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2014 Gaza Conflict: An Expert Assessment
Maj. Gen. Yaacov Amidror - JINSA's First Distinguished Fellow
Makovsky in the Weekly Standard
LEEP in San Diego Union Tribune
Defense Spending Letter to Congress
JINSA in the Washington Post
JINSA on NHK Japan
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JINSA Suite During AIPAC Policy Conference


Join JINSA on March 2-3 for a hospitality suite during the conference.


1307 NY Ave, NW

Suite 200

Washington, DC 20005



Briefing by Lt. Gen. Mark Shackelford,
USAF (ret.) in Houston, TX 

 Thursday, March 19

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Briefing by John Hannah in
Los Angeles, CA

Monday, March 23

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Briefing with
IDF Brig. Gen. Michael Herzog (ret.) in Boston

Wednesday, March 25

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Base Visit to Marine Corp Recruit Depot Paris Island, SC

April 15-17

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Assessment of the 2014 Conflict in Gaza from
U.S. Experts


On Monday, March 9 at 12:00 pm in Washington, DC a JINSA commissioned Task Force on the 2014 Conflict in Gaza will present the findings from an independent landmark report assessing Israel's conduct during the summer 2014 Conflict in Gaza known as Operation Protective Edge. The report will also offer lessons learned for future U.S. operations against terrorist entities in urban environments. 


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Maj. Gen. Yaacov Amidror Joins JINSA as First Distinguished Fellow


JINSA announced on February 27 that IDF Major General Yaacov Amidror (ret.), a former national security advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will become its first Distinguished Fellow. "We are honored to have Maj. Gen. Amidror as our first Distinguished Fellow. He is a strategist with deep expertise on the U.S.-Israel security relationship, the Middle East, and geopolitics at the highest level," remarked JINSA CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky.


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Appeasement in Our Time


JINSA CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky writes about Obama's unforced errors with Iran in the Weekly Standard and explains why the looming deal with Iran jeopardizes American global leadership and much more.


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LEEP Participant in the San Diego Union Tribune on "Lone Wolf" Terrorism

On February 14, an op-ed by LEEP participant Commander David Myers of the San Diego Sheriff's Department appeared in the Sunday edition of the Union Tribune. The op-ed details his thoughts on "lone wolf" terrorism and his experiences in Israel with JINSA. 


Click here to read the full op-ed 

JINSA CEO Signs Letter to Congress on Defense Spending 

Eighty-two former U.S. government officials, retired U.S. military leaders, and national security experts today sent an open letter urging House and Senate leadership to work together to end the needless harm that the Budget Control Act and sequestration are inflicting on our Armed Forces.


Click here to read the full letter 


JINSA Iran Task Force on Japan's National Public Broadcasting Organization

The video below was taken at JINSA's Fall 2014 National Leadership meeting in Washington, DC and features JINSA Gemunder Center Senior Advisor John Hannah and JINSA CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky.


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