Thursday, June 12, 2014
                                      Spring Edition 263
Russell R. Shippee
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Every day do something that will inch you closer to a
better tomorrow."

- Doug Firebaugh

"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level."

- Dr Joyce Brothers 


"Two little words that can make the difference: START NOW."


-Mary C Crowley


"The reason so many people never get anywhere in life is
because when opportunity knocks, they are out in the
backyard looking for four-leaf clovers."     


Walter Chrysler 




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Lately, I have found working with people on monthly goals has had a positive effect. Some just can't easily work with annual goals, but monthly goals seems to work.

While we are almost halfway through June, why not make a one page list of goals to accomplish before the 4th of July?  Here in the USA the 4th of July is a big weekend of sun and fun for most people. Why not focus on the most important things you need to do to feel good between now and the 4th?

Write the list, most important first. If they are BIG things, limit them to 3. If smaller, include 10 or less.   The objective is to list and accomplish the most important ones. Don't overwhelm yourself with things that won't get done.

You'll enjoy the article on the gate. I am sure you can think of your own life and when the gate was closed and how, at a later date, you realized how lucky you were.



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Author, Speaker, Navigator 


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Why is the gate CLOSED? 



The gate is closed, access denied.



How often have you run into a closed gate? How often have you been stopped from obtaining that which you wanted? How does it make you feel?

Perhaps you should celebrate a closed gate.  Yes, celebrate. If you can't get past the gate maybe, just maybe, it's not meant to be. It's not right for you.

In life we have millions of choices and millions of gates to pass through. Most are open to us. Those that are closed are not in our best interest. Isn't it great that we are given the message? The universe is telling us that this one is not for us. Yet, there are millions of other gates open to us.

Choose an open gate. It fits better. At the moment you may want the closed gate. Hindsight, in a week, year, or years from now, you can look back and see how lucky you were that gate was closed.

When I decided to sell my company I could not wait to find the buyer. I was anxious, and I wanted the deal done immediately. The gate was closed on two deals, both of which I pushed to force. Deep down I knew they did not feel right, but I was ready and trying to make them work.  The good news is neither did.

Without a buyer, I sat for several months, months that felt like years. Then the telephone rang. An old business associate from twenty years called wanting to see me. He now worked for a large growing business and was interested in buying my business. I told him it was not for sale but that it would be great to see him.  It worked, it was the right deal. I was paid more than the other deals, and I enjoyed the people.

The grass is always greener on the other side of a closed gate. When we force it, when we jump the gate, we often find the grass is not greener, and we end up wishing we had never forced it. Yet, too often we do it again.

Be patient. Find the open gate, the one that works the best. If the gate is closed, know it was not right for you. Move on and you'll find the right gate. There are millions open to you.

The open gate is not wide open. It requires effort, focus, and persistence to open it enough to pass through it. Nothing of value is gained without effort. With the effort, the gate will continue to open until you can pass through.  You will feel and know the difference between the effort to fully open a gate vs a closed gate.

Be thankful for the closed gate. It tells you it's not the right action, and then you can move forward to find the right gate that works for you and helps you to accomplish your goals.