Thursday, APRIL 30, 2015
                                      Spring Edition 278

"Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there."

- Will Rogers

"As you begin to take action toward the fulfillment of your goals and dreams, you must realize that not every action will be perfect. Not every action will produce the desired result. Not every action will work. Making mistakes, getting it almost right, and experimenting to see what happens are all part of the process of eventually getting it right."

- Jack Canfield       


"Life is easier than you'd think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable."


-Bruce Lee


"Don't wait for your feelings to change before you take action. Take the action and your feelings will change."


-Barbara Baron 




The last newsletter  article was Watch ME and the article today is Watch YOURSELF. It's probably worth a read. 

In the last newsletter I asked you to respond what your favorite quote was. The favorite quote was:

"Ever notice that 'what the hell' is always the right decision?"   Marilyn Munroe

Second place was:

"Life is easier than you'd think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable."   Kathleen Norris

Finally, the weather is starting to warm up here in Rhode Island. People are starting to uncover their boats and prepare them for the water.

Isn't it strange that people spend more time prepping and caring for their boats, favorite cars, flowers and the like more than they care for themselves. Let's make sure we care for ourselves as much as we do our favorite toys and hobbies.

Why do we delay starting what we know we need to do? Often it seems overwhelming and, once started, invariably you realize it's not that hard, the answers come, and it doesn't take that long.

When working with clients one of the benefits is we 'just do it, NOW' and it gets done, or at least started. It always feels good and it's motivational to continue. Yes, you can do it. Yes, you do know the answer. Yes, you do have the time. Yes. Yes. Yes.

There were insights at the 13 Keys workshop this week. If you didn't sign up, you are still in luck. We have added two more dates.
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It's your life, it's your journey, you have the time to attend. Invest in yourself, sign up.

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Are you watching yourself? Are you avoiding yourself? Are you in denial?


You can't help but to watch yourself. Yet, often we ignore what we see, we are in denial, and we blame others. It's never us. 


Well, it is us. We can't control what others do, but we can control our response. It's all in our response, how we act and react to life that goes on around us. 


The problem is we don't like what we see. We see:


Lack of progress

Lack of focus

Lack of self control  (the donut, one more tv show)

Lack of motivation

Lack of goals

Lack of effort


Which, or how many of the above, apply to you? Be honest. You do watch yourself, and you know the answer. Just admit it to yourself. You don't have to tell anyone else. Everyone else already knows, we can see progress or lack thereof in each other. 


Isn't it interesting that people don't make goals because, in the past, they made a goal and gave up before they reached it? None of us achieve each goal we set in the timeframe allocated. Yet, we can continue until we reach the goal. It's simple. Do not give up, and surround yourself with positive people that can help you reach the goal. 


It is true, that what gets measured gets done. Too many people won't measure, as they feel they don't measure up and don't want to see the results. Yet, to measure is to accomplish. Setting a measurable goal gives you the target to reach. Your chances of success are much greater when you measure. You know how close or far away you are. You can plan the actions needed and then execute those actions. 


Watch yourself succeed when you write your goals and measure them.  Reaching the goal is empowering. You have already done it a number of times. What have you wanted to do in the past year that you have accomplished? I'll bet you feel good about it. If you can do it once, you can do it many times. 


When you watch yourself, and measure yourself, you will get more done, you'll feel better, and you'll be proud. People will notice. Your confidence grows.  Yes, all good things. 


It's almost May first as I write this. Look back to January first and replay the movie of what you have done in the past four months. Watch yourself in action. 


Make a list of what you accomplished. If you are like most people, you will be disappointed in the time wasted and things not done. No, look at what was done, what was accomplished. Be proud. 


Now, make a plan to watch yourself over the next four months. Make a list of what you will do, with the measurement. Then, monthly, measure your progress. 


Watch Yourself. You'll be proud. You'll accomplish more. You'll be noticed by others. 








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