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Stay Healthy this Fall with Ginger!
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First let me say Happy New Year to everyone celebrating the Jewish New Year.

This is always such a powerful time of year.  It kind of kicks off all the holidays until the end of the year.  And the Jewish New Year always feels like this time where I can begin to wash away all the things that didn't work this year, and make more space for all those things that did!

This summer was incredible. Not only did we have magical weather in the PNW  but there was this energy that called to expansiveness. It called to trying new things...things perhaps we thought about beginning for a long time, but never had the energy or time for.

This also includes getting at emotional issues that always seemed slightly out of reach.  These are sometimes called our core issues and they were definitely within reach this summer.

Did you lean in?  Did you feel them rise up and ask you to make a choice?  To think and act differently?  And could you?  Even once? 

Well...a shift just happened again. 

Did you feel this one?

Did you feel like you were all over the map this summer and then boom...maybe Tuesday, maybe Wednesday all of a sudden you felt this inner focus? 

I know I did. 

It felt energetically all summer like my energy field was wide open and I was just testing the waters all around me, and then Monday evening, all of a sudden I knew what I wanted to do.  Boom.  Experimenting over.  Action decided.

It feels good.

How are you feeling?

We are coming up to the Harvest Moon on September 18-19, which is a bit early this year--but I like that says we are ready!

Ready to set in and get going!

Astrologists say that a Virgo New Moon (which we just had yesterday) is about Mastery.  And I think that ties in perfectly with what I'm feeling. 

What are you ready to dive into and understand completely?  Yourself?  Your work?  Your passion?  Your relationships?

Whatever it is...the energy is around you to support that strong shift!

I can't wait to see what you accomplish!

I have just a few Equinox Treatments in Seattle left on Saturday the 21st.  They will be very very powerful this year.    And of course in available to Bellingham all week...but more on that Below.

Happy stepping into what's next!  I'm sure it will be brilliant!
Equinox Treatments
Access your inner Mastery 
This is my absolute favorite time of year.  Something about the slight inner folding, the slower pace, the letting go, the stillness, the way the leaves dance in the wind...

I love taking long walks and smelling the Earth change. 

And I love giving Equinox treatments. 

Besides bringing you energetically into the season of Metal...strengthening your Lungs and Large Intestine channels while their power is strongest...there is the nurturing of spirit that is in transition as well.

The Essential Oils for this season are strong and woody, they take you into the hidden places and make you feel safe and warm there.  They are a gentle catalyst for slowing down and moving from there.

I will be utilizing this energy as my focus lens until the Beginning of November, really watching it and helping it grow and mature.

Of course, one of the best ways to stay healthy this season where colds and flu's seem to dominate is to come in and have these energies that's not woo woo...that's just common sense.

I have appointments in Bellingham all week, and a just few openings left on Saturday September 21 in Seattle.  These are magical treatments and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Stay Healthy This Fall!
Ginger...Your new Best Friend 


Hi.  I know you know this beautiful herb but please let me remind you that she can be your best friend this time of year.

Some ways she can help:
1)  We still crave smoothies, even though energetically they are too cold for this season...if you must, add a good dose of Ginger to the mix and keep your digestion warm and your body happy.

2) Want a great little immunity booster?  Slice up some organic Ginger and boil.  Allow to boil/simmer for 30-45 minutes and then remove from heat and add just a touch of brown sugar.  Drink the tea water while hot...and visualize the heating herb offering you immunity and health from the inside out.

3) Already feeling like you caught something?  Make the tea and then cover up and make a small sweat happen.  Never sweat too much, just a small sweat.  Then follow with a big glass of water and make sure you keep your neck covered the whole day.  Ginger to the rescue!

4)  Stomachache?  Ginger tea again!  Or you can buy ginger essential oil and mix a drop with some oil and put it in your navel.  Please make sure you mix it with oil first (I use coconut, but olive and sesame work fine) will burn your navel if you don't.  I've done it and don't recommend testing it out...

5) Nausea:  Same drill as above....

In general...ginger is king this time of your.  Make sure to keep some around and remember Organic is best since you are using it as'll want it as pure as possible.

Stay Healthy....Activate the power of Ginger!
I just took my dog on a walk while I was letting this information sink in and to see if there was anything else to's raining just slightly and the water was tickling my nose.  When I came back inside I felt so much more alive and awake...focused.  I think we forget we can do that, just go take a 10 minute stroll and feel the earth and smell the air and get invigorated in an entirely different way....

Unless you are the wicked witch of the west...of course...then i would not recommend getting wet...but everyone else...see what you think!

I'm wishing you beautiful autumnal sunsets and breath taking memories this month! 

And please do remember a treatment this month from me or another acupuncturist if you must, would be a great way to keep your immunity going strong into the colder months!

With love and deep resonance,


Elisha F. Weinberg
Elisha Weinberg Alchemical Acupuncture