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Coming out of the Closet
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What is time
? /2012

This is the first newsletter of two dedicated to CHANGE!
If change is a scary thing for you...hold onto your hats.

Here we GO!

First let's talk money...since it's always good to get that out of the way...It has been a difficult decision which I've been  thinking about for a number of years, but lately working with insurance companies has become something that severely drains the zen out of me. 

So, beginning July 1, 2012 I will become a cash only practice.

What does that mean to you?  You will pay me my full rate and I will supply you with the necessary super bill where you will be reimbursed by insurance.  They will pay you what they used to pay me.  Which differs from insurance company to insurance company.

What are the costs of my treatments?
If I see you once a week the treatment is an hour and the cost is $125.

If I see you less frequently, the sessions are 1.5 hours and the cost is $165

First office calls are 2 hours, and they cost $250.

What do you get for that price?

The 1.5 hour treatments will have any combination of the following, depending on what your needs are:  Acupuncture, Cranial Sacral, Tuning Forks, Tarot assessment, Essential Oil Therapy, Energy Medicine, Guided visualization, Tui Na, Cupping, Moxibustion, etc. 

The First office call has all of that, plus my detailed intake and health history.

If you pay by credit card there is a $5 charge.  You should know that as well.

I really hope you continue to see me and understand the value of my very different way of working with you.  This is not a decision I made lightly but it is in integrity and alignment with how I wish to do business.
I hope you know it is my great joy taking you on this path towards balance, and if that path leads in another direction I will help in any way I can to make the process as easy for you as possible.

In the articles below I talk about some other amazing shifts that are occurring in the beautiful world of Ayaffa....and I welcome all your questions as they arise.

Coming out of the Closet
lotus What is my medicine, really? 
I know some of you like to come in for treatments and have needles and a guided visualization and you are off to acu-haze-land...which is wonderful for you...and just the right medicine.

But there is actually more that I do...and I've been an bit hesitant to share it until recently when someone helped me put words to what I intuitively knew I was doing.

I see energy.  I feel it.  When you come in, and we chat--I see visual pictures of the emotions you have about what you're talking about.  I also see the possible choices of where your energy wants to go.

For instance, lets say you had a fight with your husband.  I see the energy imprint on your heart and your throat and your 2nd chakras.  I may see where I can add balance or stability.  But I may also see how this pattern is attached to other patterns that you are trying to work through this lifetime. 

What does that mean?  I use my hands, the essential oils, the tuning forks and MOST importantly..the needles to anchor multi-dimensional information in body for deep soul healing.

How is that helpful for you?  Have you ever felt that you keep experiencing the same upsets over and over?  That you think you are making different choices, but you keep seeing the same outcome?  This is one way that your soul is looking for growth.  That you can experience Shift.

The truth is, we are all here to help each other grow.  And this is my gift to you.  This is the way that I can help you begin moving in directions that were perhaps unavailable to you before, or seemed to difficult, or you just needed a little support to bring the shift into reality.  Or maybe it's just that the time is right.

This is a very high level, cut to the chase description, but I wanted to share where my gifts can help you more than just treating your pain.  The extended treatment time of an hour and half allows for us to do this deep work.

If you know anyone who feels stuck.  Or someone who needs a boost in life.  Or someone in a depression that never seems to shift, please think about this offering of mine.  It is my soul's medicine.  It is what I am here to provide.

As always I welcome comments and thoughts, and thank you all for your support and referrals through all these huge transformations in my business!

My long weekend with Dr. Tan
YOgaI feel like I can cure anything now! 
The last time I studied with Dr. Tan I learned how to eradicate pain.  It's fast.  It's amazing.  And man does it work, every time!  And within minutes.

Well..he just upped the bar and extended my wisdom to actual disorders treated elegantly and crazy effectively...and I can't wait to try this stuff out of you.

I have learned to treat in a new way...just to peek your interest:
Specific pain patterns that are unexplainable
Crones Disease
High Blood Pressure
Heart problems
All Gynecological problems from menses-menopause and everything in between.

The list goes on and on.

I have a request.  I am looking for two volunteers with Diabetes who would like a free trial with me to lower their numbers.  If you know anyone like this, please have them contact me if they are interested.  This I want to see to believe!

If you have questions about what I learned or want to find out more, please don't hesitate to ask!
[email protected]
Wow.  Obliterated the elephant in the room by getting my new cash practice policy out and clear for you.  Enlightened you about my multi-dimensional treatments.   Impressed the hell out of you with my new Acupuncture techniques.  Is there anything else I can cram into this newsletter?

How about wishing you a very very happy and healthy month, or until the next time we meet?  Yes...let's make sure to fit that in as well!

Next newsletter continues the rift of change with unveiling the new website and the new practice location effective August 1.

Beautiful Blessings,

Elisha Weinberg