Thursday, April 25, 2013
                                      Spring Edition 250
russell_newRussell R. Shippee
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When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice."

William James


Sometimes the best helping hand you can get is a good, firm push."


-Joann Thomas



"Give, give not till it hurts, give till it feels good."


-Russell Shippee

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

-Dr Seuss

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Ahoy Captain 

The article below, Take a Breath, might surprise you.  Read it and see. 

K was searching for the right picture to go with an obituary. She contacted me and told me to be sure to have people include their picture of choice each year with their updated obituary. 

K is right. From now on, it's still write your obituary every year, AND include the picture you'd like.  That will save your loved ones lots of work.  K also says to be sure you have photos taken of you alone. It's not easy to crop other people out of the picture. 

Enjoy the article. Me, I'll be taking a breath, and enjoying it!

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Author, Speaker, Navigator 



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Take a BREATH  



When you reach a big goal, stop, take a breath, and reflect on the achievement. 


Reaching a goal is big, the bigger the goal the bigger the achievement. 


Once attained, one needs to stop, take a breath, and reflect.  Reflect on the success, the learning, and the surprises along the way. To learn from the success, one needs to look back and review what took place. There will be good things and things not so good that could have been handled better. 


If you think it was all perfect, you are in denial. We are all learning and growing, and the doing is what moves us forward. Often the biggest lessons are learned by our mistakes. Making a mistake is part of learning. Making the same mistake again is failure to learn the first time. 


Review your mistakes so you understand what led to the mistake and what you can do differently in the future to prevent the same mistake from happening again. That's learning and progress. 


You,  also, should celebrate the attainment of a big goal. You deserve the celebration. Taking the time to celebrate and reflect, provides the understanding as well as the motivation for your next big step. 


If possible, take some time off. Time off is time to recharge and prepare to climb that next mountain, to tackle that next big goal. 


Me, I am going to take a breath myself.  Today marks my 250th newsletter. For me it's a goal achieved. I never missed an issue, I learned, I helped others, and others helped me. 


Yes, my writing has improved since inception. Sure, it has further to go, but it is sure better than it was. My editors have taught me and have been by my side for all letters. More than anyone, they deserve a rest. With patience, they have taught me and corrected me. 


You, the readers, have been the motivation. The feedback, the thanks, and the notes of accomplishment have been my reward. Knowing the letters are read and appreciated has kept me going. Thanks!


As I design the future, I will review what worked, what didn't work, and what could be done better. By all means, send me your thoughts and ideas. I'd appreciate it. 


For the immediate future, you won't see a newsletter in your Thursday mailbox. It will arrive at unexpected times. 


Yes, I am still coaching, speaking, and writing. I always try to make room for that one more client who wants to work with me. Refusing to help others is not easy. 


The time saved by not writing the newsletter will be well invested. Sure, some will be devoted to my work. Most importantly, is that time which will be devoted to family.  As we write our obituary, none of us will be saying 'I wish I spent more time at the office."