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July, 2013

Hope your summer isn't going too quickly, and that you've been spending some of it putting some miles in! 

What's New?

BREW Tour: 
Who doesn't love an expertly crafted beer? That's the focus on the BREW Tours-bikes and brew! Wisconsin is known for its superb breweries, two of which are:

Lake Louie located in Arena, on the shore of Lake Louie


The Brewery Creek Inn located in Mineral Point and featured on CNN as one of the top 10 luxury beer vacation spots in the USA!

If you're interested in joining the BREW Tour to get a taste of these expertly crafted brews and enjoy the picturesque scenery of Wisconsin on a bike, there is still space available on the tour, and, for this tour only, Shuttleguy's domestique tent service is free!

Sign up now!

Fellow rider and tour participant Mary Blomquist gave Shuttleguy a shining review:

"Thank you to Shuttleguy for your awesome services during Bicycle Tour of Colorado! It was so nice to not have to hassle with taking down my tent each morning. It gave me time to have an extra cup of your fresh coffee before starting my ride. The best part was reaching my destination each day with my tent set up with my bags in it and being able to hang out under your shaded canopy drinking a cold beverage, especially on those 90+ degree days! Not to mention fresh shower towels each day, water, Gatorade, snacks, tire pumps, chairs, outlets for charging cell phones/GPS, and friendly faces. Thank you Tim and your wonderful staff for everything!"

Thank you, Mary!

Tour Updates

Bike Tour Colorado

The BTC route was a beautiful tour. Shuttleguy owner Tym Allison insisted that this year had "the best routes we've ever seen on the tour," passing over exquisitely scenic stretches of countryside gravel, looping through a town with great vibes that made for an incredible tour. To check out the overview, visit the BTC website.

Topographically, Freewheel was impressive. Rolling hills dotted the land between the abundance of rivers, lakes, and standing water. Joy Hancock, the tour director, has made vast improvements to the tour, in various areas, including a shower truck, improved signage, and enhanced coordination. A tour overview can be found here.
BRAN was an excellent tour as well. Overall, the tour had a memorable and commendable working relationship with the Shuttleguy team and staff, which made things run smoothly and made things highly enjoyable. Proceeds from the tour fund scholarships for Nebraska students. For information, visit the site.

Crested Butte
Crested Butte 2
Colorado Sunrise
RAGBRAI Preview:

With RAGBRAI fast approaching, Shuttleguy is currently in the throes of getting ready for a great tour. Many preparations are being made in anticipation of the pandemonium, as RAGBRAI is the largest bike tour in the world. We hope you're just as excited as we are!
Featured Rider: Garnett Haubelt

Can you guess which one is Garnett?

Like many children, Garnett began riding a bike as a child. However, "riding a bike on the flat lands around Beeville, Texas wasn't an experience unless one counts riding in 100 degree weather an experience."

He purchased his first 'real' road bike in 1972 as a way to keep in shape while being a Naval Aviator. After being transferred to "'Fightertown USA' in Miramar, California I kind of hung up the bike until the early 90's when a group of neighbor guys started riding the countryside in Oklahoma City, OK." His first trip was a ride through Europe with his wife (as well as Kenny and Jerry Brust, and their wives). After a meager 10 years, Kenny finally convinced Garnett to participate in RAGBRAI, when he decided it was probably time to "get 'er done."

"I decided I wasn't getting any younger. The rest is history.

The next year was my first OKFreeWheel.


One of the reasons Kenny talked me into doing FreeWheel was because this 'guy' moved all your 'stuff' each day and had much bigger tents and air mattresses than I own-besides he supplies Ethyl Dr. Peppers and, for Kenny, French Vanilla coffeemate!" Soon afterwards, he spent a week riding the San Juan Islands in the Puget Sound with a high school group. 


As for Garnett's wife, "she draws the line on tent city...even the Country Club of Tenting that is Shuttleguy."


Regardless of the tour, Garnett says they all have a fond place in his heart, and he regards each one as uniquely special to him. He is unable to choose a favorite, regarding the experiences he has on each as a collective favorite. However, if he had to pinpoint the best part about any, or every tour, he chose, without hesitation, "the friendships. Old and new" each bond only strengthens his love of biking, and continually renews his passion for the tours. "WAY too many to pick one BEST! They all have their special place in the 'ole memory bank!"


Garnett has remained loyal to Shuttleguy because "this is what makes memories. Let's start off with Tym and his ENTIRE crew. They are there to make your ride pleasurable, enjoyable and one of your most memorable bike rides!

If one is going to bike anywhere and use tents, why not go first class? Shuttleguy is the Country Club of tent living. One can't find a better 'bang for your buck!'

...It has brought about meeting people from all across this Great Nation of ours who continue to come back year after year to ride FreeWheel and STAY with Shuttleguy!"

Garnett is certainly a memorable individual who exemplifies the diversity that Shuttleguy allows one to become a part of. "If one were to have asked me back in 1972 if I would still be riding at 69 I would have thought they were smoking wacky weed.  Well here I am just finishing another FreeWheel at 69!"

Shuttleguy commends Garnett on his continued participation in tours, and it is his passion for biking, and of course, his wonderful spirit, that keeps Shuttleguy going!

(Garnett on far left)
(Garnett in yellow on right)
 (Garnett with Tym, and Kenny's beloved French Vanilla CoffeeMate)
 Links of the Month:

Each month we will be passing on a few links that we think you might enjoy or find useful. 
This video is a wonderful animation and explanation of The Tour de France. For anyone curious about the logistics of the Tour, watch! It is a lovely visual representation of the tour's process.
Tour de France  (click on the image to view the video)

Shuttleguy specializes in superior bicycle touring services for bicyclists with discriminating taste. Let us make life easy for you this summer on one of the many tours we support.
Tym Allison
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