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Many people still believe that intelligence originates with the "mental body".


I want to take the opportunity in this article to clearly describe the difference between intelligence and intellect. 

An intelligent person takes the time to verify whether their decisions are meeting their needs adequately and whether the consequences will be positive for them. When they feel there could be negative consequences, even harmful ones, they make sure they will be able to deal with them. And especially, they do not let those around them make their decisions for them.


The intelligent person also ensures that what they do, say, wish, think or decide is useful to them and they find simple ways to meet their goals. The more you aim for simplicity, the more your intelligence guides you. If you complicate your life and your ways of behaving, this indicates that it is your intellect that is in charge.


Intelligence does not come from the mental body. It exists only in the present moment.


The intellect, also called the lower mental body, helps us memorize, organize, plan, analyze, etc. It is therefore based on what has been learned in the past.


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Our primary intention is to offer YOU the opportunity to share your ideas, questions, and advice to other members of this group based on the Listen To Your Body philosophy, created by Lise Bourbeau. We ask you not to post advertisements because you will be banned.


When you want to help someone who posted a problem, we ask you to suggest tools that Lise Bourbeau teaches. Understand that we don't denigrate in any way other approaches, but we want to dedicate this group to the Listen To Your Body philosophy. This is the reason why people become members.


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Dear Lise,

My name is Olga. I'm 40 years old and live in Moscow, Russia.

9 years ago I had a huge health problem. My doctor has recommended me to visit psychoanalyst. I had lots of visits to my psychoanalyst when we were trying to find the ways out from my shocks which I had. She has recommended me to read your books on that time. But I WAS READY to start reading your books 6 months ago only!!

It took me nearly 8 and a half years to get rid of all my fears so I was able to start a new life using your lessons!!

Now I also understand that my psychoanalyst was using your methods while we were trying to treat my soul.

I want to tell you MANY THANKS for all this kindness and happiness which you are trying to give us through your lessons! I do understand my life is changing now in a very good way!

Once again thank you very much for being in this world!!

I wish you lots of health and very good luck!!

With all my best wishes, Olga 



Dear Lise,


Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying so well everything that is going on with me, for writing it, for bringing light into these very dark places.


Thank you for helping me to understand myself, for encouraging me to love myself; by showing me especially that I'm not crazy, but simply suffering - I now realize just how much.


I realize, for example, that in theory I don't need to justify myself; yet I want to write, � I am taking the liberty of using a personal, informal style to write you, the same style you use with your readers. � This principle of � respect � or rather, of conventions, so deeply rooted... So rooted that at first it actually bothered me that you wrote so informally. I resisted it strongly. I thought, � Who is she to take the liberty of addressing me like that, advising me how to live my life?


And then, you see, I kept on reading your book despite that. I even bought, from the book store's huge Personal Development section, your book, Just Listen to your Body and Eat. Your other books had been lent or given to me by my mother. Still, I had the option... When I saw it, I said to myself, � It is there for me. � That same morning, I was in total despair. By the afternoon, I was once again able to believe that the Universe would come to my rescue...

Thank you, Lise. I started the log the day before yesterday. I am not surprised to note that I almost never eat out of hunger or need. I know the road ahead will be a long one for me. I have been anorexic for five years and for some time now my ability to keep control has been showing signs of reaching its limit. Sometimes I eat for emotional reasons - and, in keeping with the law of guilt, I eat out of compulsion.

I have just moved, am far away from my family, am in a new job and not in the best of health. As I said, when I discovered your book, I was, so to speak, at an all-time low, in confidence, openness, Love and self-esteem...  

Reading it is therefore a somewhat delicate undertaking because it awakens many beliefs, memories, fears and wounds, sometimes very deep ones... But what a relief! Have I been that hard on myself? Could I do more good for this world if I started by treating myself better?


However, I have already read some of your books and others that explain the beneficial effects of Love and Acceptance but I think that when it comes to this area, my Ego (like so many other egos, unfortunately) is a true genius! What should just be a reminder is hitting me like the discovery of a new world.


I am very happy about it nevertheless.


You know, my mother took one of your training courses and she told us a few anecdotes. On reading this book, I could not help but think back to those stories, � But she did a survey on me or what? � Because it was exactly what I was thinking!!! Regarding the wound of humiliation, which however is far from being my primary wound, and the dietary behaviours associated with it, I saw my most personal and bizarre rationales written there in black and white. And then, how did you know I have a sweet tooth and also that I love really spicy food?


All of that, Lise, to say thank you and tell you how much your work, your experience, your Love has been precious to me. May all beings one day reach that degree of Love and benevolence.





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 ISBN: 978-2-920932-30-2


Also available in 8 languages.  Click here to discover them. 


Lise Bourbeau around the world



Lise gave a wonderful workshop in Bucharest a few weeks ago! More than 60 people came to attend the Listen to your soul workshop. Here are some highlights...


It was a fantastic group. There were many beautiful awakenings and testimonies. There was one young woman who from the first evening was quite agitated and emotional and remained so throughout most of the workshop.  Before leaving, she came to thank me without crying and her testimony was very moving. She realized that she was letting herself die with all the fears she was feeding (she constantly believed that someone was trying to beat her). She said she felt like a new person.





We gave four workshops in Tokyo at the beginning of the fall. What a pleasure for our trainer Lucie, the organizer Haruna and interpreter Keiko! They made a super team! The Japanese students have excellent support. Here is some feedback from Lucie:


I saw several participants I had seen in January as well as former participants who returned. It is always moving to see the transformation in the students over time. One, for example, who was very tense, nervous and agitated during earlier workshops, returned to us appearing calm, resplendent and smiling. She confirmed that she had made several transformations in her life and was looking forward with enthusiasm to completing her Phase 1.






Lise Bourbeau gave 2 workshops last week in Almaty. She had a great time meeting beautiful people. We thank Ilana, our organizer for all her hard work. It's thanks to her that Lise was able to teach so many people.


In the second workshop (Prosperity and abundance), after the workshop, Lise wrote me... One was very touching in her sharing at the end when she said she had a sense of being reborn. Several of them said they were so pleased to have clear steps to follow. They really liked being given 20 very specific tools to use. Even though they already knew some of the things I was saying, they had not truly realized that these were tools to enable them to become and remain prosperous. Especially with the recent 30% devaluation of their currency, this workshop truly came at just the right time. A young man who was present shared with me that following the BE YOURSELF workshop that he attended last year in Almaty, he brought his entire family together. His father had had six wives and one child by each wife. So there were six children, each with a different mother and they never saw each other because they were all reacting against their father. He found his brothers and sisters, brought them all together, inviting his dad to join them too, so that they could all get to know each other. He was very moved when telling me this because he said it was an incredible meeting and that since that time, they have all continued seeing each other.



Workshops are being held in St. Petersburg (Russia) right now, and of course we have many workshops given in all the French countries. If you want to read testimonials of all our French customers, you can visit this page http://www.ecoutetoncorps.com/fr/formation/temoignages/#lire and have it translated by Google...


Dear Lise,...

Dear Lise,


I'm reading your book "listen to your body, your best friend on earth".

First of all i just want to say thank you. The way you talk and the way you describe the things just ran out into my heart. I had no other chance than be true to myself and recognized how things in my life are and why things always go like this...


It was a work and I had about a half a year to read it, but now I'm almost finished with it... Especially the chapters about love, boundaries, proud, emotion were very important for me. 
But there are still some topics I'm struggling with, which I think is totally normal ;)


I don't know if you read my mail or have the time to answer all the mails you receive, but I thought I just try to ask you a question...

I know, only I am responsible for my emotions. And I know that true love accepts other opinions and ways of life even if I don't agree... But I'm still struggling with my boyfriends' addiction of weed. Sometimes I get on well with it. But sometimes I feel hurt. I actually can't really say what it exactly is. Sometimes I feel lonely when he's smoking. Sometimes I feel angry at him, that he can't "fix his life" because he says he knows it's not good for him...


How can I separate myself totally from his addiction, without feeling hurt or even feel responsible? I love him, but sometimes I'm tired of it...


Actually I think all the answers I need are in your book. But sometimes I wish, that somebody could hold a mirror in front of me, so I can see what I'm doing wrong and know what I have to let go...

Maybe I hear something from you. And if not, I'm just thank you for the great book!!






Dear Joyce,


Thank you for your interest in my teaching. You are asking a question that I have heard thousands of time since the 32 years I started my school. No matter what is difficult to accept in someone else is always happening in our life to help us discover what we do not accept from ourselves. I know you will say that you do not have an addiction of weed. The lessons of life we need to learn are always concerned with our BEING and not with our DOING. 


So, ask yourself what do you judge your boyfriend of BEING with his addiction. You will then learn that you do not accept yourself of BEING the same. What may confuse you is that you are not BEING that in the same way as him. Let's say you judge him as BEING WEAK. So in what areas, when do you see yourself WEAK? Then go deeper in you and you will find that when you are weak, it's because you are maybe listening to your limits, or you are afraid of something or you don't know any other way of being at that time. Whatever your motivation for being weak, you are not a bad person, you are not telling other people you don't love them, you are just being weak in certain incidents. YOU ARE HUMAN with strengths and weaknesses which is happening to all human beings.


You will then have more compassion for your boyfriend and for yourself when you are able to give both of you the right to be weak. That is what I am teaching: you can be anything you want, there is nothing wrong in anything, there's only intelligent behavior or ways of being or not intelligent. It is intelligent when you do not have bad consequences for you. Your boyfriend is the only one that has to assume his consequences with his addiction. You are the one letting him affect you. It's not his habit affecting you, it is your perception of his habit. 


Now, all you have to do is to put in practice this wonderful law of REAL LOVE, which is being able to accept the differences between you and all others around you, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT AGREE OR DON'T UNDERSTAND.




Our School's anniversary

On September 5, the whole team of Listen to Your Body celebrated their 32nd ETC anniversary in Mont Tremblant (Qu�bec). We had a wonderful time! We played a round of miniature golf and then went on a cruise on Tremblant Lake.


Happy Birthday, ETC!


Great news!!!
Lise's article, � The importance of beauty, � will be used as an authentic document for an exercise in the context of a manual and an educational web site for high school students in the United States preparing for the French language AP (Advanced Placement) examination. The manual, entitled APprenons, will be published by Wayside Publishing and will be ready for publication in the spring of 2015.
Joke of the mounth


After fifteen years of marriage and frequent arguments, a couple finally decides it's time to see a marriage counselor. The wife immediately launches into a long emotional tirade, enumerating every little marital problem encountered over the fifteen years.


On and on and on: he doesn't love me anymore, he doesn't pay attention to me, he doesn't spend time with me, he doesn't show any affection, etc., etc.

Finally, after listening to her patiently, the therapist gets up, walks around his office for a bit, asks the woman to get up and kisses her for a long time with fiery passion.


The woman, finally silent, sits down calmly, looking totally blissful and on cloud nine.


� That, � says the therapist, � is what your wife needs, every day... And I insist: every day of the week! Are we in agreement on that? �

The husband, after a few moments of reflection, says, � No problem Monday to Friday. I can get her here every morning, but on weekends, I play golf. �