August 2013 Newsletter

A new technology for accurate, regulator-acceptable lab results  

A new technology called the QED analyzer, developed by QROS,  provides rapid analysis of petroleum contamination in soil. This field technique provides real time Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) concentrations. In addition, it is able to differentiate the origin of these concentrations (i.e. Gasoline, Diesel, etc.). The QED utilizes Fluorescence Spectroscopy to measure emissions of light of molecules in a sample, and translates those emissions into a graphical representation of the hydrocarbons in the sample.   For a detailed description of the methodology, visit the QROS website at: 

What are the Benefits? 


The benefits of this analyzer are two-fold.  First, the instrument can not only identify but also quantify the type of hydrocarbons in a sample, providing more information in the field than other analyzers.  Second, by rapidly understanding the type and concentrations of compounds on-site, environmental scientists can more strategically locate soil borings and delineate the extent of contaminated soil excavations. 


Although this technology cannot be used in all cases, the NCDENR has approved the method for Underground Storage Tank Closures and for definition of contaminated zones in a soil assessment. Pyramid and other firms are working with the NCDOT to evaluate the technology and apply it to certain projects in association with the more traditional laboratory based analysis. Pyramid is one of the leaders in implementing this approach, having already used the QED Analyzer at 15 sites.


But Does it Work?


Pyramid has sent duplicate soil samples for laboratory analysis to compare the QED results to more traditional laboratory work. So far, the comparisons are very similar, with typically only a few parts per million difference between field analysis and laboratory confirmation of concentrations of Diesel Range Organics (DRO) and Gasoline Range Organics (GRO). We hope to continue to work with state agencies to add to these comparisons, thereby confirming the accuracy and precision of the QED Analyzer. As always, Pyramid continues to be in the forefront of new technology in the environmental field, and we look forward to assisting you in understanding its uses, benefits, and limitations.


To find out more about the QED, contact Pyramid, QROS, or your appropriate state agency to find out if your specific applications in the field can benefit from its use. 


In this issue:
  • The QED Analyzer - Field Measurements of Soil Contamination
  • Pyramid Joins the Adopt-A-Stream Program
  • Fall 2013 Conferences and Training 

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Pyramid Joins the City of Greensboro's Adopt-A-Stream Program

Pyramid is currently in the process of joining the City of Greensboro's Adopt-A-Stream program.  The program provides a unique way for companies, volunteer organizations, or other groups to get directly involved in maintaining clean water and pristine streams in your local community.  Some general information about the program is below, obtained directly from the City of Greensboro's Volunteer Cleanup Programs web page. 


What Can Adopt-a-Stream Achieve?
Improve water quality and stream habitat Increase reporting of water quality problems Increase community involvement Develop watershed-based environmental education

Who Can Adopt-a-Stream?
Anyone can adopt a stream. Families, neighborhoods, organizations, businesses, civic groups, churches, schools, and youth groups have all adopted streams in Greensboro.


What Will Your Adopt-a-Stream Group Do?
Your group will be responsible for facilitating a stream cleanup at least twice a year for a minimum of two years. The City will place a sign bearing your group's name along the road by your adopted stream segment.


Pyramid has applied to adopt a section of Ryan's Creek along Creek Ridge Road in Greensboro, NC.  We are excited to assist our community with improving and maintaining clean water! 

Pyramid Stays Up-To-Date with New Technologies and Maintains Our Presence at Local and National Conferences
MASW Dispersion Curve, image obtained from the Kansas Geological Survey

Pyramid's geophysicist, Eric Cross, recently attended a workshop in Lawrence, KS, to receive updated training on seismic data processing software developed by the Kansas Geological Survey.  The software, called SurfSeis 3.0, is used to process Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) data.  Mr. Cross has been collecting MASW data for several years, and attended the workshop to maintain the most up-to-date knowledge of the latest tools available for seismic data acquisition and processing.

Upcoming Conferences:
Pyramid will be attending and exhibiting at the following conferences this fall.  Stop by our booth and say hello!  


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