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September, 2013

As summer begins to draw to a close, we hope you're getting in some great rides and enjoying the sunshine!

What's New?

Shuttleguy Undergoes Transformation!

We are very excited to announce that as of September 1st, 2013, Shuttleguy will complete a company transformation! Now named Domestique Tours by Shuttleguy, our new website has been streamlined and reformed to provide a cleaner and clearer image of all that we have to offer you. The new website can be seen here, or visit us at
For all future inquiries, information, and all things related to Shuttleguy, check out our new website, and remember to Ride, Relax, Repeat!
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As valued customers, we appreciate your feedback and opinion above all else. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions about our new website or name, please e-mail us! We also appreciate and value any comments about our services overall.

Staff Update
For those of you who've been with us from the start, you may remember Megan because she was Shuttleguy's very first employee. Unfortunately, as time has gone on, she's moved on to bigger and better things in the world, but we wanted to share with all of you how she's doing and what's she's up to these days. Below, she's written about where she currently is in life:
megan l
 (Megan in purple, 2nd from left)

"It's hard to believe it has been seven years since I started as part of the Shuttleguy team.  Every summer since 2006 has involved at the very least a visit to the Shuttleguy 'tent city,' and at the very most, months of office work, tour planning, equipment checks and vehicle maintenance. It took me a few years, but I finally experienced a day on a bike on RAGBRAI this year, going from Perry to Des Moines, 49.9 miles. I finally understand why people spend their hard earned vacation time and retirements riding crazy miles at ridiculously early hours-it is a BLAST!


RAGBRAI 2013 was the perfect end to a very tedious and stressful summer studying for my first medical board exam (I recently received my passing score-wahoo!). Even though I have spent the last two years attending Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine, I hadn't yet been able to fully experience the scenic corn and grain elevators of Iowa. Many thanks to the Shuttleguy RAGBRAI crew for their hospitality and good friends Mark and Sara for lending me a road bike! I hope that I'll be able to put on more miles this year, and hopefully be able to ride the whole RAGBRAI week in the near future.


In the meantime, I'm keeping busy with my medical rotations at hospitals in Wisconsin and Iowa. I joined the Army Medical Command in 2011 as a second lieutenant. After I graduate medical school in 2015, I plan to start a residency in a military medical center in either Family Practice or Internal Medicine and eventually working in Wilderness Medicine. Wilderness Medicine training will prepare me for deployments and providing care to soldiers in austere and/or remote conditions like deserts, forests, mountains, and even some deep sea training!


All of the wonderful Shuttleguy customers I had the privilege to meet year after year were the highlight of every tour. I wish you all well. It was a real treat to see so many of you this summer. Hopefully, I'll see more than a few of you on the bike trails and tours!"


Thanks Megan! We miss you, and you will always be a beloved member of the Shuttleguy crew.

Featured Rider: Ross Snider

After Ross graduated from college and moved, he bought a bike "just for something to do." When he did, he had no of knowing what a great decision that would be.

The Bartlesville Peddlers in Oklahoma started a cycling club that Ross joined early on, and when the Tulsa world newspaper put on their version of RAGBRAI, Ross decided he would ride it. "Things just went ahead from there.

I used to run, but I felt that it limited what I could see. With cycling you can get out with nature and really see the sights."

When asked what he enjoys most about Shuttleguy's own tour, BREW, he remarked that "we typically have 100 degree days [in Oklahoma]. So a change in the weather is nice!

I just love the stories, tall tales, camaraderie, repeat riders, friends, and such."

As Shuttleguy owner Tym Allison and Ross reminisce over past tours on the Oklahoma Freewheel, it is clear to see that Ross is truly passionate about bicycling. More importantly, however, he exemplifies all that he loves about touring while he launches into another story (or tall tale, one can never be too sure with Ross!) about the friends and memories he's made on tour.

"It's a different feel on BREW. You get to be intimate with other riders, you eat together, have great interactions, there's gorgeous scenery, and I 'enjoy' the hills.

With big events, the first 40 miles are spent trying not to crash and every motel within a 70 mile radius is booked. 

I see both ends of the spectrum, whether it's a huge event or a small town ride, and after 34 years of biking, let's be honest, who wants to wait in line for showers?

After joining a tour with Shuttleguy, I'm never setting up my own tent again! It's so nice to have someone take care of you so can just ride."

That's what we're here for, Ross!

Ross's humor, love of cycling, and zeal for life are what makes Shuttleguy's job worth it!
 Links of the Month:

Each month we will be passing on a few links that we think you might enjoy or find useful. 
As football season approaches, we share this winning combination with you all: Green Bay Packers and bicycles. Go cheeseheads!

Packer's Video   
 (click on the image to view the video)

Doemstique Tours by Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.  
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