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Here we are.  It's the last push. 

Have you pulled out your resolution list from New Year's last year?  Did you look at your objectives and see if there is anything left you need to have in place in the next few weeks?

Have you started thinking about what next year holds?  How it will be different?  How you will be different?

I noticed a few recurring thoughts in my past five year's lists.  There are five themes.  Love.  Creativity.  Health.  My work.  Spirituality/Connection.

I feel pretty good about those.  I read through all my old journals and was struck by their similarity.  Each year a slight modification..like I'm chipping away at the theme, trying a new angle each year.

I must say...this year's list isn't going to be that much different.  But there is one change I know I'm making already.

When I read back on my lists, what I noticed missing was a softness.  A gentleness. 

And that has really been a theme that's been running through this whole year.  Through my journals, my blog posts, my life.

I think about all the parts of nature that are soft, that yield, that accept.  Those are the parts that remain. They are changed, but they are still whole.  They have yielded, but they are strong.

There is a sense that change is coming.  It's coming.  And we can't stop it, but we can be ready.  We can learn to bend, to breathe, to be still.  We can learn to be non-reactive.  We can learn to accept...

And even as I write this, the fighter in me wants to step up.  And I just watched the new Girl on Fire movie and there is such ferocity to fighting...such redemption.  But there is a different energy available as well. 

If we all stop pushing.  Then no one is pushing.

If we all start breathing.  Then everyone is breathing.

If we all take on more grace, and flexibility...then we are all more graceful and flexible.

And I think this is the year we get to really practice that.  I think we are moving into something more significant then we even realize.

I can feel it in my bones. 

And so for me, the practice is finding the softest place.  In finding the place of stillness.  In finding the gentleness in my heart.  In my body.  In everyone around me.

What about you?  How will this coming year be different?

Sweet sweet solstice wishes for the most bountiful, courageous, fabulous year you can imagine!

Holiday Yum.  Vegan Turtles!
Detoxinista Does it AGAIN! 
I know you think I don't look at any other online receipes then the Detoxinista...and I do...but her's just keep me coming back.

I'm back on Paleo in 10 days...and while these aren't perfectly paleo...they are just the treat I need on my day of "rest,"  and the treat I plan on bringing to every party I'm invited to!

I promise you will be the hit of whoever's taste buds these touch!  They are fast, easy and fabulous!

New Years
Coloring!  Dance!  Cooking! 
I know that New Year's Eve and Day are usually filled with activity...

But, I have a suggestion. 

I do this MOST years...I must admit last year I fell off the wagon and man was this year rocky...so I'm back on and planning a big space for settling in this year...

Oh, you haven't heard my suggestion yet.  OK, here it goes.

I take a good two hours both on New Year's Eve and again on New Year's day to do something that nourishes the hell outta my soul.

I really use New Years (Because I have already done all my heavy (but gentle) manifesting on Solstice)  to ground my intentions. 

The parts of my intentions that usually gets eclipsed over every year are the parts where I have fun.  Where I play.  When I'm creative.

So I make sure to make time to bring those energies in for a few hours each day.

For me that looks like Yoga to music...so I dance in between poses.  It looks like coloring in my mandala coloring book with a hot tea, taking breaks to watch the trees move outside.  It looks like playing fetch the sock with my dog until HE is done playing.  It looks like having friends over to cook a ridiculously fancy meal.  It looks like anything that feels like play.  That makes me smile. 

I remember the energy last year.  I was even calling for coming inward and finding a place of quiet.  Of recommending alone time.

It just doesn't feel like that this year. It feels like play.  It feels like the opening for fun.  It feels like friends and connection.  I hope it feels like that to you too!

Make time for fun, for silliness, for a great belly laugh.  It will set up for more of this throughout the year....a lot more!
Oh my sweet friends. 

Some of you have been with me a decade now, some just joining the party...but I want to wish all of you a beautiful, safe, fun, transformative and healthy Solstice and holiday season!

I am seeing patients the whole month in both Seattle and Bellingham.  I'm down in Seattle on December 14 and 15th.  And again on the 28th. 

As of right now...I only have openings on the 14th at 11am.  And I just added the 15th so I have times between 9 and 1.

I am also offering a new patient special for BELLINGHAM only.  If you know anyone you think would gain value from a treatment with me, please send them my way.

I am so blessed to have you and your light in my life.  I love all your comments and feedback.  And of course, I am so thankful for your referrals.

Thank you.

Elisha F. Weinberg
Where Acupuncture Meets Alchemy 
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