Hopefully the weather has been kind enough to let you get one or two more rides in before it gets unseasonable!
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How to Register for RAGBRAI:

As many of you are aware, RAGBRAI registration begins November 15, 2013. Registration for this event is unique, and involves a few steps. While you are able to register as an individual, we recommend that you use the following process:

1. On November 15th, go to the RAGBRAI register page: 


2. There will be an option to either
    A). Register as an individual
    B). Register as part of a group


3. Register as part of a group (Shuttleguy)

     Due to the lottery style system of RAGBRAI, we encourage you to register as part of a group because if one individual from the group is selected to go, then the entire group is chosen to participate in RAGBRAI. Registering as part of the Shuttleguy group will increase your chances significantly. 


4. After registering for RAGBRAI, return to theDomestique Tours website and register with us by selecting which RAGBRAI package you'd like.

      To do this, click  here


Remember, registering for RAGBRAI does NOT register you with Domestique Tours by Shuttleguy, and vice versa. You must register with both RAGBRAI AND Domestique Tours by Shuttleguy.


For those of you who follow the Domestique Tours Facebook page, here, Iowa County has proposed a new ordinance which could be the end of organized rides such as motorcycle rides, Dairyland Dare, and BREW!


Information about the initial proposal can be read here.


However, thanks to significant community action, and input from the awesome Domestique Tours riders, the ordinance has received opposition. Over 250 emails were sent, letting Iowa County know that this would equal "economic hardship" and "the committee heard a resounding message - do not pass this ordinance."


The ordinance has been deferred to a subcommittee which will discuss further. Updates will be posted to the Domestique Tours Facebook page (Shuttleguy).


Owner of Domestique Tours, Tym Allison, has been asked to be on the subcommittee and provide input.


To read the update, click here.



Featured Business: Wisconsin Brewing Company
Speaking of BREW, there's a new Brewery opening in Wisconsin on Friday, November 1, 2013!




Located in Verona, WI, President Carl Nolen notes, "I have been in the beer industry for over 33 years and I am committed to seeing Wisconsin Brewing Company achieve its fullest potential as we honor the tradition of Wisconsin's brewing heritage while meeting the demands of the growing craft beer market segment."


Kirby Nelson, the Brewmaster of Wisconsin Brewing Company spoke about his love of brewing after viewing a brewery in Cold Spring, Minnesota: "when I walked in, it was love at first sight... what a beautiful, functional and efficient work of art!" and continued on, "Gang, we're gonna have a Brewery that sets standards and I cannot wait until I get to fire up the kettles and begin to brew."


We're just as excited about this new business, and potential stop for a BREW 2014 route!


View their website here



Links of the Month
Each month we'll be passing on a few useful links that we think you might enjoy or find useful.


Check out this awesome NIKE ad with Lebron James that features bicycling!


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