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Art Students Tap into History at Seattle's Newest Cider Bar
Stunning copies of master works provide a unique atmosphere for a unique venue

For hundreds of years, artists have copied works of the Old Masters to gain new perspective, inspire creativity, and hone their skills in the classical tradition. Today, on Capitol Hill, a new generation of art students is reaching back into the past to create works of art for a uniquely modern venue.


At Capitol Cider, carved lion heads adorn handrails and dark wood surrounds the fireplace and vintage piano. And, hanging salon style on the walls are more than 20 well-known works of art - including Gilbert Stewart's famous portraits of George Washington and John Adams, and "Owl's Head, Penobscot Bay," by Fitz Henry Lane.


Not the originals, of course - but not prints. These are hand-painted master copies created by students in the Aristides Atelier at Gage Academy of Art. More

Happy Hour at Ada's
713 Broadway East 98102 
tle, WA 98102
Every Friday night until August 30 from 6-8PM, enjoy free snacks, discounts and a dramatic reading at Ada's Technical Books. 

Want to know more? Click here.
Ever Wondered How
to Make Macarons?
Times Vary
816 E Pike St. 
Seattle, WA 98122
This is your chance! Paris Eastside is hosting French Macaron classes starting this week until September 28, 2013. Learn the fundamental techniques behind making this delicious and simple dessert. Indulge on a glass of wine alongside the sweet and savory Macarons you prepare during this course.  

For more information, click here.
Tonight! Galaxy Quest
Friday, August 2, 2013
Cal Anderson Park
1635 11th Ave  
Seattle, WA 98122 
Stop by Cal Anderson for a free outdoor screening of Galaxy Quest.
In this hilarious sci-fi comedy, aliens in peril beam up the crew of a 'Star Trek'-type TV show, not realizing their supposed saviors are only actors. With Sigourney Weaver among them, they've at least got a fighting chance. Enjoy popcorn, cold drinks, and candy.  For more information, click here. Three Dollar Bill's Summer Cinema is sponsored by

LTD. Art Gallery Presents: Saturday Morning

Remember a time, when all you needed was a bowl of cereal, your pajamas...and the TV? As children, Saturday mornings were the beginning to the weekend and school was in the rearview mirror. Nothing was sweeter than waking up early, making your way to the living room and taking a journey half an hour at a time. 


LTD. Art Gallery is giving you your chance to relive those early Saturday mornings! Enjoy their newest group art show, which will display art work from over 50 artists who enjoyed those morning cartoons too. This display will be up until August 24, 2013. For more information, visit the event post here.

Annex Theater Presents: Precious Little

08/02/2013 - 08/31/2013


$20 general / $12 TPS, senior, military / $5 student


Starting August 2nd, Annex Theater will be showing Precious Little. In this quietly poetic play, Brodie, a 42-year-old linguistics professor chooses to become a single parent. When genetic testing reveals a possible problem with her pregnancy, unexpected emotions complicate both her research of a dying language and her romantic relationship with Dre, a grad student with a mind of her own. More 


Blitz Arts Walk is Thursday, August 8



See the Venue Preview here. The all-new Blitz site is now mobile-ready and completely readable on your little smartphone screen. Blitz is produced by the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce to promote the artists and our members. 


Broadway Video New Release: 56 Up

For those familiar with the Seven Up documentary series, you've anticipated 56 Up for, well, seven years. Michael Apted's latest installation picks up where the last one left off. The experience of watching a group of seven-year-olds from Great Britain age over a span of 49 years is not unlike attending a family reunion where the far-flung and twice-removed relatives come back only every once in a while: it's good to see them, but it's not without some discomforts. More  

Blitz Art Walk Mini Workshop - Steamy Shower Sex, 7pm 


In this Babeland Quickie, we'll share tips on how to beat the heat with waterproof toys and have sexy fun in the shower, tub or pool. As always, check out our special sale section only available during Blitz Capitol Hill Art Walk. More

1641 Nagle Place, Suite 003, Seattle,WA 206-328-6646