scenery of each state park and Wisconsin road, and then relax and wind down each evening with a glass-or several-of regionally-acclaimed wine.
This tour provides a staff that will pay close attention to each rider, with an approximate 4 to 1 rider to staff ratio. Enjoy the ultimate comfort of the Shuttleguy staff taking care of you while you ride, relax, repeat, and then enjoy more wine!
*Economy tent service is included in the tour price!*

To read more about the Wine Tour, click here.


Featured Tour:


Each year, Shuttleguy supports several tours throughout the season, and the Bicycle Tour of Colorado is one of the wonderful tours that Shuttleguy serves.


BTC 2014 Route:






-Pagosa Springs (for 2 days)




Ouray, CO is one of the most beautiful cities in Colorado, with stunning scenery and unique local attractions like a sulfur-free hot springs! If you join Shuttleguy on BTC 2014, you could experience the magic that is Ouray!


(Click on the image to learn more about the city)


To get more information on the 2014 Bicycle Tour of Colorado, click here


Shuttleguy News
Stop by and say "Hi" to Shuttleguy at the 2014 Wheel & Sprocket Expo in West Allis, WI!
For more information on this event, visit the website by clicking here.
TRAINING TIPS: Getting Up That Hill
"Learning to Love Hills" is an article by Elly Blue giving various tips and advice about how to climb a hill on the bicycle. Her tips are especially helpful for those planning to join Shuttleguy for the BREW Tour or Wine & Cheese WI Tour.


Blue advises, "as you ease into a hill, you want to get into gear slow but steady. Shift to an easy gear too quickly and your legs will spin, costing you valuable momentum. Shift to the optimal gear too slowly and you'll have to shift too much all at once. As shifting becomes muscle memory, you'll find yourself getting into a rhythm with it.
The only way to learn is by doing it..."
You know what that means-riding plenty of Shuttleguy operated tours, like BREW and Wine & Cheese WI, which are abundant with hills through the driftless area!
To read more of Blue's article, visit and read here.




Links of the Month
Each month we'll be passing on a few useful links that we think you might enjoy or find useful.


Global Cycling Network is a great resource for any bicyclist. There are many videos touching on all aspects of bicycling, and it's certainly worth investigating!
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