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Spring 2013


I hope this newsletter finds you well and very happy! If not, it's time you decide to change your life and make what you want out of it. You can change your own attitude (fears and belief system) that is creating what you don't want. To help you do it, I suggest you reread many of Lise's articles that you will find in past newsletters.


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Monica Shields

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Fighting can't right a wrong               

I've decided to write on this subject because a person close to me recently lost a legal case and he now wishes to appeal the decision, as he is convinced of his innocence. 

As it has now been three years that his case has dragged through the system, I asked myself why he would want to continue wasting his time and energy instead of just letting the matter go. 

I shared my feelings with him and asked him why he didn't just want to come to terms with the fact that he lost and then get on with devoting his energy to other projects. He told me that he couldn't accept such an injustice and that he wanted to be assured that no one else would have to go through that. He also said that he believed this injustice would continue to exist if he didn't take action. 

If you are aware of the five wounds of the soul, you will understand that this man is letting himself be dominated by the wound of injustice. Have you ever been in the position where you were stubbornly arguing with someone until you were finally able to prove to him or her that you were right? Maybe you also sometimes think that you are right even if you can't prove it, as in the example above. 

That being said, this man has every right to say that he is innocent and not guilty, but I will persist in saying that he shouldn't struggle so that his point of view can triumph. Why? Because when we choose to go to go to battle to right a wrong, it's a sign that we are not taking account of our own responsibility, and, by that very fact, we won't settle anything. We accuse others of forcing us to bear the burden of an injustice, but it is only divine justice that exists. Everything that we attract emanates from us; in other words, we always reap the harvest that we sow. 

Maybe you're thinking that acting like this just means letting yourself get pushed around, that people will think you're weak, that if you don't fight for yourself, no one else will. But know that if you fight, you are not helping your soul evolve in its life plan. You will satisfy your ego, but not your heart and not your soul. 

Let's imagine that the man we were talking about earlier appeals his case and wins. Because of this victory he will continue to believe that the injustice he had to deal with came from outside of himself and not from within. He will continue to attract other similar situations until he takes responsibility and recognizes that he is the only one with the power to create his own life.

He brought about this injustice on himself because he needs to become aware and accept that he is or has been unjust towards others, but above all towards himself. Indeed, all that which we accuse others of making us suffer, we also accuse ourselves for the suffering we feel as well as the suffering we impose upon others. Others accuse us of the same thing. It's a vicious circle that will only stop when we are able to recognize and accept that this is how we are. 

I would like, nevertheless, to specify that we have to carry out this big task of self-acceptance at the level of being. We have to thus discover what it is we are accusing the other of being when he or she burdens us with injustice. After that it's a question of identifying the situations in which our being was similar with respect to others and to ourselves. In doing this kind of exercise, you will discover that when you are what you accuse the other of being, you are not acting out of ill will. Rather, you are only expressing your needs or your limits. 

You must not think that I am telling you that any injustice you have to deal with is your fault. Most people who interpret what I am saying in that way have difficulty taking responsibility. There is a clear difference between accusing yourself, feeling guilty, and making yourself aware of your responsibilities. Your feeling of guilt comes from your ego whereas your sense of responsibility comes from your heart. We are not guilty of that which we attract: what happens is simply the effect of a cause that we have set in motion. If, when explaining something, you gesticulate and hit someone standing beside you, you are not guilty. Hitting this person was simply a consequence of your gesticulation. Being guilty means wanting to do something bad to someone. Most people believe themselves guilty even though they never meant to do anything wrong. 

Taking responsibility makes us more intelligent, since it makes us aware that if an action has consequences we don't like, we can choose an action that is better for us. What's more, taking responsibility in a given situation means that it will turn out differently if it happens again. 

Let's imagine now that the man we have been talking about decides to let it go and discovers why he has had to live through this unjust experience, namely, of being found guilty when he wasn't. If he is once again drawn into a situation where he is found guilty, he will no longer protest its injustice. He will understand immediately why this situation has happened to him. He will live through this event with inner peace and will no longer make accusations or want to act combatively. 

We should remember that it is never a situation that hurts us but rather OUR REACTION to this situation. Each angry reaction that we have, which brings about emotions, is influenced by the activation of one of our wounds. Our wounds will continue to hurt us until we take the time to heal them. Recovering from a wound of the soul can only be done through taking responsibility and through acceptance. 

All the troubles we experience weaken us and make us sick. Someone who wants to fight so as not to appear weak doesn't realize that this decision will only weaken him or her more than if he or she chooses to let it go and embrace acceptance, which leads to self-love. 

With Love,


Lise Bourbeau


When the above article was published in French a couple of months ago,

we received this email:

Hello, Lise, 


I would like to respond to the article on letting go. 


In January my 47 year-old daughter was diagnosed with lung cancer. Even though she had her suspicions, what with all the tests she had taken, it still came as a terrible blow, as much for her as for us. 


She immediately said, 'Mom, it's unjust! This damned cancer...I didn't do anything to deserve it...I have an ordinary life, I don't smoke, I'm in shape, I eat well. Why me? I'm going to fight!' 


It's then that I told her, 'Darling, why fight? Nothing good has ever come from a fight. Don't fight. Keep your energy for your recovery. Let the doctors deal with your tumor. Accept your cancer. Let go, with love, and ask the universe to shoulder this illness. And if you want to know why you have lung cancer, ask me, when you are ready.' 


She responded by saying, 'It's not easy to do that'. And I responded by telling her, 'I never said it would be easy. I said that it would save you. If you were 7 years-old you wouldn't be questioning me. Trust me as if you were 7'. She asked me why she had cancer. 'Life is stifling you and maybe it's coming from another life. If you don't find the why in this life, you are going to return with the same injury'. 


On February 7 she began her first of 8 chemo treatments and had a scan after 4. The tumor had diminished by over 50%. My daughter's tumor measured 7.5 cm, covering two lobes of her right lung and was at stage 3A. After the 4 treatments, the tumor had reduced to 3.2 cm. The doctors were stunned. She is currently undergoing radiotherpay. Her dosage and the number of treatments-originally there were supposed to be 30-have been reduced. She was supposed to have the lung removed at the beginning of June. Now they are maybe only going to remove a lobe. 


Last autumn she went to the doctor because her hands hurt. Her joints were swollen as if she had arthritis or rheumatism. She was given an MRI and a spot was discovered on her lung. From the time of her cancer diagnosis in January, the swelling in her joints has gone back to normal. I told her that she should thank her soul for the warning. It saved her life. 


My daughter doesn't look anything like someone afflicted with a fatal illness. Hearing her laugh and speak of her cancer as though it were a toothache, is the greatest reward there is. She let go and realized that it is possible to heal with love. When someone says that she hasn't even lost a pound, she replies that she has even gained two. It's quite a feat. No side effects, no hair loss, just a little bit of fatigue on the third day. No one can get over seeing her like this. The doctors included. She never complains, goes to her treatments with a smile, guided by her inner child.


Letting go and accepting with love the tests we face in our lives is the only way of recovering. I do the same thing routinely, even for the little annoyances that occur every day. I am convinced that my daughter will make a full recovery and that she will grow as a result of this test.


May love, light and peace be always in your heart.




My name is Didier, I'm 54, and I had never been too concerned about myself up to recently. I had led a quiet life with the same sort of problems most people have, back aches, leg pains, etc. It wasn't until my wife who, had been interested in Listen to Your Body for a number of years, decided to take a workshop that things started to change.


For her birthday on April 13 she decided to go to Nantes to do a workshop with Françoise. I went with her and decided to sit in on the free Saturday morning session, figuring that I'd spend the rest of my time wandering around the city. But Françoise's words changed my mind. What a pleasure it is to have tools such as those to relieve your emotional wounds, anger, and beliefs. So I did the full two days and left Nantes Monday evening, very happy to have met such a wonderful person in Françoise, and to have acquired these tools that are going to change my life. At least that's what I hope after everything I learned during those two days, two days which really shook me, I must say. I was very tired at the end of the workshop, but I felt really good in my head.


Those who haven't taken a workshop should, and those who have should do another without thinking twice.


A big thank you, Françoise,



Has your life been transformed thanks to what you learned with us? Do you want to share your story with others, like you, who want to improve their life? 

Send your story to Monica Shields at 

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I'ts an interview with Sue London that lasted approximately 45 minutes. Lise talks about a new way of looking at your relationship with your food and will reveal the connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

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Around the world

In April Lise Bourbeau took a trip where she was able to touch hundreds of people in   Moscow. She then went to Almaty in Kazakhstan for the first time. More than 100 people were there to meet her for the Listen to Your Body workshop. Before returning to Quebec, she stopped off in Paris for a couple of days to take advantage of this beautiful city and to give two lectures within the framework of an exhibition where more than 400 people attended each lecture. At the moment, she has just finished two workshops in Brussels and is already in Kiev where she will give two others. Next Saturday she will begin a week-long workshop in Spain and will finally finish in Siberia, where she will host another workshop for a week. She will then return to us in Quebec to spend the summer here writing her next book. Now that's a woman with a lot of energy !



As for Diane Paradis, she gave four workshops in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is now in France where she has given six workshops in Dijon and is finishing with six others in Paris.






Manon Pelletier returned to Quebec this week after a three-week stay in France where she gave two professional training sessions in the beautiful city of Annecy.









Françoise Reeves did a tour of five French cities starting in March and has just returned to Quebec for the summer.







Colombe returned from France this week where she spent a month giving workshops in Valence, Grenoble, and Archamps.






Lucie has been back in Quebec for a couple of weeks already. She went to Japan at the beginning of the year and, one month later, she had the pleasure of doing some work in France. She can now enjoy the nice weather that has finally arrived.








During all these absences, Jeanne Therrien and Martine Beaulieu held the fort in Quebec and gave some excellent workshops. Martine will leave for Brussels in a month where she will give ten workshops.








Chantal Robitaille, our Anglophone trainer, will give a workshop in July in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is really itching to do so as workshops in English don't happen every day.


The administrative team at Listen to Your Body, as well as all the participants/students are very grateful for all the travelling that our trainers have done. A big thank you to them !
LTYB is adopting a four day week
Since April 15 the Listen to Your Body headquarters has been closed on Wednesdays so that the employees can make the most of their schedules and be better able to balance their personal and professional lives.
Excerpt from Lise Bourbeau's book

Your body's telling you LOVE YOURSELF!

A comprehensive guide to the causes of over 500 illnesses and diseases





 ISBN: 978-2-92-0932-17-3




The heart acts as a two-way pump for the circulatory system. Its life-giving rhythm regulates the flow of the life force throughout the body. Coronary heart disease is the most common cause of death in North America.


It's interesting to note that the heart is placed virtually at the center of the body. If you are centered, you are living from the heart in a balanced state of love and trust that is in synch with the natural flow of the Universe. Your perspective is one of balance and you tend to listen to the mutterings of your own heart when faced with decisions. A heart disorder is the manifestation of the opposite mindset. If you are having heart trouble, you probably tend to take everything to heart, or to take things far too seriously. You are not allowing for the proper flow in your life, whether it's the flow of ideas, of love or of your very lifeblood. You are fighting the current of life to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion. You tend to deny your own needs and fulfill other people's needs in order to be loved. You seek love through what you do for others. The main message associated with any heart condition is LOVE YOURSELF!


Heart disease is an urgent message from your body to change your perception of yourself. There is a need for self-validation. Fill the wellspring of love within you by changing your belief that love can come only from others. Give yourself the love you seek and it will always be there; you won't have to search for it.

Get in touch with your self-worth step by step. Begin by giving yourself ten compliments a day until you begin to believe them. You are unique and very special, yet your low self-esteem does not allow you to keep some of your goodness to yourself. Become whole emotionally and spiritually and your heart will heal as you begin to nurture it.

A healthy heart no longer fears being unloved. It is able to cope with disappointment, as nothing can disturb its equilibrium. You will continue to nurture others because you want to, not because you need to prove to yourself and others that you are lovable.




Fever is an elevation of the body temperature. Higher than 38 degrees Celsius or 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is considered pathological. Prior to the onset of fever, the body feels chilled. When the cause of the fever is eliminated, the body feels warm.


On an emotional level, fever is the result of repressed anger. The chills during a fever indicate that anger is still being repressed - once the chills are over, anger is released and the current conflict is in the process of resolution. For example: a school-aged girl, feeling rejected by her mother following some incident, awakens the following day with a high fever. She shivers and feels chilled, so her mother keeps her home from school and takes care of her. As the conflict is being resolved with the attention she receives from her mother, she begins to feel hot. At this point the body begins the process of recuperation.

Fever also refers to a burning passion about some situation you may feel is not playing out the way you would like it to.


It's not enough to temporarily resolve the cause of a conflict. If you are subject to frequent fevers, get to the root of your anger. Realize that your reaction is based on your frame of reference, or belief system. This belief system has been built, brick by brick, from your experiences up to this point in time.

If you are feeling anger toward another person, talk openly with that person and determine whether or not your anger is justified. Understand that it is your perception of the other person's attitude that causes you to be angry. Then ask forgiveness of this person (see the steps to true forgiveness at the end of this book). If you fail to do so, you will perpetually be over-reactive whenever confronted with a similar situation.

If you are burning up about something (a burning passion) and you become worked-up to the point that you overdo it, ask yourself what fear is making you feel that way. The more intense the fever, the more significant the message you are being given. The body is urging you in no uncertain terms to address this problem once and for all.


Read 20 other metaphysical definitions here:

Buy the book at these resellers or ask your bookstore to order it
 Future workshops

The LTYB workshop will be given in

Lahave, Nova-Scotia(CANADA)

July 13-14 2013




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  4. Become responsible rather than feeling guilty.
  5. Making and/or breaking promises creates more problems than you think.
  6. Use relationships to know yourself better.
  7. How to reconcile with others.
  8. Know yourself by observing your eating habits.
  9. Find the message behind a discomfort or disease.

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