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Iran Panel on Capitol Hill
Iran Task Force Members Speak to Congress
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LEEP Participant in CA Sheriff Magazine
New Leadership Cabinet on Long Island
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Upcoming Events:

Briefing by Adm. Mark Fitzgerald, USN (ret.) in South Florida


Monday, February 2 


Royal Palm Tennis Club

Pinecrest, FL 



Lunch Briefing by Lt. Gen. David Deptula, USAF (ret.) in NYC  


Wednesday, February 18  


La Brochette

340 Lexington Ave. 

New York, NY



Briefing by Lt. Gen. David Deptula, USAF (ret.) on

Long Island 


 Wednesday, February 18


Jericho Jewish Center

Jericho, NY 



JINSA Suite During AIPAC Policy Conference


Join JINSA on March 2-3 for a hospitality suite during the conference.


1307 NY Ave, NW

Suite 200

Washington, DC 20005



Briefing by Lt. Gen. Mark Shackelford,
USAF (ret.) in Houston, TX 

 Thursday, March 19

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JINSA - AUSA Sponsored Book Listed as War on the Rocks' Best Books of 2014 
One of the two books JINSA sponsored through our book partnership with AUSA - MG Emanuel Sakal's "Soldier in the Sinai" - was named one of War on the's Best Books of 2014.

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JINSA Iran Panel on
Capitol Hill
On Wednesday, January 21, JINSA's Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy and United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI) co-hosted a panel event on Capitol Hill to discuss the status of Iran-P5+1 negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, and options for the United States to increase the prospects of an acceptable final deal. The event featured the co-chair of the Gemunder Center's Iran Task Force Ambassador Dennis Ross, UANI President Dr. Gary Samore, and Gemunder Center Iran Task Force members John Hannah and Dr. Ray Takeyh. The event was widely attended by staff from more than 45 Congressional offices.

Click here to watch the full panel discussion

Iran Task Force Co-Chair Amb. Edelman and Task Force Members Hannah and Takeyh Speak to Congress

On January 27, Iran Task Force Co-Chairman Amb. Eric Edelman and Task Force members John Hannah and Ray Takeyh testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the strategic implications of the of Administration's approach to negotiations with Iran.


Click here to view the testimony and download full statements from Task Force members

JINSA event on Capitol Hill covered by the Washington Post


"In an event hosted by the pro-Israel group JINSA this past week, Ross virtually pleaded with the administration to stop chasing a deal."



JINSA LEEP Participant in California Sheriff Magazine

Reflections on Law Enforcement in Israel
By David Myers, Commander San Diego Sheriff's Department


In early November of this year, I visited Israel as part of a law enforcement exchange program sponsored by the U.S.-based policy group JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs). Along with about a dozen other law enforcement officers from across the U.S., we got a first-hand perspective of the everyday - and sometimes heartbreaking - realities faced by law enforcement officers in an area of the world caught between modern ways and ancient grievances that create a perpetual state of crisis, threats, and violence.


Click here to download the January issue and read the article on page 23 


JINSA Forms New Leadership Cabinet on Long Island 

JINSA is proud to announce that our newest regional leadership cabinet is forming on Long Island, an area where we have a long history of providing high-level programs. According to JINSA Executive Committee member and Long Island leader Larry Siedlick, "JINSA helps provide our citizens with an unbiased understanding of the complex security issues our nation faces and a way to positively impact our national policy makers. The goal of JINSA - Long Island is to bring that understanding to our communities and provide our members the opportunity to participate in the national debate in a more impactful way." JINSA Board Member Arthur Katz, who is also a Long Island leader, added that "JINSA is a truly unique organization and I am excited that they have chosen to start a new leadership cabinet on Long Island. I am looking forward to working with them to further their mission of advocating on behalf of a strong U.S. military, a robust national security policy, and a strong U.S. security relationship with Israel and other like-minded allies."


Click here to learn more about JINSA's leadership cabinet on Long Island 


JINSA CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky was quoted on January 2 in the Washington Post on the Palestinian Authority's appeal to the International Criminal Court.

Life and Military Service of 2005 JINSA Grateful Nation Honoree Depicted in American Sniper

In 2005, the Grateful Nation Award Special Operations Command honoree was Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle, USN, whose life and military service are featured in the blockbuster movie, American Sniper. Until his passing in 2013, Chris remained a close, active, and beloved member of the JINSA family. In fact, he included the photo to the right in his New York Times best-selling book.

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