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Gemini New Moon/2012

I should change these newsletters to correspond with Lunar events since they seem to rule my life more and more these days!

For instance, did you know we just had a New Moon?  Did you know there was also a solar eclipse?  Did you know that manifesting at the time of the New Moon each month is some of the most powerful manifesting you can do?

Did you know that each month there are energies that are more ripe for plucking to help hone you in the direction of grace and ease?

I'll give you an example.  This New Moon is in the sign of Gemini...and Gemini (or the twins as it is affectionately known) rules the areas in your life that deal with:  Learning and Communication.

What does this mean to you?  Have you been thinking about and really wanting to clear up a relationship in your life?  Were you looking for some inspiration to help guide you in the most clear and integrous way to begin the conversation?  Have you been wanting to write?  Is there some skill you have been drawn towards learning?

You may want to try this month and see if these areas are more easily available to you.

Some other areas that Gemini rules are around Social ease and calming anxiety in the mind.

Have you always wanted to try meditation for instance, but can never get your mind to settle?  Perhaps explore practice slowly this month and see if there isn't more calm available to you.  Maybe a way to begin a grounded practice. 

I'm getting most of this information from a book called New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller.  Every month on the eve on the New Moon I have a ritual of creating a list of wishes for the month that I would like support in shifting.  It's really interesting to go back the following month and see how many of my wishes have materialized.  Surprisingly every month in one way or another, it's quite a few!

So, in light of all the energy available for communication and a relaxed mind, I would like to invite you to look into your heart and your life and see if there isn't someone you need to say something to.  And if there is, since the energy is supporting it, I invite you to think deeply about how you'd like to say it, and simply speak.

I dedicate this newsletter on this BEAUTIFULLY perfect Spring day where the air is Lilac scented and the birds are sweetly chirping from every branch, happy for the spritzer, to the throat chakra...one of the most important windows to our soul.  (OK, clearly I started this newsletter yesterday when it was a perfect Spring day...but you get the point...so I'm leaving it!)

Happy restorative, opening and enlightening speech to you my sweet friends!

The sweet seduction of the Throat Chakra: Vishuddha
chakra stones
Know your Power 
It seemed apt to give a little Chakra lesson today since I've asked you to look into what you are and aren't saying. 

If you have heard me lecture about Chakra's before then you know I think even more than looking at what each chakra is responsible for is looking at how they ALL support each other.

If one chakra is under utilized it requires more work from other chakras which will become over utilized and then imbalance starts getting even more out of whack.

So for me, when I look at the throat chakra, which is the 5th chakra there are many things to look at.

Numerologically, when looking at Tarot, the 5th card is also the Hierophant.  This card, which is hugely diverse, is about family and learning and teaching.  It is about our family dynamics and how they play a part in our lives.

In theory, we learn how to communicate and deal with others based on our communication with our first family.  Therefore, if you didn't feel heard and subsequently learned to squelch your voice when you were a child, then you may find that working on finding your true voice has been your work as you gain your years of learning and insight.

So when I look at your fifth chakra from my healer's eyes I am looking also for the following connections:
1) How is your root (your connection to earth and your first family.)
2) How is your seat of personal power? Anger issues?  (second chakra)
3) How are your self esteem and personal boundaries? (third chakra)
4) How open and available is your heart for both giving and receiving (do you allow yourself to receive love...this is a big obstacle for those with a stunted fifth chakra).
5) Can you speak your truth with clarity and purpose (The fifth chakra alone.)
6) And finally I look to see if you can bring enlightened wisdom from the universe down into your body (7th chakra.)

So...as you see...by learning to work with all your chakra systems and balance your thoughts and emotions, then life is as simple as a game of chutes and ladders...

So in the spirit of balancing your fifth...below I have some wonderful yoga poses!

And if you have any questions or would like help balancing your energy, remember that is part of the work I do...and arguably it's the part I love most!

Yeah for you and your adventures toward wholeness!

Neck Tightness?  Could be your Vishuddha Chakra
If you've got something to say...say it! 
I bet you never considered your constant neck pain had anything to do with your throat chakra.  I bet you thought it was from how you slept, or looking at a computer all day.  How about chronic sore throat?  Or laryngitis? Thyroid disorders!  All these ailments are partly from a lack of core energy in the area of your neck.

So apart from voicing your truth, which I know is easier said then done.  And apart from asking for help...which for some people is also easier said then done...there are some ways you can begin to open that channel.

1) Get somewhere safe...and sing!  Then sing some more!  Feel like you need to scream?  Then you probably have some 1st and 2nd chakra issues wrapped up in there...so throw a tantrum too...kick your feet...punch something soft...and get to a place where it feels good to sing!
Shower?  Car?  For those who are timid...remember if you have your windows rolled down and you are at a stoplight...others can hear you :)

2) Neck Rolls.  Easy.  Safe.  Sit or Stand and gently allow your neck to fall forward and begin to roll to the left of center, back to center, to the right of center.  If it's safe for you you can gently roll to the back, but if you are unsure it's better to just allow your head to roll forward and right and left.

3) And my favorite Yoga teacher's favorite fifth chakra pose is called Rabbit.  If you don't have a yoga practice that incorporates rabbit, you may want to seek instruction first.  But if you know it or would like a little reminder...watch this video. Rabbit is excellent for opening up your entire spine and in case you are interested, is a great pose to generate strength for a head stand!

I hope these ideas help move you towards openness and flexibility in your body, mind, and spirit!
I have already had profound openings in the last two days!  I'm also noticing more synchronicities than usual and wonder if you are as well!  I love hearing your stories of awareness, as you know!

I wish you the bountiful gift of connection and grace of smooth manifestation this month.  And if you are taking the challenge of dealing with a relationship that has fallen stagnant...I salute your bravery and am honored to assist in any way I am able.

I also want to plant the bug that Ayaffa is moving again :)  More on that next month...but it won't be far...and the move is for wonderful reasons...  And just think of it as if I'm subconsciously helping you with attachment issues :)

With the warmest of blessings,

Elisha Weinberg