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Getting Erdoğan Wrong
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Makovsky on BBC Radio
Amb. John Bolton in Los Angeles
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July 2013

Dr. Michael Makovsky and Jonathan Ruhe in The Weekly Standard: U.S. Must Mandate Zero Oil Exports for Iran 

Open Barrel The momentum to restrict Iranian oil exports has stalled, and it is time for Congress to eschew a more gradualist approach and mandate zero oil exports with zero waivers. This, along with more concrete military pressure, could increase the otherwise slim chances for success in expected new talks with Iran. U.S. lawmakers and Obama administration officials should not fear the impact on the oil market, which can manage a cutoff of Iranian oil revenue better than can Tehran.


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Leading Turkey Expert Svante Cornell: Getting Erdoğan Wrong  

Erdogan Many have expressed bewilderment at Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's outlandish reaction to the urban uprisings in Turkey. In this exclusive JINSA article, leading Turkey expert Svante Cornell explains that Erdoğan's authoritarianism is not new. Anyone watching Turkey for the past several years has had plenty of opportunity to see Erdoğan's slide.


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VIDEO: JINSA CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky Interviews Turkey Expert Svante Cornell 

In the aftermath of Turkey's urban uprisings, Dr. Makovsky sat down with leading Turkey expert Dr. Svante Cornell to discuss the situation in Turkey as well as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Dr. Cornell is Director and co-founder of the Stockholm-based Institute for Security and Development Policy.


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JINSA CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky on BBC Radio to Discuss Egypt 

5 Live JINSA CEO Michael Makovsky was featured on BBC Radio's 5Live program on July 3, 2013 to discuss the most recent situation in Egypt.


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Ambassador John Bolton Speaks to JINSA's Los Angeles Cabinet 

Bolton-Makovsky On July 1, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, spoke at a meeting of the Los Angeles Cabinet. Amb. Bolton is also a nationally acclaimed commentator and analyst of U.S. foreign policy. Speaking with JINSA CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky, the two discussed Iran and the Middle East and implications for Israel and the United States.


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