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HELLO 2012!
Here's what's in store for you this month!
Health Maintenance, Ayaffa style
A treatment that rocks the free world!
Your new best friend for winter time.
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We made it!
Of course we did....it's just fun to say.

I have to say that in the past January 1 was a good time, a time of reading the Alchemist and cleaning out my refrigerator and starting my daily yoga practice "again" and "for real" this time.

But this year....actually, can I share with you what I did this January First?  I know I shouldn't, but some excitement is too hard to keep in.  I started my business plan for expanding the Ayaffa Healing Space into this whole space.

Are you ready for this goodness?  There is going to be an ND, body workers, a mental health practitioner, a chiropractor, a vixen in the Kitchen cooking for her business but also making organic crazy nutritious food available to you before or after your sessions.  There will be yoga in the morning and at night, meditation classes and circles, cooking and wine classes, of course the infrared sauna, and a ton more!

I have already started identifying the amazing partners that will be creating this space and I need to tell you, this multi-disciplanary space will be so crazy intentional and transformational that I don't know who would ever want to leave!

Can you tell how excited am I?  This is everything I have been working towards since I graduated...having a beautiful space for healers to share ideas and for clients to have everything they need to support them in their physical, emotional, and spiritual health!

So, instead of reading about alchemy, this year I am creating it!  What a great start to what I know for me...and I hope for you as well, will be so full of quickly integrated change and forward movement that the challenge will be to stop and breathe.  To allow.

Well...my creative juices are flowing and I want to get back to creation...so please know I am sending my wishes for all the amazement of life itself to end up on your doorstep and offer up all it's gifts to you!

acu head You've heard of an Apple a Day?
It's also true that getting on a monthly maintenance plan and having an energy alignment is the trick to staying healthy and vital way into old age.

Lets make sure your immunity is at 100% so the colds and flus that affect everyone else, just pass you by!

If you are not already booked for a once a month treatment, give a call or an email and I'll get you all set up!

Long term health and vitality await!
Seasonal Attunement
full moonResults are In In a nutshell...this treatment rocks the free world!

OK, maybe it hasn't been put just like that...but here's what folks are saying.
They can feel their feet grounding deep into the earth.  They can feel their head stretching up into the heavens.  They can feel their insides re-aligning and allowing for a sense of integration of the space between the heavens and the earth.
And if that isn't rocking the free world...I don't know what is.

This treatment came to me during my Solstice Meditation and those who have taken me up on it, then integrated in the sauna afterward have just looked at me with what I can only describe as clarity and pure joy as they were leaving.

So I confess...I gave myself this treatment.

And I was right.  It rocks the free world!

The window is closing on the appropriateness energetically for this treatment.  So come in before January 15, otherwise you will just have wait until the next Solstice to have your socks knocked off :)

In clarity and joy....
Combat Sluggishness!
Vitamin D-3, your new best friend

It's cheap.  It's easy to take.  It's flavorless.  And it just may keep you healthy, sane and energized this long winter season.

I have a nice stock of Vitamin D-3, just ordered....

It is shown to increase immunity, increase vitality, and acts like you're getting rays from the sun, which means it helps stabilize your moods as well.

So come in for a balancing, immunity raising treatment.  Grab a bottle of D-3.  And call it good! 

(Remember that not all D-3 are created equally. If your D-3 is not made with a fatty oil, you won't receive the healing benefits, it will just come out in your urine unabsorbed.  So if you don't buy it from me, make sure the liquid or pill form is in Olive Oil or some other fat.)
Happy Mock sun-bathing! :)
Thank you for letting me share my vision for the Ayaffa Healing Space with you.  If you can keep the image of a thriving center in your minds eye and hearts, I'm sure it will all happen smoothly and easily and I can't wait until we are meeting in the new space for a huge party to celebrate the opening!

I hope this year has started off with positive signs that coorobrate your beliefs and feelings.

In my heart I am sending you all unconditional love and gratitude for all you offer me, yourselves, those in your lives, and the strangers lives your touch each and every day!

To add a little humor for those who made it to the end...may i recommend this VERY funny video..which I must admit...I hear myself quite clearly in!
Sh*t Yogis Say
Sh*t Yogis Say


Elisha Weinberg