Thursday, November 20, 2014
                                      Fall Edition 270
Russell R. Shippee
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"There are seven days in a week and Someday is not one of them."

- Unknown

"Your life is a print out of your thoughts"

- unknown      


"If you are clear about what you want, the world responds
with clarity."


-Loretta Staples


"Use things, not people. Love people, not things."






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Yes, November. The boats are being put away. The holidays are upon us, and the year end is approaching like an out of control train. Yes, it'll come, ready or not, be it the holiday or the end of the year.

Where has the year gone? Has it gone faster than last year? Did you get more or less accomplished?  Why or why not?

The past is history. What matters is TODAY, TODAY you have the opportunity to accomplish something, to take the first step. If you don't, you have only yourself to blame.

Thanksgiving is coming. Many of you know our family ritual at the Thanksgiving table. In the article below read about our tradition.  I think you'll like the tradition.

If you have not started the tradition, start it this year.   The first year you may well be faced with blank stares. Next year they'll be ready for you. Then, everyone wins.

Try it. Then write to me and tell me about it.  I'm interested.

Since 2003 I have had a goal, and I just accomplished it in October. Sure, it took me 11 years. The key is I accomplished it.  You'll laugh, but my goal was to go back to Paris and eat a specific meal at each of two restaurants. Well, I did it. Boy, did they taste great.

I've had other goals that have taken multiple years to accomplish. The key is making progress towards the accomplishment of the goal. Some steps don't work, but each step brings you closer to the goal.

Yes, we need lofty goals, yet a fun goal, such as a specific meal is also fine.

This week think about what you can accomplish next week and then what you can accomplish before the end of the year. Challenge yourself. It's your life, live it to the fullest.

So, get up, get going.   It's time.


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Author, Speaker, Navigator 


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Be proud of who, and of what you are. Be proud of your skills.  Not only should you be proud, you should also use those skills in service to others.

P was discussing with me the fact she was considering taking on a challenge that was offered to her. The last time she took a like challenge she was concerned, as some were upset with her that she held them accountable to their commitment. Well, all the more reason why she was asked again to take on a big challenge. All the more reason why she should say yes.

People see your talents and seek you out for them. Be proud, use your talents to accomplish what needs to be done today.

I'm like P, I hold people accountable. That has served me well in many ways. Yet, better than serving me, it has served the charity well.

One person said, "Russell Shippee is the one who is primarily responsible for pushing me to get this story in print. Russell can nag better, with love, than anyone I know!"   The benefit is the world now has a great book that many will enjoy.  

I raised funds for the Providence Ronald McDonald House years ago and at the end of the successful capital campaign I was given a book entitled Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun and inscribed 'In recognition of your own special leadership style'.  Some would be offended. Me, I was proud.  I was using my talent to serve a case I believed in.

Stand tall and be proud of your talents, of what you can do. Don't hide your talents. We all have talents, and yours are not mine, and mine are not yours.  Use the talents you have to serve others. In serving others, you will serve yourself.

Winston Churchill said, 'We make a living by what we earn. We make a life by what we give."   Give of yourself, give of your talents, using them in service to others.

I'm writing this article in November and Thanksgiving in the USA is rapidly approaching.  Our family tradition is to go around the table each year and ask each person what they have accomplished  and made them proud this year. Everyone expects the question and everyone works all year to be sure they have something worthwhile to say. This way everyone wins, the person themselves and those they help.

Why not try it at your Thanksgiving table? Ask each person, "What did you accomplish this year?" "What did you do that makes you proud?"

The first year you ask will be challenging and you might embarrass someone. But, next year they will be ready. They will have done something in preparation for your questions.

Guess what? Everyone wins. Everyone will feel good having something to be proud of.




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