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Gaza Conflict Task Force in Geneva
Prof. Corn Analysis of UN Gaza Report
Gaza Conflict Assessment in USA Today
Iran Task Force Report
JINSA in the News on Iran
Gaza Conflict Assessment in Weekly Standard
Gen. Charles Wald Statement on UN Gaza Report
JINSA CEO in Politico
Gaza Conflict Assessment in the Media
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JINSA's Gaza Conflict Task Force Testifies Before the UNHRC in Geneva  


On June 29, JINSA Gaza Conflict Task Force member Major General Mike Jones, USA (Ret.) and legal advisor Professor Geoffrey Corn, USA (Ret.) testified before the UNHRC in Geneva to present the findings of the JINSA-commissioned assessment. They also spoke on an important panel co-sponsored by UN Watch and NGO Monitor.


Click here to watch! 

JINSA Advisor Authors Analysis of the U.N. Report on 2014 Gaza Conflict 


JINSA Gemunder Center Senior Advisor and Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC) expert Prof. Geoffrey Corn, USA (Ret.) wrote an in-depth analysis of the U.N. Report on Gaza. His analysis indicates the findings related to Hamas LOAC violations are unjustifiably qualified, while the findings of IDF LOAC violations are not sufficiently supported by facts, expertise, or law.


Click here to read the full analysis 

JINSA Gaza Conflict Assessment Featured in USA Today 

"A study of the 2014 Gaza war by senior retired U.S. military officers and academics commissioned by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs noted that Hamas intentionally placed civilians in jeopardy as a tactical enabler, knowing that either Israel would call off attacks or bear the blame for any innocents caught in the crossfire. The report concluded that Hamas "weaponized" the law of armed conflict, exploiting Israel's concern for non-combatants to its advantage, knowing they would never be held to account."

Click to read the article in USA Today


As the deadline approaches for a comprehensive agreement on Iran's nuclear program, JINSA's Gemunder Center Iran Task Force issues a new brief and summary chart describing the necessary elements of a verification and monitoring regime that would ensure a final deal would close off Iran's pathways to nuclear weapons capability.


Click to read the full report and view the summary chart of the findings 

Gaza Conflict Assessment Featured in Weekly Standard Cover Story

JINSA's Gaza Conflict Assessment was featured in the cover story, "Attorneys at War" by Willy Stern in June 15 issue of The Weekly Standard.

Click here to read the full article


General Charles Wald, USAF (ret.), former Deputy Commander of United States European Command (EUCOM) and Chair of the JINSA-commissioned Gaza Conflict Task Force issued the following statement about the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) report released on June 22.


Click here to read the full statement 

JINSA CEO Makovsky in Politico on Using MOPs

"I don't believe that Obama would use this weapon," says Michael Makovsky, a former Bush Pentagon official now at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. "But it might well be a good tool for the next president."

Click here to read the full article in Politico

JINSA Wishes our Readers and Friends a Happy Independence Day! 

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