Thursday, September 19, 2013
                                      Summer Edition 254
Russell R. Shippee
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"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."

- Mark Twain 


"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford
to let alone."


- Henry David Thoreau 

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."   
- Ancient Proverb

13 Rules of Life

1. You get what you give. 

    Honor. Respect,. Hostility. Love.

2. You can do, be, or have, whatever you want.

    Focus. Determination. Effort
    Work.   Work.    Work.

3. Choices

    We all get 24 hours.
    We all get opportunity.
    We all choose what works for us.

4. You are the Captain.

    You choose, you decide, you can give your power away.
    You are in control.
    You choose the purpose, path, plan.

5. It's your reaction that counts.

   No, we can't control others.
We control our response
to what others do,
do not do, say, act, behave.
We can stay or we can leave.
    We can support, or we can withdraw our support.
    We can approve or disapprove.

6. Waste not, want not.

    Money in itself has no value.
    It's what money can buy.
    What things do we truly need, want?
    Is it worth the time it takes to earn the money to buy it?
    Does it add to life?
    Is it work & expense or joy & fun?
    Is it worth the price?
For what purpose, what's the value?

 7. Time is precious.
Don't waste it.

    Time is the greatest asset.
    Use it or lose it forever.
    Plan your time and work your plan.
    5 minutes is a long time.
8. There is no rush, no haste.

    Rushing is wrong.
    Rushing only hurts.
    Take the time to do it
the right way the first time.
   Take the time to put it away
so you can find it.
    Measure twice, cut once.
    Haste makes waste.
    We all have eternity.

9.What's your purpose?

    Why are you here?
    What's your passion?
    What's your major goal in life?
    What value do you want to add?
    Why will the earth be a better place for you having lived?
    What would you do if you did not get paid?
    What do you truly want to do?
    How do you want to give back?

10.  Family

    What is family to you?
    Does Family have to be blood?
    Who do you want to spend the holidays with?
    Who wants to spend the holidays with you?
    What do you do for family?
    What does family do for you?
    Is family worth the time and effort?
11. Friends

    Who are your friends? Why?
    What value do they create?
    What value do you bring to the table? What do they cost?
12. Mentors - tormentors

    Mentors teach, guide, motivate, encourage, empower, and lead by example.
    Tormentors  teach you the tough lessons -show you the dark side of you and your actions.
  Help you, guide you, teach you, continue until you learn and grow.

13. Failure

    There is no failure,
only lessons.
    We 'fail' until we learn the lesson

Ahoy Captain 

I won't ask how you are doing on your goals. I think I know the answer for most of you.

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So, what's your story now? Do you even believe it?

In late August I went to a half IRONMAN. First was a swim of 1.2 miles, then a 56 mile bike ride, and then a 13.1 run. Some contestants did all three segments and others had a team of three people, each doing a different leg of the race. WOW!

Imagine, one man on a bike had a prosthetic leg and hobbled with the bike once the ride was over walking the bike to the holding area. But, he rode 56 miles.

Then there was the blind man riding a bike for two, as he needed a guide.

Finally, there was the man who did not have the use of his legs. He had a special bike driven by his hands. Then, for the run, he had another type of wheel chair vehicle powered by his hands.

Imagine, a half IRONMAN with a man with only one leg, a man without the use of his legs, and a blind man. Imagine what you can do.

In addition to my daughter and son in law, I also had a number of family friends who participated. I am proud of them all!  No, I did not compete; but there were many in my age group competing.

Today you have two articles to read. The first, What Wins - Imagination or Will and then 13 Rules of Life as it was so popular last month.  Enjoy!

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Author, Speaker, Navigator 


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What Wins - Imagination or Will?

Which is stronger, your imagination or your will?

OK, here is the test.  

Someone puts a one foot by twenty-five foot plank on the floor and everyone walks the plank easily without falling off.  You could do it, couldn't you?

Now, imagine that plank between two buildings twenty-five stories high.  Could you, having already walked across it on the ground, walk across it again twenty five stories high?

Why is it easy to walk the plank on the floor, but not twenty-five stories high? It is as simple, and as complex, as the fact you imagine you can do it when it is on the floor so you do it. Twenty-five stories high you imagine you cannot do it and, it's true, you can't do it.

If you imagine you can't do it, it is impossible for you to do it. To do anything you have to first imagine you can do it. Then, you can do it.

Your will is your conscious mind. Your imagination is your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is in control and overrides the conscious mind and will.

The subconscious mind is responsible for the operation of your body and all the organs. You life is controlled by your subconscious mind that effortlessly and unknowingly keep your heart pumping, the blood flowing, and all the organs working without any conscious effort.

When your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in conflict, the subconscious always wins. Period. No exceptions.

What about the power of positive thinking? What about written goals repeated daily? Do these things work? Some say "Yes" and some say, "No."  What's the difference?

Those who will and pretend, but can't imagine it being true, do not see the desired results. Simply, their subconscious cannot imagine success, the belief is not there.  But, those who do believe, those who do imagine it, succeed. It's the subconscious belief, it's what the subconscious imagines, that wins.

To win, to succeed, and to change is to first program your subconscious into imagining and believing what you so desire.  Auto suggestion is the answer.

Brute force does not win. Constant repetition of a statement you don't believe will never work.  

It is impossible to think of two things at once. You can't say it while not believing it. The more powerful thought is the lack of belief and lack of belief means it will not happen. However, every thought entirely filling our mind becomes true for us and transforms itself into action. It's the action that creates or manifests the thought.

The most frightening aspect of the subconscious is that we control it, we control what it imagines to be true, and in the imagination of something, creates the reality of it in our lives.

If we are not getting what we will, we are the problem. We are also the solution. We have to imagine, live from, feel and believe, and it will be.


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