Thursday, October 17, 2013
                                      Fall Edition 255
Russell R. Shippee
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"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

- Thomas Jefferson

"Don't ever question the value of volunteers. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals."

- Unknown


"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."


- Beverley Sills

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."   
- Theodore Roosevelt


Another month has passed, perhaps even quicker than the previous one. Fall is here and the end of the year is looming.

Are you rushing around to accomplish things? Are you starting to worry about all you have to do before the end of the year? Are you worried about the holidays? Well, you are not alone.

Stop. Just stop. What is most important? Focus on and do the most important thing first and then move to the second most important. Of course, you have to start with a list.

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Yes, my days relaxing on the boat are gone. The boats are in the process of being put away. Remember, when one thing ends another begins. Embrace the change, embrace the new, and embrace the opportunity.

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Author, Speaker, Navigator 


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We all have lose ends.

Who did we not get back to? What opportunity did we not respond to? What did we forget?

Have you ever remembered something long after the fact, realizing you did not do as planned? We all have.

Years ago I had a potential client call me, I told him I'd stop by the next day. I never did. Years later, driving by his place of business I realized I had told him I'd stop by, I forgot, I didn't, I lost the business, and he probably felt I was not interested. How embarrassing.

But, it happens to all of us. We forget. We fail to follow up. We lose track. The loose ends get away from us.

There are a number of issues to be aware of.

First, is to create a tracking system that works for you. If you see something that you want to follow up on, make a note in a diary so as to not lose track of it. Things that I want to do right away, I put a date on. Other things, I have on a 'someday' list, and I review the list every month. Some things get stale, and I delete them, while others I put on a schedule. It's simple, and it works.

Have you ever sent an email needing a response, the other person did not respond, and you forgot to follow up? We all have! The simple answer is to put a follow up diary/note on it. There is also a program that you can use that sends you a reminder on emails you sent out.

The other option is to schedule it on your calendar. It's simple and hard to miss.

Perhaps one of the biggest issues is the pressure of trying to remember things. Did you ever wake up at night, in a sweat, about something not done that you should have done? A call not made? This is stress, and tying up loose ends can help to eliminate the stress.  Just writing it down unclutters the mind.

By tying up the loose ends, we save embarrassment, relationships, and we reduce stress. All good things.

There is another side. How about those who fail to get back to us, that leave us hanging? Do you assume the negative and resent the fact they did not think enough of you to respond? Do you assume they mean "No"? Or, do you just avoid them?

Forgive those who fail to get back to you and fail to follow up with you as agreed. Forgive them and follow up with them. I dare say they will appreciate it and be glad you brought it back to their attention. They have loose ends like we do, and they miss things.

So, tie up your loose ends, forgive those who don't tie theirs and follow up. Life's too short for regrets or to miss an opportunity. 

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