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Conference Call
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Gemunder Center's Iran Strategy Council releases new report:
Mitigating the Strategic Consequences of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
Former U.S. Military Officials Recommend Actions to Counter Growing Iranian Belligerence
Washington, D.C. (3/17/2016) - The Iran Strategy Council is building on its aggressive national campaign to educate Americans regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal. In its new report titled,  
Mitigating the Strategic Consequences of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the JINSA-commissioned Council unveiled recommendations to deter or deny Iranian aggression including that the United States boost defense assistance to Israel from $30 billion to as much as $50 billion over 10 years, and that it collaborate more closely with its Arab allies by devising a more coherent shared strategy and more appropriate capabilities to stem the growing Iranian threat. 

Op-ed by Gemunder Center's
Iran Strategy Council Co-chairs Gens. Conway and Wald
published in

Don't Give Iran Another Pass
By James Conway and Charles Wald - 3/25/16

As we predicted in our initial assessment in September, the strategic balance in the Middle East has already begun tilting dangerously toward Iran, its allies and its proxies, making conflict more likely. Now, the pace and degree to which shift is occurring exceeds even our prior analysis, and threatens to overwhelm the ability of the United States to correct course. The United States must act now to mitigate the negative strategic consequences of the JCPOA.

JINSA President & CEO
Dr. Michael Makovsky on
Iran Ballistic Missile Tests  
featured in
The Dangerous Post-Deal World
By Michael Makovsky - 3/17/16

Iran and Russia are right. Or, at least, they are better interpreters of international law than the Harvard Law Review editor currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. After Iran test-fired multiple ballistic missiles last week, the Obama administration has been at pains to find a legal basis on which to condemn the launches and push for more international sanctions. They should have thought of that before negotiating away all meaningful international legal restrictions on Iran's conventional weapons programs as part of last summer's nuclear deal. 

JINSA National Leaders Visit Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

In early March JINSA National Leaders got a first-hand look at Submarine Group 10 based at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia. The base is the U.S. Atlantic Fleet's home port for Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines armed with Trident missile nuclear weapons. The fact-finding trip was led by JINSA Advisor and 2014 Generals and Admirals Program participant Vice Admiral John Bird, USN (ret.). Leaders interacted with both senior naval officers and enlisted sailors. They toured the facilities at the base including the USS Wyoming, an Ohio-class submarine, and Lockheed Martin's Trident missile facility. The main purpose of the visit was to better understand the mission of the U.S. Navy's submarine fleet, as well as the needs of the dedicated sailors that staff some of the world's most advanced weapons.

Conference Call with
Professor Charles Hill
On March 25, Prof. Charles Hill briefed 2016 Generals & Admirals Program participants and JINSA National Leaders. The briefing provided an important historical background of the Middle East, as well as implications that events such as the fall of the Ottoman Empire have to this day.

Stay tuned for upcoming pre-trip briefings for G&A Program participants and National leaders by Elliott Abrams (April 11) and IDF (ret.) Maj. Gen. Yaakov Amidror (April 26).   

New Journal Article: Russia's Risky Syria Strategy

Ilan Berman, Editor of The Journal of International Security Affairs and Vice President of American Foreign Policy Council, explains how Moscow's intervention is fueled by fears of rising Islamic radicalism at home.

Stay tuned for more articles coming soon!

  Gemunder Center's Associate Director and Policy Analyst brief students from the University of Bamberg about the challenges Israel faces in the UN  

On March 14, a group of German graduate students from the University of Bamburg visited JINSA's Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy. These students will be representing Israel at the Model UN Conference and wanted to hear JINSA's expert analysis to help prepare them for the conference. Gemunder Center Associate Director Jonathan Ruhe lectured the students on JINSA's 2014 Gaza War Assessment that the IDF went above and beyond the requirements of the Law of Armed Conflict, to help prepare them for the challenges Israel faces in the UN. He and Policy Analyst Blake Fleisher also commented on the Gemunder Center's latest Iran Strategy Council report and Israel's external threats in the region.  

Fall Internship Opportunities with JINSA

JINSA is currently seeking full and part time interns for Fall 2016. The Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy and JINSA's Outreach Department both have opportunities available. 

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