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Article by Lise

Words of advice from Lise


DO YOU KNOW why you need to accept the negative aspect of any frame of mind? Because, until you do, it will take up more and more space.  


Here is an affirmation you will often find in my books and quoted by me in my talks and workshops: "In order to become what you want to be, you must accept that you are what you do not want to be."


Your ego will try to convince you that this is not true. It will try to find you all sorts of reasons why 

this could never work. That is a totally normal reaction on the part of the ego because it is not capable of understanding spiritual notions like acceptance, unconditional love, responsibility and forgiveness taught by LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Your ego is convinced that if you accept yourself in any frame of mind that you do not like, you will stay that way for the rest of your life. Remember that it is ALWAYS your ego talking when something is telling you it is bad to be a certain way.


Let's take for example the woman who is down on herself for often being distracted. She notices that she frequently starts a task and doesn't finish it because she starts thinking about something else or lets herself be easily distracted by others. She has been dreaming for a long time of becoming an organized person. So there you have the negative and positive aspects of this frame of mind or this state of BEING. The same applies to you. Each time you criticize yourself or want to change, ask yourself what you judge yourself to BE and what you would like to BE instead.


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We created a Facebook Group to bring together people from around the world who have a common interest in Lise Bourbeau's books and workshops.


Our primary intention is to offer YOU the opportunity to share your ideas, questions, and advice to other members of this group based on the Listen To Your Body philosophy, created by Lise Bourbeau. We ask you not to post advertisements because you will be banned.


When you want to help someone who posted a problem, we ask you to suggest tools that Lise Bourbeau teaches. Understand that we don't denigrate in any way other approaches, but we want to dedicate this group to the Listen To Your Body philosophy. This is the reason why people become members.


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(translated from a Russian magazine)


I had not noticed that I was gaining weight. But one day, I made a horrible discovery: my scale said 63 kg and my clothes didn't fit anymore.


What was I going to do about it? 


I started doing sports and tried eating properly. After four monthsI lost 4 kg. But later, I couldn't do sports anymore because I had to be at home with my little guy and I couldn't work out at home because I lacked the self-discipline and organizational ability. I decided I would eat less. Over a six-month period, I lost another 5 kg. When I reached my normal weight, I gave    up the control and my 5 kg all came back.


But finally I understood that it was not about what I was eating or whether I was doing sports. My problem was in my head: it was about how I respond to the situations in my life. I read Lise Bourbeau's book, Just Listen to Your Body and Eat and I have now adopted several of the principles in this book.


1. I tried to love myself as I am (big) for now, with compassion for myself and with understanding, i.e., I eat like this because I do not know any other way of comforting myself.


2. When I want to eat, I ask myself, Do I really want to eat? If the answer is yes, I ask the question, What food do I really feel like eating?


3. When I eat for other reasons, I talk to my body with love and without feeling guilty, and without wanting to lose the extra weight as quickly as possible.


I listened to my body's needs, accepting all my weaknesses regarding food, and I allowed myself to eat just whatever I wanted at any given moment without feeling guilty. And very soon, I understood that I had started to eat foods that were better for me and my weight started to drop. Now I weigh 53 kg, I eat everything I want and I have maintained this weight for more than 12 months.


The Just Listen to Your Body and Eat book is available at these resellers (or ask your bookstore to order it):




ISBN: 978-2-920932-30-2


Also available in 8 languages. Click here to discover them. 


Lise Bourbeau around the world

Puebla, Mexico


Lise Bourbeau gave a lecture at the beginning of April in Puebla, Mexico. It was the first time she gave a talk in this country. There were over 500 participants! She will return next February to give the BE YOURSELF workshop in English and it will be translated into Spanish. For more information, visit



St. Petersburg, Russia


For over 12 years now, Lise has been giving workshops in Russia. But even if she is used to doing them, she is always surprised by the welcome she receives every time. The Russian people are very welcoming and warm-hearted! She gave three workshops in St. Petersburg and they were very much appreciated.



Bali, Indonesia


It was just this past month that our travel vacation-workshop was held in Bali. What a beautiful week!!!


We had the privilege of spending 10 days in a paradise setting with 85 beautiful people. Everything on this trip, which allowed us to learn about the culture and customs of the Indonesian people, went calmly and smoothly thanks to Oasis Voyages and we wish to thank them.


Lise Bourbeau facilitated six morning workshops to help people free themselves from their greatest fear. She imparted several very powerful tools to the participants, who can now continue to apply them. Their fear diminished during the trip due to the wonderful work gently undertaken during their stay in Bali.


We are already looking forward to seeing back those who will be joining us next year for the 2015 travel vacation-workshop which will take place on Easter Island! Unfortunately, our vacation-workshops are organized only for our francophone clients at this time, but as soon as we have enough requests, we will happily organize them for the anglophones.


Next workshop coming to Toronto!

BE YOURSELF workshop


The dynamic and practical teachings of the BE YOURSELF workshop can help all those who really want to IMPROVE their quality of life. This one of a kind opportunity provides you with a solid foundation to pursue what you want out of life. 

October 18-19

2 days from 9AM to 5:30PM

$99 (+ taxes) per day


For more information:


Register now:


Joke of the month

The children were waiting in line to eat in the cafeteria ofa Catholic elementary school. At one end of the table there was a large pile of apples. 


A nun had placed a note by the basket of apples. It read, "Take only one. God is watching."


Further away on the food counter there was a large pile of chocolate chip cookies. In front of it was a note scrawled in a child's handwriting, saying, "Take as many as you want. God is watching the apples!"