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JINSA Launches New IDF Rising Officers Program
Conference Call w/ Gen. Wald and VADM Bird
High-level briefing featuring Avi Arieli (Shin Bet)
Gemunder Center's op-ed published in Politico
Gemunder Center's article published in RealClearDefense
Conference Call series w/ Elliott Abrams and IDF MG Amidror
JINSA CEO featured in The Weekly Standard
Conference Call w/ Gen. Wald and VADM Bird
New Journal Article
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JINSA Launches New IDF Rising Officers Program
JINSA is proud to announce the successful completion of its inaugural IDF Rising Officers Program. The program educates a select handful of IDF field officers about the cultural, institutional, economic and historical factors that drive U.S. foreign and defense policy. The 10-day course took place April 10-20 in Washington, D.C. Fifteen IDF officers were selected by JINSA for this unique program from a pool of candidates determined by the Israeli War College as promising, high-potential future leadership of the IDF. All participants are majors who have been approved or likely will be approved for promotion to lieutenant colonel, and who are current participants in the Israeli War College's Command and Staff course. The officers included commanders of infantry units, pilots of squadrons, naval officers, intelligence officers, and officers who will be dealing directly with issues regarding the U.S.-Israel relationship in their next posts. Over twenty-five instructors, including current and former high-ranking senior officials and military officers, led sessions in the classroom, the Pentagon, Capitol Hill and at U.S. military bases.

Conference Call discussing latest Gemunder Center Iran Strategy Council report with
Gen. Charles Wald, USAF (ret.) and
VADM John Bird, USN (ret.), JINSA Board of Advisors
On April 5, Gen. Chuck Wald, USAF (ret.) and VADM John Bird, USN (ret.) discussed the findings and recommendations of the latest Gemunder Center Iran Strategy Council report on how the United States can mitigate the negative strategic consequences of the JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran.

Avi Arieli, Israel Security Agency Attaché in North America (Shin Bet) discusses Israel: Combating the Threat of Terror and Lessons for the United States
On April 19 in Washington, DC, JINSA held a high-level briefing with Avi Arieli, Israel Security Agency Attaché in North America (Shin Bet) where he discussed how Israel combats the threat of terrorism and what the United States should be taking away from this.

Op-ed by JINSA President & CEO 
Dr. Makovsky and Gemunder Center Iran Strategy Council 
Co-Chair Gen. Wald
published in
Time to take aim at Iranian missiles
By Dr. Michael Makovsky and Gen. Charles Wald

Iran's provocations are taking place in a new political and strategic context, one fundamentally altered by last summer's nuclear agreement and the region's spiraling conflicts. In this context, warmed-over U.S. policies, however well intentioned, are inadequate. The best chance to stop Tehran's ballistic missile program, box in its ambitions and begin to restore U.S credibility now comes from boosting America's ballistic missile defense capabilities, and those of our regional allies, and threatening to shoot down any ballistic missile Iran launches in the future. If credibly delivered, such a threat would compel Tehran to back off its tests.

Article by JINSA's Gemunder Center Iran Strategy Council Member VADM John Bird, USN (ret.) and Associate Director Jonathan Ruhe 
published in
Act Now to Preserve Our Strategic Deterrent
By Jonathan Ruhe & VADM John Bird - 04/11/16

To meet the U.S. military's nuclear deterrent force requirements, it is critical to begin advanced procurement of the Ohio-class replacement starting this year; there is no room left for delay. This will enable construction of the lead ship beginning 2021, and the first strategic patrol in 2030 - coincidentally, the year before all meaningful restrictions on Iran's nuclear program expire.

Generals and Admirals
pre-program Conference Call series with Elliott Abrams and IDF (ret.) Maj. Gen. Yaakov Amidror, Distinguished Fellow at JINSA's Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy
On April 11, JINSA National Leaders listened in as Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC, briefed this year's delegation of Generals and Admirals on U.S.-Israel relations prior to their program in Israel.

On April 26, JINSA National Leaders listened in as IDF Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror, Distinguished Fellow at JINSA's Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy, briefed this year's delegation of Generals and Admirals on the ongoing Syrian civil war prior to their program in Israel.

Editorial by JINSA President & CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky and William Kristol 
featured in
The Costanza Approach
By William Kristol and Dr. Michael Makovsky

We've long thought President Obama should adopt the Costanza approach in matters of national security and simply do the opposite of what his instincts tell him to do, since his policies toward Iran, Israel, ISIS, Russia, and others seem textbook studies of how not to conduct foreign policy. But Jeffrey Goldberg's recent Atlantic article, "The Obama Doctrine," relating a series of interviews with the president, makes it clear that a form of "Oppositism" or "Antitheticalism" (if you will permit a slight butchering of the English language) already defines Obama's foreign policy. For Obama's foreign policy is less about what he stands for than what he rejects-namely, much of what America has stood for and done over many decades. Obama's doctrine, such as it is, consists of a few simplistic ideas that emerge from a shallow and ideological disdain for the American past. It marks a radical departure from the outlook of every recent American president, Democrat and Republican.

Town Hall Conference Call with
JINSA President & CEO 
Dr. Michael Makovsky
During the Town Hall call on April 21, Dr. Makovsky discussed the launch of JINSA's new IDF Rising Officers Program, JINSA's 2016 Generals & Admirals Program, and The Gemunder Center's latest Iran Strategy Council Report.

New Journal Article: Fighting the Islamic State: The U.S. Scorecard

James Robbins, Senior Fellow for National Security Affairs at the American Foreign Policy Council in Washington, DC, explains why Obama's counterterrorism strategy is comprehensive in theory, but conspicuously absent in practice.

Stay tuned for more articles coming soon!

Fall Internship Opportunities with JINSA

JINSA is currently seeking full and part time interns for Fall 2016. The Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy and JINSA's Outreach Department both have opportunities available. 

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