Thursday, November 12,  2015
                                     Fall Edition 289

Do not wait; the time will never be just right. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along."

- Napoleon Hill

"It's not what I am going to do but what I am doing that counts. "

-Napoleon Hill
"My best friend may be the one who bluntly tells me what's wrong with me."

-Napoleon Hill


"Happiness is found in DOING - not merely possessing."

-Napoleon Hill 


It's time. 

Where did the year go? Halloween and now, Thanksgiving. What about the plans, the meal, and the relatives. Stress abounds in many during this time of year.

Why do we stress over the same things year in and year out? Why? 

What are you going to do differently this year? How are you going to change your normal reaction? If what you have done in the past has not worked, why not try something new?

A few years ago I recommended to S to be nice to his sister. He did, and it worked. She did not know what to do when he was nice. He enjoyed it.  Amazing! 

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 I need Help

"Not a good week. I need help!" was the email.

We all need help at times. Too often we fail to ask for it. Yet, we all need help, support, and encouragement.  It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Yet, too often we don't ask for the help we need. We are here to help one another. One day I need help and another day you need it. It's that simple.  Help and be helped.

There are many self-help books. The problem is they become shelf-help books. They are bought, but most are not read. The few who actually read the self-help books read them, put them away, and never get around to taking action.  No action, no progress, no accomplishment.

What about when you do ask for help, and you still don't succeed? Simple, start again, start again as often as it takes to succeed.

I've had a client for a number of years. He comes, we work on a plan and then, as he fails to execute the plan, he drifts away. He's 'too busy', has to 'attend to other issues', or 'it's not helping'.  Then, at some point he comes back and we start again. This has repeated a number of times.

Are you that client? We all are. It's fine. Start. Stop. Start again.

We don't fail until we stop trying. We don't fail when we are still heading towards the goal.

In truth, we have to do it ourselves. We have the ability to do it ourselves. It's up to us. Yet, we need the support, we need to learn the skills that will get us to the desired goal. We can do it, but we also need help.

We also need help doing things that are not our unique ability. Too often, business clients are trying to do things they don't have the personal skills or knowledge to do. The end result is they are not done, or done badly and it adversely affects the business. It's far better to pay the money to have it done by someone with the skills to do it. The job will be done better, faster, and, yes, at a lower cost. The biggest cost is spending time doing something you can't do.

When we were building our first house, I was going to do all the inside painting. I was behind and was starting to take time out of work to paint. while painting a door frame, I looked at the work ahead of me and then tried to estimate the time I'd need to take off to complete the job. Then, I figured out the lost wages and compared it to what I'd pay a painter. Bingo!  I finally realized I could earn more per hour than I was going to pay the painter. My stress level reduced, and I ended up with a far better painting job.

Where do you need help--to accomplish something, to keep on track, or for someone to do something that is not your unique ability?  

Save money, save time, and create the success you are looking for by asking for help.