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Ahoy Captain 

Today I wish I were back at Trunk Bay Beach in the US Virgin Islands.

This vacation was short. At the same time I did recharge, and I did travel with limited baggage. So, the article below is on baggage. Less is more. I thought you'd enjoy and relate to baggage.

While away I read No Death, No Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh. He knows how to unpack the baggage so that we can live. It's now in our bookstore below on the left, Shipp's  Locker Bookstore.

When I travel I always have books that I want to read. If I read them fine, if not, that's fine also. The books fill the odd moments but are not the major goal of the trip. Approaching it this way allows me permission to read or not.

Here is the quote from a reader (name withheld):
"..forwarded your newsletter....I was at a crossroad....It was like a message, timely isn't even the word... It struck me. It was a tough road; but it was the right thing for me."

It amazes me how often someone writes saying the message of the week was just what they needed at that time. It may not be easy. However, if it's right in the end, it is worth it.

Have you ever felt the message was just right for you at the time you read it? Have the articles helped you? I always appreciate your feedback. Plus, why not forward the letter to someone and give them the chance to sign up? Like the person quoted above, she's grateful to the one who sent it to her. Who can you help today? Who should you forward and recommend they sign up for the letter?

I am glad so many of you are signing up for the Schedules Made Easy tele seminar. If you haven't, sign up today.

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How much baggage do you take with you on vacation?

Have you ever gone someplace to 'get away from it all' but didn't?

If we don't unpack our baggage, we take it all with us, wherever we are, even if we try to hide.

How many bags do you take with you when you fly? These days most airlines charge for more than one bag. We are trying to pack less and, often, we still take too much with us when we travel. We can get by with less.

Most important is the mental baggage you take: your favorite endless tapes that play in your head. You go away, to get away from it all, but you take it with you. You can't hide or escape your mental baggage, unless you do something about it.

Your can unpack your mental baggage right where you are. You don't have to go someplace to do it. You can't hide from it. Oh, you can escape for an hour or two by being consumed by an activity or self medication; but, it stays right with you.

Most of us can't locate the 'now'. I was sitting recently at Trunk Bay Beach in the US Virgin Islands. It's a magnificent beach I have sat on for over twenty-five years, and I never tire of the view.  I intentionally focus on the beauty and the majesty of it all, soaking it in, recharging and refreshing.

To be in the present, to take in the beauty of the likes of Trunk Bay, takes focus and intention. Most of the people on the beach, I dare say, are only partly enjoying it. They are replaying their endless tapes. What I have to do when I return, what else I should be doing now, how am I going to do?........    All of these thoughts, concerns, and the future, are baggage that ruin the 'now'.

Go with a kid. The kids see far more than adults, and they enjoy it all more. They don't have our baggage. They see the beach, and they enjoy the wonder of it all. At that moment, for them, the beach is all there is. It's the beach, period. They see, they take it in, they feel it, and they live it. No wonder they are so happy.

Unpack you baggage at home and leave it at home. The first step is awareness of it and it's effects on you.

Ask yourself, 'Will this matter in 25 years?'  If not, realize you can let it go.  If it's an old regret or grudge, get help as needed to let it go. If you look closely at it, you'll realize it's hurting you more than anyone else.  Crazy, isn't it? Let it go.

If it's grief, allow it, write about it, and let it come. It won't leave you, and you can't hide it. Learn from allowing it and working with it.

If it's things to be done later, upon your return, schedule them, make the plan and put it away. Planning when it will be done allows you to go away relaxed. It's waiting for you, and does not need your attention while away.

Too much baggage on a vacation is no vacation. Stay home if you are going to take all the baggage with you.  Unpack your bags before you leave.

Travel light, take as little baggage as possible, and enjoy the NOW of your vacation.