Thursday, July 16,  2015
                                      Summer Edition 283

Everybody talks, nobody listens. Good listeners are as rare as white crows."  

- Helen Keller

"I, who have never heard a sound, tell you there is no silence, and I, who have never seen a ray of light, tell you there is no darkness.

Helen Keller 


"Many of us delude ourselves with the thought that if we could stand in the lot of our more fortunate neighbor, we could live better, happier and more useful lives. ... It is my experience that unless we can succeed in our present position, we could not succeed in any other."


-Helen Keller


"People are too prone to think that the actual is the limit of possibility. They believe that all that has been done is all that can be done."



Helen Keller 





The articles in the past two letters have both created a great deal of feedback.

It was pointed out that there are single parents who do all of the jobs. They work relentlessly to do it. Let's acknowledge those that do it all!

I hope you had an enjoyable Fourth of July. I finished some projects before the Fourth and started moving others forward so that I could celebrate, take a rest and enjoy it.  I can't rest when things are waiting or behind. How about you? A little effort gets them done, or as far along as possible. That feels good.

All of the quotes today are from Helen Keller. If you think you have it tough, or the world is against you, think about Helen Keller and all she did. WOW.  She inspires me. How about you?

What are you stuck on? Who can help you? A friend? Hire someone? It's far cheaper and more effective to get help when you need it. Don't reinvent the wheel. Use someone who has done it, and done it well. You'll be well served and, yes, you will save money and time in the process.

Be sure to live your vision.


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How I spent

How I spent August 2015.

It's time to write about 'How I Spent August 2015'.  It's time as it's the middle of July 2015 so August 2015 has not yet happened. It has not yet happened according the the calendar.

Yet, right now is the time to determine how you will spend August 2015. Right now is the time to visualize how you want to spend the month, what you will do, what you will accomplish, and how much time you will take for yourself, your family, and your friends.  

It's important to spend the time now planning so that your August will be well spent. For time to be well spent it must be well planned and scheduled in advance. That may sound strange, but, if you think about it, it makes sense.

People often spend more time planning a vacation than their lives. Vacation plans are usually very important to people.

August is a big vacation month in the USA. So, for August it's important to plan ahead, the time off, the vacation, and what needs to be done during August. While many will have fewer work days in August, they must plan and schedule in advance so that they do get done what needs to be done.

How best to do it? Visualize it and even write a story, article, or just make a list about it. When you write it, you have to organize it, and make decisions. When telling people about what you did, in advance of doing it, you will have to make decisions. You will have to decide what can be done in the time allowed. Hence, you will have to choose priorities and focus on them. Just making the choices feels good. Choices made help to eliminate the worry and frustration of what is not being done.

Yes, when you write about how you spent August, right now in July, you will be deciding what not to do, what to delay, and what may not be done.  How great will you feel just saying "NO, no it won't be done". No it does not have enough value to take any of my August time.  Yes, "NO" feels great and it frees up time.

Will you write, now, about how you spent August? Most won't. Some will think about it and create some value. Those who do write about it will create the most value for themselves.