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Dr. Michael Makovsky discusses U.S./Iran Money Transfer
A JINSA EXCLUSIVE: Gen. Amidror on Israel's Active Defenses
JINSA in the News
Gemunder Center Senior Advisor Stephen Rademaker on the Dangers of Banning Nuclear Weapons Testing
2016 Military Academies Program (Session 2)
Gen. Amidror on A Covenant of Shadows in Israel Hayom
New Journal Dispatch
JINSA briefs University of Chicago's students
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JINSA's Dr. Michael Makovsky discusses U.S./Iran Money Transfer on "Trending Today USA" with Rusty Humphries

On August 10 JINSA President and CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky was a guest on Trending Today USA with host Rusty Humphries on USA Radio Networks. The network produces and distributes 24-hour news, news/talk, information, opinion and talk/entertainment radio programming to approximately 1,100 radio stations around the world on two full-time satellite channels.

Trending Today USA with host Rusty Humphries is a fast-paced, news-oriented talk radio show, with a full-time news gathering team, breaking stories and the latest social media topics.

Click here for audio

Click here for audio

Gemunder Center Distinguished Fellow IDF Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror on Israel's Active Defenses

Israel's Active Defenses: Tactical Success with Strategic Implications
By IDF Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror

Over the course of its history, Israel has faced a series of attempts to uproot the Jewish people from its land, including terrorism and massive conventional armies. Today the main threat comes from thousands of rockets and missiles in the hands primarily of Hezbollah, Hamas and their patron Iran. Israel's development of missile defenses to counter this threat is a technological triumph, but also creates a set of strategic dilemmas. Because these defenses can reduce its own casualties almost to zero, how can Israel justify self-defense against rocket and missile attacks when its enemies launch these weapons behind human shields? This has real implications for Israel's deterrence against adversaries like Hezbollah and Hamas.

JINSA in the News 

JINSA President & CEO Michael Makovsky on Iranian demands in

JINSA President & CEO Michael Makovsky on Obama's Rogue Iran Dealings in

JINSA Gemunder Center Policy Analyst Blake Fleisher on Russia's Airstrikes into Syria from Iran in

Gemunder Center Senior Advisor Stephen Rademaker on the Dangers of Banning Nuclear Weapons Testing in The National Interest

Obama's Dangerous Drive to Ban Nuclear Weapons Testing

Speaking over seven years ago in Prague, President Obama declared it his goal to bring about "a world without nuclear weapons."  While this goal was always about as realistic as committing to bring about a world without crime, poverty or war, subsequent events have proven especially unfriendly to Obama's "Prague Agenda."

2016 Military Academies Program

Military Academies Program participants with Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.

JINSA's second delegation of cadets and midshipmen from the 2016 Military Academies Program returned from Israel on August 9 after completing two weeks in an intensive educational program that took future American military officers all across the country, from the northern borders with Lebanon and Syria, where they heard and saw several large explosions from just across the border, to the Negev Desert on an unforgettable experience. In addition to seeing the historical sites and borders, the cadets and midshipmen also heard expert lectures from retired senior officers, national security and defense experts, journalists, and professors. According to many of the participants, the highlight was spending a week with junior IDF officers and gaining their knowledge and insights while making memories and friendships that will last long into their military careers.
As one cadet said, " The trip here with JINSA and with the military academies has been the highlight of my West Point career. JINSA has put us face to face with a lot of amazing people, a lot of amazing situations and locations...The importance of the relationship between Israel and the United States has been really solidified in my mind."

Gemunder Center Distinguished Fellow IDF Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror in
A Covenant of Shadows
By IDF Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yaakov Amidror

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The growing ties between Israel and the region's Sunni Arab states are a result of instability fueled by the growing power of Iran and Islamic State, and by US retrenchment. But unhindered public cooperation between Israel and these Arab states will necessitate an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. 

New Journal Dispatch

Russia's Reversal of Military Fortune
By Matthew Bodner

MOSCOW-Russia's military spending will hit a wall in 2016, as the realities of the economic crisis force President Vladimir Putin's government to reconsider how much it can realistically spend on military modernization, possibly delaying procurement goals by as much as five years.

JINSA briefs Charles H. Percy Summer in Washington Program at the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics

Steve Pomerantz, Jonathan Ruhe and Blake Fleisher of JINSA spoke with a group of current University of Chicago students, all of whom are currently interning in Washington, about careers in public service and think tanks.

Fall Internship Opportunities

JINSA is currently seeking full and part time interns for Fall 2016. The Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy and JINSA's Outreach Department both have opportunities available. 

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