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Dr. Seuss

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Dr. Seuss

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Ahoy Captain 

It has been a difficult week. 

Since last week I have been to the funeral of a friend and now another friend is on life support in the hospital.  Life is precious. We need to enjoy life and one another today, right now.

At times like this remembering a positive memory can be helpful.  My thoughts turned to a water slide with my grandson. It is now the article below.

It is time for a tele seminar. The upcoming schedule will be posted next week.

Can you believe this is the last newsletter of the quarter? How many of you have accomplished at least 25% of your 2013 goals? Don't all shout out at once! 

Time easily escapes us, second by second. Let's grab those seconds and enjoy them. Every second is a gift to us and it's up to us to use them or just lose them.

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The Water Slide 

Do  you remember going down a water slide as a kid? The fun? The excitement? The wonder of it all?

Or, did they even have  water slides when you were a kid?

While vacationing at Disney, I had the privilege of enjoying the water slide with my five year old grandson.  We ran up so many times I could not count them and laughed all the way down. "Awesome" was the word of the day to describe our fun.

As a grandfather I realized how lucky I was to be able to share the fun of the water slide. I have worked out for the last 10 years and it's paying off. I have the strength and stamina, almost, to keep up with a five year old.

Being able to keep up with a grandchild is a worthy goal. It's something grandparents have to work towards. The rewards are great and well worth the effort to get in shape and keep in shape.

We were at Disney with all the rides and stimulus and here we were at the pool having a great time on the slide. Kids don't need a lot to keep them interested and happy. It's like the baby at Christmas that has more fun with the wrapping paper than the gift itself.

For kids, less is fine. They just want to have fun, laugh, and be entertained. Disney can do it, a water slide can do it, and wrapping paper can do it. It's not the cost that counts. It's the experience.

To be of value, the experience has to be shared. Going down the water slide alone is OK if you know someone is watching. But, going down the slide with another, racing, is more fun. Another kid is perfect and the tempo and excitement increases. A grandparent can also increase the tempo if they get into it with the kid. Like adults, the kids need someone to share the excitement with.

The water slide is symbolic of life. Simple things can entertain us, and sharing them with others makes the difference. As adults, we are no different than the kids. We need excitement, and we need others to share the adventures with. The only difference is the adventures themselves.

The truth be known, adults enjoy the water slides. While we may not go down them if we are not with a grandchild, they are fun. They make us feel young, like kids.

What is your 'water slide'? Who do you enjoy sharing it with?  Do you take the time to do so?  If not, put that on your bucket list of must do items for 2013.  Then, schedule it and do it.